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[Feedback] Character Customization

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edited 9:01PM July 14, 2018 in Closed Beta 2 Feedback
Please leave your feedback regarding the Character Customization system.


  • AlexmoAlexmo
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,000
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    edited 12:31PM July 18, 2018
    Add option to not show headgear simple.
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  • AkaszAkasz
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    edited 2:00PM July 18, 2018
    I really like the Character Customization :) Even my sister came and asked me if she can create her own char :P I hope you'll add more options in "Accesories" category :)
  • DanDKDanDK
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    Customization through Merets is definitely satisfying, but the amount of customization elsewise is completely horrible. All generic equipment (with the small exception of some weapons) are designed in a completely bland and unattractive way, obviously to encourage Meret sales. From level 1 to end game, every normal equipment item looks like the same recolouring of an ordinary overall/top/pants, ordinary hat, ordinary shoes and ordinary accessories. In original MapleStory we had tons of fun free weapons like snowboards, tubes, roses, whips, fans and dead fish, none of which exist in MS2. The clothes and hats in MS1 quickly identified people's classes, in MS2 everyone looks exactly the same unless they pay for Meret cosmetics.
    Alexmo wrote: »
    Add option to not show headgear simple.

    It's called Transparency Badge and currently costs 1,450 Merets in the shop.
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  • VixieVixie
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    I played cms2 and I noticed that instead of a color wheel for eyes, hair, face tattoos etc there are only preset colors, most of which are unlockable via trophies. While this is a neat idea, it doesn't allow the same customization freedom as a color wheel, and after playing on cms2 I do feel the lack of this feature.
    Please consider bringing it to our version.
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  • AlexmoAlexmo
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    edited 7:38PM July 18, 2018
    DanDK wrote: »
    Alexmo wrote: »
    Add option to not show headgear simple.

    It's called Transparency Badge and currently costs 1,450 Merets in the shop.

    Just looked at it and it's mega BS. Only one piece of gear? Even that removing head gear is somewhat of a standard feature in MMOs even Black Desert with it's $40 costumes has it.
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  • NaughtylogNaughtylog
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    edited 6:46AM July 19, 2018
    Don't like that certain hairstyles (such as the Innocent Twin Tails) are stuck behind a game of chance or a massive paywall. It's 590 merits a roll from Paulie's shop and it costs 15 of those vouchers to select one you want from Lolly's shop, so you're asking a player to spend roughly $6 for a chance and about $90 for a guaranteed hairstyle we want. If you still plan on doing a gacha system for the hairstyles, then they shouldn't be more merits than the other hairstyle in the other shops. You should also allow a player to purchase any hairstyle and let them store that style so a player can change their look as freely as they want, if they have already purchased a hairstyle without having to pay a fee. As stated previously, all the equipment aren't unique in anyway. They are just the same with changes every so often. This forces players to spend tons of merits just to even look somewhat presentable, which is discouraging. I'm not opposed to spending money to make my character look good, just need to make it more free to play friendly as well. Also, do away with the transparency badge and just make a hide feature, it seems to much of a cash grab just to do the little things.
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  • RicenchickenRicenchicken
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 625
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    All user generated content is blank for me.

    Invisible icons, default skins no matter what. Can't even see my own stuff :(
  • TwilghtSparkTwilghtSpark
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 230
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    Could there be a way to get the class specific starter outfit on other classes?
  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
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    edited 8:59AM July 19, 2018
    thicker hairstyles in the character customization (the one when you create your character)
    like the short dreads or the tied back dreads

    just move those from the shop and make them free

    edit: also an option to hide headgear, why buy a new hairstyle just for it to get covered?
  • ClaumpClaump
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 970
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    edited 11:06PM July 18, 2018
    On top of making it random for merits, maybe for a lower cost, how about making it so you can choose your hairstyle without the vouchers for a little bit more merit. For example, to randomize, its 200 merits. For what you want it's 500-600 merits for a guaranteed of what you want. Also, for changing skin color, make it coast less merits, it's way too much for just changing skin color, or maybe offer 1 free change and keep the original price.
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  • Headstar007Headstar007
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,470
    Posts: 26
    I believe that all items should NOT be gender-locked anyone should be able to wear whatever they want, I also believe that a decent amount of customization options should be available to purchase through currency earned in game-currency that way more people can create something unique, while also allowing the developers to continue to develop and fund the game.
    NaughtylogMissVanjieHamandaKuntzServalMommaT88CrystalSandMelanthrielautobannedrainsonataFernandand 17 others.
  • chaoscauserchaoscauser
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 950
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    More ducks needed
  • InuNoTaishoInuNoTaisho
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,085
    Posts: 21
    You really should make "Hide helm" a standard feature in this game, like it is in every other MMORPG. Having it otherwise is really inexcusable

    Also, it would be nice if we could choose our mouth and eyebrows separate from our eyes, and have "two toned" (mismatched) eyes an option for all eye styles.
    LightorAlexmoVerloBrosephineCrystalSandSakurameiAgent_DragonfuryrainsonataFernandSerfrostand 14 others.
  • JoryJory
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 470
    Posts: 2
    I think it might be valuable to add some options for character voices. I absolutely love how much personality each character has, but that same level of personality quickly became a deterrent for me. I can't play the Cleric because of how pompous and holier-than-thou their voice acting is, even though I normally am a support main.

    Ways to remedy this:
    - Have current voice actors for each character also do lines specific to each other class, so that the overall personality can be carried over onto another character (this might not work well for the characters' storyline to have Magician's personality and voicelines during cleric's cutscenes, but defaults could easily be used for those and wouldn't need rerecorded)
    - Have current voice actors do a generic set of lines that would apply to each class and are a somewhat "muted" version of the personality they originally portrayed.
    - Have new voice actors come in an do a set of generic lines for selection upon character creation.
    - Allow players the opportunity to use the voice lines of another character without the use of illegal mods

    I think players would appreciate the extra layer of customization and being able to have some say in the personality of their characters would make the game that much more immersive. Similar to hair colors and other cosmetics, voice acting could be unlocked through the trophies. Alternatively, I don't think players would be opposed to paying money for a pack of voice lines. I, personally, would pay a decent amount of money for that level of customization, but thats because I find the voice acting to play a major role in the level of immersion I experience.
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  • SfreaSfrea
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 530
    Posts: 6
    A hide equipment should be added not just helm. Sometimes I don't want to see earings or gloves on my male character without giving up the stats that they give.
  • OvernOvern
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,005
    Posts: 42
    I personally don't like "premium" customisation, so I don't really intend to change my character/s from how they looked at the beginning unless I outright forgot something or the option suddenly disappeared.

    Something I noticed is that you can't really change anything to do with the body of the characters themselves, the most customizable thing is hair from an initial, rather lackluster selection. At least for female characters. I guess it doesn't matter if you can't change the height or body figure of your character since everyone is chibi, I understand that NPCs get that option to look different from the PC (Cut scenes are so weird for me since my character is rather bright and cute, while a lot of NPCs use rather dark palettes and have completely different models). But Voices are entirely limited to the class picked (Cute character, Berserker voice & personality..) and the fact that ears are apparently sacred ground that's not meant to be stepped upon. I'd kinda like to be able to make a cute, long, droopy eared (The ears are at more of a 180 or wider degree angle to each other, greater being pointed downward for more of a shy look, than upward which would be prideful) Elven or at least elven looking character that isn't some god sent legendary buttwipe with bow skills. Or one of those faeries with the big moth/bee antennae and semi-transparent, non-premium wings would be pretty cute too.. but I can't imagine it working considering Berserker's story line alone, but it probably wouldn't seem nice with other classes either. :/

    It'd also be nice if the lil cowlick/hair antennae poked out from under certain hats as well. That'd be cute.
  • Sir_AshtonSir_Ashton
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 550
    Posts: 6
    I didn't see any but add a ears or horns options via accessories? My wife wanted elf Ears and I didn't see any but I thought diffrent ears would be cool.
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  • SakurameiSakuramei
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,330
    Posts: 18
    Is there any chance some of the current hair will also be able to be adjusted? A lot of the pigtails and sidetails are really nice--I love the ringlet/wavy looks of them, but I'd prefer them as normal ponytails... Not side tails or pigtails and it's a shame most of those are either pigtail only or can't be moved at all from the side.
  • MommaT88MommaT88
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 720
    Posts: 4
    edited 3:30PM July 20, 2018
    I really like what's already there, but there are two things that I think need to be added.
    - Character voice selection. The female wizard voice, to me, is super annoying. Especially if I accidentally try to remove an empty block in furnishing and she screeches "I CAN'T BREAK THIS!" I would like to be able to pick something a little more calm.
    - Character posture/stance. My character looks like she's about to pee herself. Let me stand like a normal person please.

    Both of these things, aside from removing something I find personally annoying, would add a nice bit of immersion for everyone playing, and add more character to the characters.

    Adding: Also short hairstyles for girls! Like, pixie cut short, would be awesome.
  • BrosephineBrosephine
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,070
    Posts: 17
    edited 6:43PM July 20, 2018
    I personally believe that randomizing hairstyle is useless and annoying. Who would really want a random hairstyle just because it's supposed to be more affordable? A character customization is really important in a game, to boost the way you feel the little guy you control as "you", or "your creation".
    It was a thing even in Maple Story "1" too, and I question its sense since I noticed the possibility.

    Also, once you purchase (or choose, like when you create your character) a Hairstyle, you should be able to just swap it for free without minding to "save" it, it was dumb back then, it is dumb now too.

    The thing you can't hide equipment for free as a standard feature truly lacks of sense as well. ANY equipment, not only the headgear, but the headgear is a mayor flaw. Why to waste a lot of effort for an hairstyle you're actually half-covering?

    I also believe the gender/visually locked "Stories" in the character introduction are a bit of a set-off. Are they supposed to turn to a full-cg cutscene, or will they stay totally neutral not minding at all the choices you made in gender and visuals? It's kind of unsettling to see a woman mage being jealous of your alone time with your cute-as-hell teacher, calling you "she" when you actually have some extra package in your pants. Or you were supposed to.

    I understand the need of following a story, so the creation of a set of pre-made personalities, but seriously, you could add some choices for voices to help users getting the idea of being the character they originally had in mind.

    Genderlocked hairstyles: Why?
    Genderlocked stuff in general: Why?
    I understand you probably wish to be really evident if a character is male or female, but you could use some simple trick like removing ribbons or making the same hairstyle avaiable, weird, but not too much fluffy for men, or tomboish, but a bit more elaborate short hair for women. As for skirt, make a flat+ shorts-version of the same designs? Afterall the models are very similar in size, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle.
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