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[Feedback] Level Progression

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in Closed Beta 2 Feedback
Please leave your feedback regarding Level Progression.


  • HumbleHumble
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    I personally feel that the leveling is too slow. I'm usually a player that enjoys making a lot of alternate characters and styling them out, but with how slow leveling/questing seems to be so far I'm not really satisfied with the experience. On top of that, side quest rewards seem to be really low for the time invested. I'd really appreciate quicker paced methods of leveling to get to the content I enjoy most.
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  • boogerbooger
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    edited 2:03PM July 18, 2018
    The main questline needs to be shortened a bit still, or have a break near the beginning and middle. Right now it still feels kinda grindy (and not in the good way). Side quests are cool, but they should give more exp and better rewards (like those iconic MS1 quests that gave like WSG's and GA scrolls).

    Minigames should give a bit more EXP, they're really fun but it'd be awesome if they were more rewarding. Also, certain mobs should give way more exp and be viable for leveling. Grinding enemies in this game is honestly kinda fun because the combat is fun, you should play into that.

    Also, I'm loving the normal adventures/dungeons but there's not really any reason to do the lower level ones besides account trophies? And there are never any parties because there are too many idk. You should make partying up and doing those the best way to level, but there are too many
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  • WatchGintamaWatchGintama
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    Bosses and mobs have too much HP for no good reason. They take too long for solo players to kill. The scaling of HP here is awful compared to foreign versions.
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  • CurtCurt
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    edited 3:57PM July 18, 2018
    I'd like to get the end-game content faster, not stuck in leveling with awful HP scalings. This is a beta, not the release. It doesn't even feel worth it to level at all in CBT2 because it's getting wiped anyway. Revert back to the style of CBT1.

    Just saying, if I wanted to grind, I'd go play MapleStory 1.
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  • VanicleVanicle
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    booger wrote: »

    Also, I'm loving the normal adventures/dungeons but there's not really any reason to do the lower level ones besides account trophies? And there are never any parties because there are too many idk. You should make partying up and doing those the best way to level, but there are too many

    Definitely this. Too many MMOs make dungeons/raids irrelevant after you get passed their corresponding level. Give us more exp for each dungeon so people grind this out, and more exp depending on how well you did.
  • DanDKDanDK
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    The levelling is still way on the fast side, but I've yet to see progression after 20 so I hope it has improved. Don't listen to the people that suddenly have a problem with not being able to finish the game in one day. You are finally moving in the right direction with level progress. As progression gets slowed to ordinary paces, you can start spreading out the content as well. For example, it doesn't really make sense to lock Pet Taming to level 50, nor does it make sense to have a ton of level 50 dungeons but leave all other dungeons to rot.

    Make progression slow and reward people for doing side activities and socializing which is part of what the game should be about. Let the quests become increasingly optional, but make sure people still have fun and won't have to care as much about rushing levels just for the sake of reaching some content they should've had access to in the first place. Then once levels start actually have meaning again, people will be satisfied gradually unlocking better content and being awarded for progression.

    Do not under any circumstances increase the current progression rate again.
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  • ClaumpClaump
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    edited 10:30PM July 18, 2018
    Leveling is way too slow. Make leveling how it was in CBT 1, let people level to 50 just through the story. You can keep the optional quests as options, but don't make it required to level up. As of now, it is basically required to do those extra quests to level up, and they don't even provide that much experience If you are going to change how leveling is, add MORE ways and OPTIONAL ways to level rather than just changing it from one thing to another. Having the option to just level through the story, story and quests, or mobs and quests is better than leveling just through story and having to slowly grind through the story AND having to grind mobs or something just so you can advance quests. In terms of how I see the changes from CBT 1 to CBT 2 is that we had 100 cookies. Instead of giving us 100 more cookies, the developers or whoever took 40 of those cookies and put them in a different area, in relation to leveling. So we have the focus on 60% story, 40% optional quests rather than 100% story, 100% optional quests, etc. Someone should be able to get to max level just by doing the story, at least until 50 that is in terms of max level in relation to the CBT 2. Someone should also be able to mix and match how they level up with some story and some sidequests. Thank you and I hope y'all take this criticism and improve the game for everyone.
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  • CorruptPixelCorruptPixel
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    Leveling is way too slow and grindy, even for a MS1 player like me.The nerf to epic quest exp is terrible. Sometimes I have to grind a full 50% to 70% just to accept the next epic quest.
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  • TodasTodas
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    edited 6:38PM July 18, 2018
    While I appreciate that you're at least trying, and that it must have been a very solid amount of work to reimplement and translate all those quests, it honestly seems like you didn't listen to any of the very detailed feedback you got from the community. The entire leveling process as it stands is completely worthless.

    1. Why in god's name is monster-slaying XP still so low in relation to questing? Surely this is a five-minute fix, you're telling me there's no "global monster XP modifier" variable in the files? Killing 100 monsters gives less XP than talking to a guy on one leg of the Epic questline and takes 3-4 times as long. Seriously, this is the absolute simplest fix you could implement and you'd get a ton of goodwill from the community for doing it.

    2. To piggyback off that, what's with the janky time-investment: reward ratios? A big boss like Chaw gives as much XP as killing 10 of the mobs around him but takes 5 times longer? A World quest gives as much XP as killing 10 mobs but takes 3-4 times as long? Dungeons too, dear lord, the XP for the effort you put in is awful. This is basic mathematics, you guys. It's not an "alternative" if one is so clearly better than the other.

    3. The Epic questline STILL gives attribute points, making it completely mandatory. There's no point adding leveling alternatives if you STILL have to do the Epic questline to begin with to unlock your full potential.

    4. I might be wrong on this and just hit the wrong breakpoints, but WHY do you have to complete the ENTIRE Epic questline in order? I should be able to jump in at absolutely any point and leave whenever I want. As it stand, if I go off and gain a few levels doing something else for a few hours, I'm stuck doing crappy low-level quests for no XP instead of level-appropriate ones!

    5. Levels still don't mean anything. Guys, seriously. What is the point of a 50-level tutorial that takes 10 hours to get through? Take a moment and think about it, and you'll realize that there's literally no point. The story in this game is garbage. The quest design is boring, you just run back and forth and talk to people. And the gameplay is NOT complex enough that you should need 50 levels to figure out your character. Either make it so that leveling to 50 takes an hour or two, or make it so that leveling to 50 takes a MONTH or two, and redistribute content across the leveling curve so you don't HAVE to be level 50 to play the game. Choose one of those options. They are both equally viable.

    You say that you tried to fix the leveling linearity in the game. You failed to do that - you still have to do the entire Epic questline to level efficiently, you just added a couple of slow breakpoints where you have to go do something else for a while. That's fine, but that "something else" is always 20% as efficient as the Epic questline itself was, which leads to incredibly awkward pacing issues where you're blazing along one moment and then crawling at others. MAKE UP YOUR MIND about how fast you want players to level in this game. If it's going to be slow, COMMIT to that. If it's going to be fast, make EVERYTHING fast and good XP. Grinding, exploration, playing music, fishing, placing decorations, make it ALL fast or ALL slow, not a mixture of both.


    As a side note I do notice that exploration rewards seem slightly higher in terms of XP, around 5% each? That's a good start, but they need to be closer to 10-15%, maybe even 20%, to match the speed of the Epic questline. And of course minigames are still the best part of the game by far.
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  • Soreph9Soreph9
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    I the leveling is too slow. The mobs are stronger, and then they give little exp
  • Darkpixie99Darkpixie99
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    edited 8:02PM July 18, 2018
    Bosses and mobs have too much HP for no good reason. They take too long for solo players to kill. The scaling of HP here is awful compared to foreign versions.

    I personally find the solo Stumpy quest (Cherry Blossom Forest) to be quite a bore of constantly having to dodge, and keeping him aggroed with Flame Wave.
    Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the constant deaths? Yeah, that long climb back up is equally not worth my patience.
    Also for some reason, editing skill levels is locked in dungeons. (Stuck with a level 2 spell, but need a level 3? That's not gonna work.)
    There's no exp or merit towards clearing story quest dungeons, other than you beat the story.
  • CurtCurt
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    edited 3:25PM July 20, 2018
    I don't get why Nexon and the MS1 community is trying to turn Maplestory 2 into Maplestory 1.

    FYI: The level cap doesn't stay at level 50 forever, it goes up to level 99 later (which is a lot harder to achieve).

    The leveling system from CBT1 is how it is in the Korean/Chinese version, and it works just fine for how the game is with end game gearing, adding a lot of HP to bosses/monsters with how stale the questing is makes it even more tedious than just blowing through it, hitting the current level cap, and doing the content that was put into the game for this beta test cycle.
  • Stella_Stella_
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    edited 9:01PM July 18, 2018
    Leveling is! Way too slow now! It was perfectly fine before when it was closer to other foreign versions of the game! Enemies are wayyyyyyy too beefy! If they gave more XP for being beefy then I it would sort of balance it out a la MS1, but this game is very different from the core to MS1.

    tl;dr leveling is super slow! and super beefy enemies add unwarranted extra difficulty!
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  • mmviimmvii
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    Lol thought I was the only noob who thought it was slow haha. It's ok I guess saw some guys had hit 50 today in world chat so I guess it's not that bad.

    The first 2 dungeons I did were pretty tough solo, I mean people had asked for more difficulty so I guess they changed it.
  • NorthboundNorthbound
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 3,145
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    It's still fast enough to be bearable, but my problem is that it is just as boring as it was in CBT1. I'm sure you got a ton of feedback saying that leveling was easy, but there's a difference between "This is too easy-I was done in 6 hours" and "This is so easy that it put me to sleep." MS2's leveling falls under the category of the latter, and unless that's fixed, making the process takes longer is a negative change. The epic questline is still just skipping cutscenes, dialogue, and awful storylines. The only thing different is now every few levels you hit a roadblock and have to do other activities. But unless you provide some actual challenge in those activiites, I want to be done with it as fast as possible. Don't just make it take longer or buff mob HP; that's the absolute laziest way to go about this.

    Personally, I think the entire epic questline should just get removed entirely. Buff world quests, mob XP, and dungeon XP to compensate, and let people have some freedom in leveling. As long as leveling is still fast, I don't think anyone would miss it. I'd love to just chain all the forgotten adventures back to back to hit 50. But because that's too good of a change to actually be considered,

    1) Adventure dungeons need a MASSIVE XP bonus. It's only worth doing the questline ones once. That leaves the majority of the dungeons completely useless because nobody's running them and they're not worth the time. This is one of the more enjoyable activities, but it offers the worst rewards.
    2) There's zero reason to limit adventure dungeon rewards pre-50. There's no economy-breaking rewards from them. I still think it's stupid to limit the adventure rewards post-50, but that's for a different thread.
    3) Mob HP scaling is still really wonky. Some mobs are just sponges that take forever to kill and some die right away. It's not consistent with level, and the rewards don't feel like they scale appropriately at all.
    4) Arcade games are more XP efficient when you purposely die around a mid-range score. Getting 600k+ in Simian Sea is fun and challenging, but it gives a lesser XP rate than suiciding around 200k.

    I'm level 40 after about 6 hours played. I'll probably edit in more thoughts later on tomorrow as I slog through the worst part of the game to get to something hopefully more fun. I didn't particularly enjoy leveling in either beta test, so I'm going to give the win to CBT1 on this topic because at least I was done with it faster.
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  • KasheKashe
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    Some have already pointed out, but either the health of dungeon bosses are just too high, or they are unreasonably strong..actually a combination of both..and for no good reason.While I do believe they should be a challenge (which is why they are bosses lol) it takes ridiculously long to kill these bosses. I understand that this promotes party play but to those of us (sometimes myself included) who want to solo dungeons, we should not have to die an infinite amount of times and constantly just dodge and attack when we can to kill a boss. It needs to be scaled.

    However, level progression is fine in my opinion. It is fairly easy, but it's realistic progression for the higher levels to come when it is even harder to level up. I also agree with having more/better rewards for the side quests. I've done countless side quests and I feel like it's a waste of my time because I don't feel properly rewarded for doing them.
  • ZekeNazariZekeNazari
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    I prefer the slow paced level progression, and enjoyed how the game has gotten a bit more rigorous. It's on the right path, in my opinion.
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  • KhalykKhalyk
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    Leveling feels good where it's at, fast enough that I feel with a few hours I can still make good progress but not fast enough that it feels like its just a sprint through and I miss content going through area's.
  • Headstar007Headstar007
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    Currently, the level progression is way too slow and grindy, the quests seem tedious and repetitive and do not have good rewards for the difficulty and time it takes to complete them.
  • zer0zer0
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    Leveling is an even bigger pain than last time. I think you guys took the feedback you got about the epic questline being the only way to level after CBT 1 and implemented, quite frankly, the wrong solution. Instead of adding alternative methods of leveling, you added additional things you need to do to level. You still need to finish the epic quest line, same as before, but now you also need to do the brainless side quests scattered here and grind on the side IN ADDITION to the epic quest line in order to get to level 50.

    The addition of world quests was a step in the right direction but reducing the exp of the epic quest line to "compensate" for the added quests was definitely a step in the wrong direction. World quests right now do little more than provide the illusion of a non-linear level progression. In reality, the level progression is very much the same except now it's even more work. The problem with these world quests is that individual quests provide very little value. They give such meager amounts of exp and mesos on top of no items that they often feel pointless to do.

    Right now, it feels like level 1-50 is just one huge tutorial stage that you have to complete before you get to play the actual game. Leveling still doesn't feel rewarding (due to only getting a single skill point) and item thresholds are so randomly thrown about that the only level in the game that actually feels significant is 50.

    The current system is alright I guess if you only plan to make one account, but is a major pain for anyone wanting to make multiple characters. Even rushing through the epic quest line as fast as you can takes hours if not days and not only is it boring and repetitive, it feels so incredibly slow. There's a lot of different classes I want to try out but I can't bring myself to going through the same story and same steps over and over again.

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