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[Feedback] Questing and Achievements

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in Closed Beta 2 Feedback
Please leave your feedback regarding Questing and Achievements.


  • Asterion089Asterion089
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    The text for cutscenes auto-advances a bit too quickly making it easy to miss what is being said. Even when skim reading I get about 3/4 of the way through the dialog before it advances. Is there going to be a manual advance feature added later like in MS1? Or maybe a way to slow down the auto-advance?
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  • ThijsBThijsB
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    edited 1:43PM July 18, 2018
    [Epic] The Investigation 13/48 (Chase the Masked Figure)
    Pull lever to get minecart, you can go in it with SPACE, but when you leave the cart, you can't pull the lever again.

    Not a big deal, but the minecart drives off without me in it. Or you can make it that the minecart wont move if the players isn't in it.
  • MumuMumu
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    I noticed that when you fight Kukon the second time, if you don't do it in front of Ralph it won't count and you have to leave and come back in and fight him over again. Also, during some of the cut scenes movements are a little wonky and it's a little hard to tell what's going on? Plus when you defeat the Class President in the Mage's Story Line, it says you lost anyway? Why make her beatable if its scripted that you will always lose?

    Just some little things I noticed. :-)
  • DanDKDanDK
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    The Main Quest and class story quests remain unchanged and still suffer from an non-existent filler storyline, plenty of cutscene issues and bugs, and feels like a huge waste of time designed specifically as an excuse to throw XP and mesos at people for enduring repetitive content and supposed gameplay.
    The entire questline needs a huge overhaul or simply scrap it and redesign it from scratch. Class quests need to have actual story, right now there is seriously nothing. Nothing ever picks up on the class story again once you start the game.

    Achievements and Trophies work really well and I still don't understand why you make the same thread for these as they are in no way comparable to the scrap pile that is Quests at the moment.
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  • MumuMumu
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    As I'm playing more and trying things out I can't help but feel that maybe HP scaling for bosses is a little unbalanced? I'm having a really really hard time soloing as a berserker. I guess more difficult isn't a bad thing, and I find it crazy there are a few others who say they want everything HARDER. But for others who solo, this is a real challenge. I'm not a typical solo person but my pal didn't get approved for the beta and I'm too shy to talk to peeps atm so.. #introvertproblems.

    I also noticed that some cutscenes further along that use the text boxes don't show up right or the black text background stays up and you can't see what they're saying. Also, as mentioned before it looks plain goofy when they are like "You must be taken care of/I'm gonna kill you/etc." and then the scene looks like a fight scene from a really bad old movie where they fall way after being hit or hits looking super weak and fake lol. The mini-scene for Lennon running out of HQ is hella weird too, you run and meet a dead end and then.. wait for 2 minutes as enemies slowly spawn in every 20 seconds? But it doesnt tell you "defeat all enemies" it just says to run so it was super confusing there.

    In Cherry Blossom forest, some of the platforms take you out to the trees on the edge and other places but there's.. nothing there? Maybe as I quest further something will pop up but for now it's just a moving platform to nothing?
  • CroeCroe
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    When you accept a new world quest, I believe it should appear at the top, on the first page and push all of your other world quests down (except the epic quest). I found it frustrating after accepting a new quest looking for what to do since I had 3-5 pages of quests stacked up and had to go to the end.
  • TodasTodas
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    World Quests have garbage rewards. Next to no XP and no good items. The Epic questline is still BOOOOOOOOOOOORING, only now it's also SLOOOOOOOOOOW.
  • No1sBiZNo1sBiZ
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    I'd like to see changes to the Epic Quest personally.

    I do like having a main story line to follow, but locking skill points behind this quest rather than allowing the player to progress in their own way and earn skill points (through regular leveling?) is a mistake in my opinion. The addition of world quests helps this, but at no point during my journey thus far have I found the need or want to do many as I am already playing what feels like an MMO which suffers from its linear progression.

    As I said before, maybe this can be fixed by revising how skill points are earned, but my joy from the original MapleStory was from having time to relax in the environment with friends and -- most importantly -- hacking and slashing mobs down. The sequel seems focused on rushing you through a game which is better enjoyed at your own pace.
  • Stella_Stella_
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    Epic quests are very slow now due to hyper-beefy enemies! I recommend toning down the HP amount.
  • MamaMercyMamaMercy
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 350
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    I accidentally closed out the main story line quest I was working on and cant seem to figure out how to activate it again so my arrow shows me where to go. I dont know if its I just dont know how to fix it or if this is not an option.
  • MamaMercyMamaMercy
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 350
    Posts: 3
    Another problem I have is when I seem to be in an area and get a quest for that area I can not make my arrow switch over to that quest. O ce again I dont know of I just dont k ow how to so it or if it's not available. If it is not available I would love if could toggle between which quest we are working on and having our arrow taking us on that quest
  • KasheKashe
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    A few concerns for me consist of:
    The ridiculous amount of travel that we have to do to complete them. While I do love exploring different maps and that being the point, I believe that it's just TOO much map exploring. I think it's a tad bit annoying to have to go through several different maps to get to the final one in order to complete a quest. On top of that, having to pay a pretty good amount of mesos/merit to taxi/helicopter there. Hmm. I just think that there should be a quest order in which after one map full of quests is complete, move to the map over. So i'm able to actually explore more content on a map rather than finish the 1 or 2 quests and jet to another map.

    My next concern is that questing is slow. And this slowness is caused by the evident hp/op imbalance by bosses. They. are. hard. Lol. Now, although I wasn;t in cbt1 to see how scaling was, I can definitely tell you now that it is imperative that you scale these bosses. Although not technically impossible to solo, it is extremely time consuming. And simply unfair to those who solo.

    On a lighter note, I absolutely love the achievements and trophies. Also, if anyone can, why are there, I guess you can call it, "tiers of trophies"? Why not just earn the trophy and move on to the next one? Why different tiers/levels of the same one? Thanks :)
  • xAngelBeatxAngelBeat
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    Soloing Epic Quest dungeons are very hard and tedious. Maybe scale the difficulty/hp pools of the dungeons to the number of players?
  • Headstar007Headstar007
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    I currently believe that the quests are quite repetitive and involve a lot of backtracking which is quite frustrating, I believe that quests should be fun and rewarding, not annoying and frustrating. I also believe that character text goes by too fast and most of the time I end up missing half of what they say, I believe an option to slow down character text or even stop it from progressing until you press a button is a good idea for slower-readers and people who like to analyze what is going on like me. I also would like to be able to select what quest to display an arrow not just the main quests to allow for side quests and sidetracking to be less repetitive and annoying. Main quests should always be on top of all the other quests, and there should be more options for organizing your quest journal, and even allow you to display all the available quests in a certain area for the completionists out there.
  • DischordFoxDischordFox
    Post: 1
    Promise not to slap me...

    Mewlyweds Sidequest
    - Typo in quest description ("Find" not "Fine")
  • LanbobyonsonLanbobyonson
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    Posts: 93
    One small suggestion: for the exploration rewards you're required to talk to an NPC but it's an extra step if they have a side quest to do. So I've been doing the sidequest and then I don't get the exploration reward and I have to go back and talk to them so the suggestion is: having them say their talk line of dialogue and counting it towards the exploration goal AND THEN giving you the quest.
  • EternalxEternalx
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    Posts: 129
    Can we please have auto-route or at least pointers to where the NPCs are? It takes an awful long time to find them
  • MorninggMorningg
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 600
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    Needs voice overs, like KMS2 & CMS2.
  • AlfaniAlfani
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    I was doing the basic cut scenes for the assassin when I had to go into the bar and fight some guys off. Once they were all dead, nothing happened. I went downstairs and looked around but nothing. I was unable to leave or do anything else. I ended up changing characters, and when I logged back in the scene progressed as it should.
  • ArchimaArchima
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    I noticed that while doing the main quest line you won't get enough potions like in the other versions of the game.
    I continued getting those 200HP potions at until level 30(?) and they don't seem to be that helpful since the new mob scalling makes them very powerful so as an Assassin, It would be really tough to survive with them only.
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