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[Feedback] Controls Gamepad

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in Closed Beta 2 Feedback
Please leave your feedback regarding Gamepad Support.


  • AmraelAmrael
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 100
    Post: 1
    as of today :
    A button is actually jump AND open the chat window
    RB button is also jump, where it's supposed to be the pick up button ( and can't be reassigned, you got a message "can't reassign keyboard" )
  • TheRealZetaTheRealZeta
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 320
    Post: 1
    One Button opens the menue while also being assigned to a field where the abilitys are.
    Its quite a nuisance if the menue pops up while fighting. :S
  • StabbyMcKnifeguyStabbyMcKnifeguy
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 2,835
    Posts: 200
    A fairly minor issue, but apparently I'm unable to turn around while walking. Setting the walk/run ratio to 100% and trying to turn while moving shows this.
  • AkaszAkasz
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 360
    Posts: 2
    For me playing on gamepad is a wayyy more fun then playing on keyboard+mouse
  • FatFluffyOneFatFluffyOne
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,130
    Posts: 11
    Ummm.... Im unable to change buttons on my Xbox controller.. so i press B and its Visually A on the screen.... Just positions are messed up. May hinder me later when i need to pay attention to cooldowns.
  • MarchinBunnyMarchinBunny
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 8,245
    Posts: 545
    Ya, walking seems to have issues with turning. I ended up just turning walking to 0% because it was getting annoying.
  • Asterion089Asterion089
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 325
    Posts: 3
    Moving around and the combat system is a lot easier with a controller however UI and Menu navigation needs work. Left and Right Sticks being Left and Right mouse click makes it easy to accidentally nudge the cursor off of what you're trying to interact with. I think it would be easier on the controls if character movement and combat shortcuts were disabled while in cursor mode.
  • PrinzGPrinzG
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 360
    Posts: 2
    edited 6:51PM July 18, 2018
    To be honest the games controls are a bit wonky, but the game feels (to me anyways) better with a controller coming from a keyboard and mouse lover myself. I would prefer if i was able to customize the quickslot 1-22 to any buttons on my controller. Pressing X or A that pulls up a menu just feels way off usually it would be a jump, but letting people be able to decide what the buttons do would, in my opinion, benefits the game and its players. For example (on PS4 controller playing berserker) I have my jump on X, Basic Attack on Square, would like to put the skill Death Spin on triangle and X Splash on circle for the basics then press L2 or R2 for the other abilities
  • PrinzGPrinzG
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 360
    Posts: 2
    I just encountered a glitched where L2 + Square/X/Circe are all swapped. Basically I pressed L2 + Square but it did L2 + X or pressed L2 + X and it did L2 + Circle and finally L2 + Circle did L2 + Square
  • maddmaxxmaddmaxx
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 855
    Posts: 15
    The gamepad controls are set up in a good way. I think the use of the triggers to allow more mappings is neat. The only thing I would recommend is to allow the cursor to be select things with X/A rather than the L-stick depressing. Also, the jump button is too sensitive and causes the model to jump too sporadically making it a tad hard to control oneself on platforms.
  • BlackLotusBlackLotus
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 470
    Posts: 3
    PS4 Controller User

    I would like the option to rebind the quickslot skills. I wish to use just square, triangle, circle, etc. for my main attack skills.
    In addition, I am also encountering the issue where the UI does not match up with the skills. For example, quickslot 5 is assigned to L2+ Circle. However on the UI, it looks like L2 + Square. It's disorientating and makes it difficult to tell when skills are off cooldown. I will not be using the controller further until this is fixed.

    On a positive note, the joystick makes movement much smoother and intuitive. I find it difficult to move with they keyboard or mouse.
  • Headstar007Headstar007
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 1,470
    Posts: 26
    Please add an option to rebind the quickslot skills to the controller for more control.
    ArujeiLinVegaxAngelBeatVerloBehrKadalynjking56HasoriExinLockeExileand 1 other.
  • ArujeiArujei
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 420
    Post: 1
    Looks like the default settings for the PS4 controller are not in the same order as displayed in the GUI on the screen and I can't change these bindings. Everything else with the controller and responsiveness so far is good. Going to have to reorder my skills to match what I am expecting in the meantime.
  • Deki81Deki81
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 550
    Posts: 9
    edited 12:49PM July 19, 2018
    DS4 user here.

    I would like to have option to swap X and O with action and cancel respectivly. At the moment i am having hard time to get used to circle to be confirm button, i am pressing X automaticly instead.

    Thank you.

    Update: Nvm, i got access to swap buttons later in the game.
  • NazuroNazuro
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 810
    Posts: 6
    edited 10:24AM July 19, 2018
    Sometimes when I let go of the left stick my char just keeps moving for a little while, which gets pretty annoying in combat because it sometimes cancels whatever I was doing (Xbox controller)
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 620
    Posts: 4
    edited 11:54AM July 19, 2018
    Seems like the keybindings for PS4 Controller are off... For example if I press L2 and Square it it registers as L2 and X. The only button that is correct is L2 and Triangle or R2 and Triangle. It may be because i changed my keybindings but Triangle was changed to menu and it still works as intended so i think the keybinds are just wrong. This needs to be fixed.
  • JoeyMontereyJoeyMonterey
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 410
    Post: 1
    The Gamepad support works pretty well when the controller is connected via USB, however when I try to use the controller while connected via Bluetooth, the game does not seem to recognize it.

    Side note for the Dualshock PS4 controllers, it seems like the symbols for the buttons are not in the right spot because when I press the buttons it does a skill on a different symbol.
  • MyckaelMyckael
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 300
    Posts: 2
    I use PS4 Controller

    With control you play better and it is easier to move. So far the only failure I find is that in the UI the quickslots of the buttons R1 / R2 / L2 + square / triangle / X do not correspond. For example, in the UI R2 + X is observed and it is actually R2 + square. The fault is in the UI because in the configuration menu if its correspondence with the button appears on the keyboard.
  • YlmirYlmir
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    edited 1:33PM July 19, 2018
    (Note : My only controller is an X360 controller ; while I try to stay as general as possible, my point of view is, of course, influenced by my own experience.)

    Some of the feedback I am giving here I've already given in the survey sent at the end of CBT1 ; but I haven't seen a lot of progress on that, and decided to give a more in-depth look to all of the flaws I see in this system, this time before the end of the CBT, so we can discuss it together.

    Here are, in my opinion, the changes that the gamepad support needs. You can see it as a TL;DR, I will spend the rest of this post explaining why these changes are needed :
    - The "Cancel" action and the "Esc Menu" actions must be separated. The game considers those two things to be the same, while they are unrelated in their very nature. One is used by the player to refuse something or close a window, while the other one is used to actually open a menu that gives access to very specific funtions (Accessing the options, closing the game, etc.). They are usually assigned to the same key (esc) on a keyboard, because it's the convention in video game controls. But how often do you want to open a menu you can't interact naturally with when you're using a controller ? Never. Therefore, these two actions should be considered as different options, that could be bound to the same key, but also adjusted independently if the player wants to.
    - The quick slots are currently fixed when you want to change the shortcuts on a controller. This drastically reduces customization options. And this can be a deadly flaw if the fixed control layout shows issues. And, in my opinion, the current layout is not without flaws.

    The best way for me to criticize the current design choices and illustrate my points is to criticize directly the default configuration, and show an example of what would be possible if the aforementioned changes were implemented. But before that, I'd like to emphasize that, since a controller has a very limited number of buttons, the purpose of providing "switches" such as the RT/LT buttons, used to make button combinations to trigger an action, is to virtually add more input options to the player, at the expense of the ease of use ; as more combinations are possible, it also raises the number of options the user must memorize, and raises the probability of a mistake when playing. Therefore, implementing this has a cost in terms of usability, and should not be an excuse to waste easy-to-use shortcuts because there is plenty of other possible combinations. Now, let's get straight to my critique of the default layout.

    Default layout :
    - Basic actions on Y/X/A. This is completely normal and to be expected, in my opinion.
    - Cancel/Menu on B : I already discussed this point. This is actually VERY annoying when you acccidentally press the button while in combat, since it opens the menu and hides the center of the screen. It also wastes one button on the controller, since the Cancel option (used mostly into dialogues and menus, therefore not used in combat) could be put alongside something else most of the time.
    - Up arrow opens the map. Why not, although there are other options that would be more instinctive (I'll discuss this later).
    - Other arrows unassigned. This is a waste of three buttons ; and as I told before, there is no room for wasting buttons on a controller.
    - The Back button toggles the mouse mode, the Start button opens the gamepad version of the menu. These are a sensible choice for anyone using these options, as there buttons are not the most accessible, and therefore more adapted towards out-of-combat actions.
    - The RB button is a "Pick up" button. Unlike most games, this is not used for interactions (the X button already does this job), and we have an autoloot option which is enabled by default. Therefore, this button is almost useless, unless someone doesn't want to use autoloot. The option should still be there for people who want to use it, but shouldn't be in the default config, as it stands useless for someone playing with the default options. This pick-up action could be either merged with the interaction action (as picking up loot is, fundamentally, an interaction with the loot), or set as another "combinable" shortcut, the same way the "Cancel" and "Esc menu" could be.
    - 1st skill slot set while holding RT
    - 2nd skill slot set while holding LT
    - 3rd, incomplete skill slot set (7 slots) while holding LB. Having an incomplete skill set just doesn't make sense. It feels like someone thought adding one last quick slot wasn't necessary. The worst thing is maybe that the button that isn't available is the left arrow - this is the most accessible of the four arrows on Xbox-style controllers, where the left joystick is at the left of the arrows. Also, one could imagine to change the LB+button combination to RT+LT+button : this would free up one button on the default configuration. I can't think of any controller on which it would be complicated to do, but maybe there is one, somewhere, that would require us to leep the LB+button option for players who need it.
    As it is, the game requires the player to memorize FOUR different layouts : When nothing is held, when RT is help, when LT is held, when LB is held. This is a bit too much in my opinion, as there are a lot of unused shortcuts and wasted combinations. It's definitely possible to get own to three layouts to memorize by using more buttons on the default layout, and we could even get rid of the incomplete 3rd skill layout.

    Now, here is the way I wanted to set my controller (we lose either the mouse mode or the gamepad version of the menu, though, but I don't use any of these options) :
    - Basic actions on Y/X/A (unchanged, as this is a sensible design choice).
    - 1 skill slot on B, with still the "cancel" action while in dialogues/menus - we're not in battle when we're in dialogues, so it shouldn't be a problem to distinguish between these actions. I guess the Cancel option is related to the Esc menu for technical reasons, but this ends up stupidly inconvenient for players and should be changed.
    - 4 skills on the arrows, without having to hold anything. It's possible to put three skills without removing anything from the default configuration, but we'll be moving the map somewhere else in this configuration.
    - One more skill slot on the RB button. We already have an autoloot option enabled by default, what's the point in adding a "Pick up" option on the gamepad if it's never used ? It's yet another wasted button.
    - As we already have six skill slots assigned and one left from the incomplete skill set on the LB button, this button can now be used for the 7th and last skill slot.
    - The map can be set on the Back button. This button was actually used to open the map on a lot of console games back when I still had one ; I don't know if that's still the case, but if it is, then it would be a sensible choice in terms of UX to put the map here, as it is already in the habits of the players.
    - We can now use the Start button for one of the two previously removed options.

    This setup would allow for a better combat experience, without opening menus inadvertently, without holding for hours the same trigger, and would let players use some skills or consumables the same way they use "normal" actions (Is using a skill or consumable really that different in the first place ? They are as essential as jumping to the game experience, the only difference is that it's a custom slot.). Sadly, since the skill slots are locked to specific combinations, it's not possible to play this way without relying on the keyboard mode + external tools, and therefore losing the analog joysticks, which are a real plus compared to mouse+keyboard controls. This mapping is only an example which is more suited to my own playstyle, but my goal here was to show how valuable the aforementioned changes would be to players.

    Edit : Corrected typos, added formatting to make it easier to read, slight rewording.
  • MarchinBunnyMarchinBunny
    Maplestory 2 Rep: 8,245
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    edited 1:06PM July 19, 2018
    Pretty sure the fault is the controller itself, not the UI. a PS4 controller has different symbols for their buttons and X on a PS4 controller is never the same as X on any other controller. I was pretty sure most people understood this, but I guess not. Unless there is some way to change the UI to show PS4 buttons and I am just not aware?

    But generally, the layout works like this. This is literally how it is for all games that don't have separate UI buttons specifically for PS4 controllers.
    A = Cross
    B = Circle
    X = Square
    Y = Triangle

    Edit: I been playing games for so long and have played all the consoles and PC. So for me, I recognize these buttons automatically. If on screen it tells me to press, A ... I automatically go for X on a PS4 controller. If it shows X, then I go for Square. You don't even need to think about it because these buttons are technically in the same position as any other controller.

    I can understand if the only controller you really ever use is PS4 though. Then I guess it's a bit confusing. I never quite understood why Sony decided to do their own button symbols, but it's been that way since PS1.
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