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What's your biggest hope / fear for Maple 2

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As the title asks, what is both your biggest hope and fear for MapleStory 2?


Hope: That the population for the NA servers is much more impressive than KM servers.

Fear: "Big Bang Apocalypse" will repeat itself.


  • zrxzrx
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    Hope: Big expansions to the current UGC system and that community feedback and suggestions truly have a big role in the development of future content and features.

    Fear: P2W, the lack of meaningful character progression, and not having my hopes come true.
  • ReimyReimy
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    Hope: That the game doesn't let us boring moments

    Fear: see only afk people for fishing
  • CzareCzare
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    my hope is that my fears for the game dont come true
  • MissVanjieMissVanjie
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    hope: game doesnt die

    feaar: game dies
  • oof123oof123
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    Hopefully they revert the servers back to one C:
    Because it will die out if not ;(
  • EvoraEvora
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    Basically I hope that the longevity of the game is good enough, for all types of players.

    Or that, if it's not, they fix it within the first few months.
  • PiggiesPiggies
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    Hope: EU will not be dead. A man can pray.

    Fear: That EU will be dead, and whenever you see anyone they're afk fishing.
  • VanicleVanicle
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    Hope: personally, it's end-game content and grind that keeps me invested in a game. I'm hoping that gear progression and raids/dungeons keep me entertained for as long as MS1 did.

    Fear: that it ends up being just a game that "everyone wins". Everyone gets the best gear with little to no effort
  • mmviimmvii
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    Fear: that ms2 will become overrun with meso selling bots.

    Hope: that Arnold will come back in time and save us from the bots ^^.

  • FriagneFriagne
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    Hope: They focus a whole lot on updating player housing over time to encourage friends and guilds to meet up
    Fear: The game focuses too much on questing and daily instances and doesn't provide alternatives like group mob grinding or collectables for EXP.