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People in CBT1, will you be playing CBT2?


  • RainbowRuby98RainbowRuby98
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    im saying no mostly because i barely had enough time to get the CBT1 event rewards, and so far there hasn't been an announcement for more in game event rewards for release
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    im saying no mostly because i barely had enough time to get the CBT1 event rewards, and so far there hasn't been an announcement for more in game event rewards for release

    I would play around with housing or screenshots, might be more events while CBT2 starts just like the house building that they had for CBT1.
    Players got rewarded with merets for launch. @RainbowRuby98

    Besides, it's always fun on the first day and last day of a Closed beta when everyone logins and does random stuff.

    30:18 for despacito :D
  • CheerCheer
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    More house building while it's still free.
  • LeekTheV3getableLeekTheV3getable
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    Ofc, had a blast in CBT 1 while studying for finals in those same two weeks. This time, however, I plan to play CBT 2 properly lol. I already played through Berserker, Thief, Magician and Assassin and only got to max level on the latter. I also want to do some alchemy and more lifestyle stuff after getting to 50 again since I didn't the chance to do it before. Hope to see you and others in the CBT 2!

    P.S I expect I won't be sleeping much so, cheers to our health.

  • lazimilazimi
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    will join to CBT2 but not like in 1 we dont look now the first place only lern more the game see you in full release ppl
  • BluclueBluclue
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    Beta1 was awesome cant wait to meet people at queenstreet again
  • KyoKunChanKyoKunChan
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    I'll just be trying the classes I forgot to test in CB1.
  • Ryia_ArcherRyia_Archer
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    I plan on doing it since I'm going through a major burn out of FFXIV anyway. Not to mention it'll give me a chance to do all the things I didn't do in the first CBT (l refuse to fall into the trap of housing this time around).
  • EvoraEvora
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    I'm very addicted to Sims right now. x.x
  • XphobiaXphobia
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    Part 2
  • MeowrenMeowren
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    Yup! I want to try out a new class. And theres lots I wasn't able to really delve into in cbt1 -- I was very busy that week.

    And I'll be busy again this time around too -- getting ready to pack up and move to a new place. So I'll just be testing what I can and perusing the cash shop hehe
  • ZangaZanga
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    Yes, will once again rush to 50 to try out new raids/get high GS.
  • UnlimitedUnlimited
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    This is what I suggest them do (and sure, they can do whatever the hell they want with this game):
    -Wipe out all progression made from CBT1.
    -Let us experience the new difficulty and way/s of progression and changes for this CBT2 starting from clean slate.

    -to see if anything significant changed regarding progression and rewarding gameplay-experience which ARE the major complaints from CBT1 and if it ever improved and by how much.
    -for players to play, experience, review, and send their feedback regarding the new gameplay experience.
    -To save this CBT2 some face to people who are going to try it for the very first time without relating it or connecting it at all to the fiasco CBT1 turned out to be. To save this CBT2 some face to people who already tried CBT1 which was too easy, too boring, too linear, and too repetitive, that playing it was as cruel as rape and murder.

    If nothing much have changed from CBT1, then this game is done (do mind that we already gave you our feedback). What the hell is even the point of this CBT2 besides stress-testing the servers? I will be very disappointed if I will to see the same bloody thing and the same bloody state from CBT1. Use your reasoning and listen to reasons for bloody god sake!
  • XphobiaXphobia
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    Part 2
  • FueilleFueille
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    I will try to reach the maximum level in classes that I have not had opportunity to play until the dungeons / raids (Ranger and assassin, maybe wizard too). In the meantime, I'll also check out what's changed in the classes I've played (Priest and Knight), and have a greater sense of the post-addition experience curve of the new, so-called 160 quests.

    I will also be looking for players for a colleague's guild, we already have a good number of members, but as I intend to hold some closed events in the group related to UGC and dungeons, the more players the better. nway, hope everyone have a good time in this game.
  • YoungFoxMarieYoungFoxMarie
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    I am. We reported plenty of 'issues' from CBT1 and I honestly am interested to see how they managed to fix it and improve from our tips on how to make things better. Besides I am very curious about the merit market and dungeon changes. Also wondering about the battle royale mode IF it is included in CBT2. Hoping for more minigames as well. First CBT I was really into leveling but for now I want to keep the social aspect more in mind.
  • lKarallKaral
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    I might play CB2 , I was in the first CB but maybe I'll try out a different class since the first beta I just played Priest the entire time so it's an opportunity to try out other classes. I don't think I'll level to 50 this time though , I think during this go I'll focus on the other in game features more instead of story / leveling maybe I'll test out Fishing , exploring, trophies and stuff.

    I'm a huge fan of collecting so MS2 so maybe I'll check out stuff more relating to that and participate in the mini games more.
  • TriniTrini
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    I've played CBT1 and definitely gonna play in CBT2. I really want to see if the CBT1 issue been fixed and mostly the game optimization but outside that i will have more time to really enjoy and play all the dungeons and raid mostly by the fact that i made a berserker only in the 1st CBT and again gonna make one since its the only class i like in the current available class (wanna try soul binder and rune blader but sadly seem we won't have em anytime soon :s). Remembering the time spending in tria with my friends/fishing/playing music or simply enjoying the nice ost of this place i feel nostalgia already. One week CBT gave me nostalgia already so i definitely gonna invest lot of time in CBT2!
  • RamzaRamza
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    I likely won't burn through the story as fast as I did to get to 50, but I'll be playing CBT2 to see if anything changed on the PvP-side. Not gonna bother doing the Royale mode though.

    Like others have said, a lot of whats been posted/discussed on Producer blogs and by the community heads themselves seems to heavily indicate our concerns fell on deaf ears. Needless to say if I log in and don't see KR's PvP gear in the Arena shop, I'm likely not going to stick around, since this was a valid concern quite a few people I talked to had, both in-game and on the forums. (Even moreso now that they made that statement about "not wanting to be pay-to-win")

    This isn't even counting the content balance discrepancies, which I do somewhat believe will be fixed... I hope.

  • ReimuReimu
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    im saying no mostly because i barely had enough time to get the CBT1 event rewards, and so far there hasn't been an announcement for more in game event rewards for release

    Maybe they'll add some rewards for testing Mushking Royale.