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Founder's Pack [Poll]

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  1. Which pack do you plan on buying?261 votes
    1. Explorer Package $24.99
       21% (56 votes)
    2. Master Package $59.99
       3% (9 votes)
    3. Legendary Package $99.99
       47% (123 votes)
    4. I will not be purchasing a Founder's Pack
       28% (73 votes)


  • DetrivanceDetrivance
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    I added an extra option to your poll. This way it can have a representation for those who will not be purchasing a founder pack.
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  • 3unwoo3unwoo
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    Too broke (c" ತ,_ತ) but I’ll manage to get the explorer pack.
  • ZatchZatch
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    @Detrivance thanks!
  • BakaAnikiBakaAniki
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    Let me check what I can afford real quick...

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  • Akuma524Akuma524
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    Honestly, I have no plans to buy any of them since I don't care for any of the things they contain. I'm going to end up buying merets separately anyhow.
  • MotomageMotomage
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    need more information on the items in the daily rewards to know, if nothing else i'll do the $60 package
  • RounardRounard
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    I find the 99$ pack a bit too expensive for the items it has.
    I like the basic explorer package, that bandana is swag.
  • JacobieJacobie
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    Its pretty well priced all around in my opinion, if the speculation around $20 = 2k merets in correct then all of the founder pack levels seem worth it. It gives a nice range of options for people who might want to spend a little or spend a lot plus it doesn't give anything game breaking, so F2P can still continue being F2P (granted we don't know exactly what the Premium items in this version will be, in KMS2 its 30x White Potions, Half a Key to open RNG Boxes & 1 additional dungeon reward coupon per day).
  • KyoKunChanKyoKunChan
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    No idea. have to see more. Ill be buying one of them no matter what when it comes times.
  • PosePose
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    Definitely the 99$!
  • mmviimmvii
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    Looks like most people are going all or nothing with the L grade package or not buying. Middle ground has no votes :o.
  • MahmuMahmu
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    I'm just trynna be a Legendary Super Saiyan ya know what i mean? btw this is my 100TH POST!! essgetiiiiiiiiiiit!
  • CzareCzare
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    how can you vote if you dont even completely know wtf your getting lol
    they are only giving full details 1 day before they release the pack...

    you should add an option for people that are on the fence.
  • Ryia_ArcherRyia_Archer
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    Based on what I'm seeing as of right now if I manage to scrape up the money I'll go with the first package. The other two packs are a too expensive for me lol.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    i'm leaning towards the $99 one but it really depends on the other stuff they decide to give us and the usefulness of the premium club and founders daily wonders. if those aren't worth it i may kick down to the middle option
  • EdgarMoriartyEdgarMoriarty
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    I have to be honest, I wont be buying a founders pack because the outfit just seems like really really awful, maybe it appeals to some people but I cant really justify the purchase for myself
  • LovemeeeeLovemeeee
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    Will these stuff go onto the open release? Or.... its just onto close beta? But ya im getting the 25$ pack.
  • ZatchZatch
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    Between the merits and premium club you are already getting your money's worth. Everything else included in the packs is just extra in my opinion. And if you don't know if you will be purchasing the pack, you can just come back to vote when you make up your mind. :)
  • NikkieNikkie
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    I want to get the 99 but the 60 sounds more reasonable for me.
  • NorthboundNorthbound
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    Too early to say. I definitely won't be buying it before CBT2. I want to see how many improvements Nexon is going to make to the game and what the state of P2W is going to be before I risk any money on this game.