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VFM Introduction - DrYoshiyahu

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Hey everyone!

I'm DrYoshiyahu, but you can call me Yoshiyahu, Yoshi, or even 'Doc'. I'm a twenty-two-year-old theology student and a children's minister. In my spare time, I'm a stage actor, a writer, a singer, and a pianist, though only once ever at the same time. I've lived in Melbourne, Australia my whole life, so the time difference certainly makes things interesting: like when Nexon does a livestream at 4am my time.

MapleStory was a huge part of my childhood, and even though I haven't played for many years, since I got my Bowmaster to 200, I still consider it to be my all-time favourite game. I'm incredibly excited for GMS2; I've been waiting ever since KMS2 was announced. You'll be able to find me in-game, on an Archer, in the Oceania server pretty much any time.

Outside of this community, I'm also a moderator for the /r/Paladins subreddit, and formerly /r/Smite. I've got years of moderation experience, so I'm really looking forward to making these forums the best they can be. I can't wait to get to know everyone here!



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    - Shang
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    i've noticed you have a huge presence on the forums and already an active member of the community. I look forward to seeing you more in action.
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    Here I was getting reading over forums when I spy with my little eye a username I recognised! It's a me Mewtastic~ Looking forward to hopefully seeing you around once the game launches!