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Is this the funnest class

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I want your opinion on if I should play assassin if the game launches because it looks the funnest class to me


  • OlujiwanOlujiwan
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    looks the funnest class to me

    There is your answer. This is way to subjective to ask advice on. Play what you like, you'll like the game more for it.

  • DanDKDanDK
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    Just try a bunch and see what you enjoy. Based on the current state of the game classes aren't too different and levelling is extremely easy.
  • TylerTheDragonTylerTheDragon
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    Play who you feel looks the best to you: Try him out in CBT2 if you manage to get in, otherwise just try every character out and see which one you enjoy. I played an Assassin on CBT1 so I'll be trying some other classes on CBT2 and see if I can find a better fit (I'll still make an assassin anyway on full release, just not sure if it will be my main)