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"Closed Beta 2 Dungeon Sneak Peek!" by CM Cuddles

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Read up on this blog to learn more about the end game content for Closed Beta 2.


Hey Maplers! Today I want to give you a quick update on some new additions to try out during Closed Beta 2! Many Maplers during Closed Beta 1 expressed that they would like more challenging content to play. With Closed Beta 2, we’ll be adding new dungeons with ramped up difficulty to test the abilities of Maplers and to provide end game content for those that have max leveled to 50.

Let’s take a look!

Hard Adventure Dungeons Lv. 50

Maplers from Closed Beta 1 will notice the new addition of Hard Adventure dungeons. These are new 4-player party dungeons meant to be much more challenging than the Basic Adventure dungeons.

Pyrros Fard is back, but given that Maplers felt that he was pretty easy to beat in the 10-player raid during Closed Beta 1, the Fire Dragon Raid has been converted into a rebalanced 4-player Hard Adventure dungeon.

Maplers can also engage in the new Hard Adventure dungeon called the Temple of Immortals. Be quick on your feet as you and your party will fight the massive Balrog as he smashes Maplers with boulders, bursts eardrums with a mighty roar, and swings his mighty chain blade at anything near him.

After you defeat him you can enjoy the spoils by acquiring Epic Equipment, which is needed in order to progress to the Chaos Raid Dungeon!!

New Chaos Raid - Shadow Altar Lv. 50

Those of you who played in the first Closed Beta may remember that Shadow Altar was a simple, little level 30 dungeon. Well, Devorak is back… but his power has grown to titanic levels and you’ll need a 10-player team of level 50 characters to stand a chance. Maplers can earn Legendary Gear, the strongest gear set available in Closed Beta 2, by defeating him.

Survival Wave Dungeon

Level 50 Maplers can also challenge themselves to a solo survival wave dungeon. See if you can survive 30 rounds against an onslaught of baddies. Maplers who complete the dungeon will be ranked on leaderboards, and you can earn special rewards such as gear attribute scrolls and more.

Treasure Dungeons - Abandoned Mine B1 and B4

When you’re done running dungeons, you’ll have even more ways to earn loot. In Closed Beta 2, enter the new Treasure Dungeons for additional rewards!

Dive deep underground into this subterranean maze dungeon full of traps and treasure. Abandoned Mine B1 is a labyrinth you must tackle alone, while Abandoned Mine B4 requires a group of 4 to delve within. By opening up treasure boxes around the world, Maplers can collect keys and have them appraised by Archaeologist Natalie in Tria in order to enter the dungeon.

Rare and precious treasure is hidden in the Abandoned Mines! You can earn items to change some of the attributes on the Epic Gear you’ve earned from the Hard Adventure dungeons.

During Closed Beta 2, we’ll be sure to have designated threads to gather feedback on the new dungeons. We hope that these new challenges will test your skills and provide some more fun end game content for Maplers who have reached max level!

We’ll take a deeper dive into these dungeons in an upcoming beta preview livestream, once we get closer to the beta and the content has been finalized.

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next blog post for more Closed Beta 2 updates!

~ Community Manager Cuddles <3
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  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    so looking forward to exploring these! <3
  • AcedusAcedus
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    A quick Tl;Dr:
    - As suspected a new Raid will be available 'Temple of the Immortals' featuring Balrog.
    - A new Chaos raid will also be available called ' Shadow Altar' (Will also drop legendary gear)
    - Survival Wave Dungeon is a new dungeon that appears to be a 30 round instance of monster waves that rewards for each clear.
    - Finally Treasure Dungeons, a unique form of dungeons where players can get attribute changing items to use on epic gear.

    Overall a decent blog yet again, keep it up.
  • 김치놈김치놈
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    Does adding new dungeons even matter tho? We're still limited to that dumb 30 runs per week limit.
  • LindelyLindely
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    Those are some interesting and exciting news! Thank you for sharing.
    I wonder how well 10-man raids were re-balanced into a 4-man content.

    WTB Founder Pack info next :v
  • mmviimmvii
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    Heh cool, I assume the hard level 50 dungeons aren't soloable unless you are geared to the nines. Wonder if that legendary raid gear is tradable/sellable^^.

    2 new 4 man lvl 50 Hard Aventure Dungeons - 1. Fire Dragon and 2. Temple of Immortals (drops Epic quality gear)
    1 new 10 man lvl 50 chaos raid dungeon - 1. Shadow altar (drops Legendary quality gear, best in CBT2)
    1 new solo lvl 50 survival wave dungeon - (drops gear attribute scrolls )
    2 new solo and 4 man lvl 50 treasure dungeons - 1. Abandoned Mine B1 (solo) and 2. Abandoned Mine B4 (4 man) (drops epic gear attribute changing items)

    Hope i got that right :\

  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    김치놈 wrote: »
    Does adding new dungeons even matter tho? We're still limited to that dumb 30 runs per week limit.

    The Chaos Raid and Treasure Dungeons have their own separate limits from Adventure Dungeons. So if you exceed the limit, you can still earn rewards from these dungeons.
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  • DanDKDanDK
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    It's interesting to see that you are expanding on two primary concerns, namely difficulty/challenge and variation (with the treasure thingy).

    This can be a good step in the right direction, however there are still many issues you have not addressed. Mainly, there is an exorbitant amount of leftover dungeons from level 1-49 that are hardly used for anything at the current progression rate because they are skipped so quickly. They also have very little variation and will hardly be visited. What are you future plans with these? Will they be cut down and redesigned / moved to other levels? Also, why have you yet not acknowledged any of the questions regarding progression rate we have asked since CBT? Why do you rush people to level 50 and then design exclusive dungeons after that point?

    Also, many major variations were suggested such as classical MS features such as teamwork puzzles and jump quests, which you seem to still neglect at this point. Survival mode is basically just another word for killing stuff. The treasure dungeons sound promising and I hope you will be sharing more details about these. All in all it sounds like you are still focusing way too much on making 'kill everything' content and too little on thinking out of the box, or merely back into the MS1 box (that was both more intelligent and colourful than what you're showing here).

    Appreciate the continued transparency and hope we'll see more and greater revamps from you soon.
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  • losfoljulosfolju
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    NXACuddles wrote: »
    김치놈 wrote: »
    Does adding new dungeons even matter tho? We're still limited to that dumb 30 runs per week limit.

    The Chaos Raid and Treasure Dungeons have their own separate limits from adventure dungeons. So if you exceed the limit you can still earn rewards from these dungeons.

    Yes they do have their separate limits. (Based on KMS2):
    -Chaos Raid dungeons give rewards everyday with a rotating schedule of bosses. I'm not sure if CBT will give rewards everyday. Since we only have one chaos boss, we might get rewards daily from that boss.
    -Survival Wave gives you 3 entries per week. (again not sure how many rewards will be allowed in CBT)
  • NikorasuNikorasu
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    Always excited to read new information regarding the global release. Keep it up, Cuddles (and team) !
  • NekkoalaNekkoala
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    Changing raids into normal, supposedly harder dungeons is a bad move.
    Fire dragon raid is sort of an entry level raid that's not meant to be impossible. If 1-70 is the tutorial to the game, that raid is the tutorial to raids.

    The real problem is that our version's gear stats doesn't match the boss' hp. We have gear that matches the chinese version whilee the boss' hp matches the korean, less inflated stats-wise version.
    The beta also allowed people to fish gear (using the magnetic bait) 2-3 tiers higher than what one should have at that point in the game.
  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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  • kinsuyakinsuya
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    I'll miss fighting Pyrros with 10 people..

    Priest depression intensified.
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    I think it's fine to change Fire Dragon into an adventure dungeon rather than a raid. Truthfully, the only notable differences between both is the amount of players in a party, the added timer, and the length of the non-boss area of the dungeon.
  • kawingshekkawingshek
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    This will make it difficult for me to try out other classes when I have new dungeons to discover at 50 :P
    Knights will shine/have important role now in Shadow Altar.

    And I'm looking forward to the 180/360 laser spin :D
  • AlzackAlzack
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    Pyrros has lost his flame (not so hot anymore!) and his spotlight is taken by Balrog. Devorak will be more than happy if Maplers join his BBQ party and hold his back tight for a while. Aside from jokes, I'm looking forward to explore new additions during CBT 2, treasure hunting looks like a lot of fun. :)

    While that's some nice information about LVL 50 content, were any lvl 1-49 instances adjusted to offer more challenge?
    Possibility of doing pre-level 50 dungeons solo with the same pattern each time basically encourages skipping anything outside Epic Storyline and I think that it wasn't developer's wish. End-game content for current milestone is important but mid-game experience shall serve as one of means for character to make a pace of progression meaningful, at least in my opinion.

    I'll make sure to check everything during CBT 2 and give appropriate feedback.
    Keep up the good work!
  • AerinnAerinn
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    hey can you nerf weapon scaling from enchants, and make balrog back into 10 man raid. This game is already a casual care bear game. If youre going to keep the CMS weapon scaling at least make it the CMS boss's hp scaling. This game is gonna die within a month. Most likely this game wont have GvG because KMS never got one in one year it will just become a lost ark waiting room. Also cuddles, if you split the severs because of "high" population, you do realize that half the players are gonna quit because this game is easy and the people that just play during the first month and quit. I hope to god smilegate does put lost ark into your hands because you guys clearly dont play any games besides getting carried with your godmode on fire pyro raid and your willy wonka assassin legendary star, which is suppose to be epic tier not legendary and the zakum helm is suppose to be epic tier not artifact tier. I dont even know which direction are you even taking GMS anymore. MS1 is getting way better updates than what MS2 is ever getting, maybe the 2nd job advancements could change but that isnt going to change what the core game, which is a care bear dungeon crawler with this lobby system.
  • TamakiSakuraTamakiSakura
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    edited 2:21PM June 20, 2018
    I still want the harder 1-49 dungeons. Call me when you fix them.
  • mmviimmvii
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  • 김치놈김치놈
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    Nekkoala wrote: »
    The beta also allowed people to fish gear (using the magnetic bait) 2-3 tiers higher than what one should have at that point in the game.
    Yeah, God that was awful. Really hope they take away the purple gears from fishing.

    ...or maybe that's why there's a weekly limit to dungeons anyways, so that you have to pay real money for auto-fishing vouchers and get your gears that way instead.
  • ChillBearChillBear
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    Content is nice. New content in the form of dungeons or raids is always welcome. However, I feel these additions have missed the mark what the game actually needs. Rather than adding new dungeons or raids as the sole way to challenge players why not take a step back and look at what makes a challenging experience. For example, the current revive system allows cheese, shortens the duration of a raid, lowers the difficulty and lessens the sense of accomplishment. In it's current state, it could also be regarded as Pay to Win if it were released into official. Can you imagine how much more difficult the experience would be to finish the first raid in CBT1 if the revive system wasn't as easy as clicking a button? Perhaps people would invest more heavily into learning mechanics and using support classes, with those finishing the raid truly earning the accomplishment. And for those who say we had much free currency given to us during CBT1 - sure, doesn't make that any better if the system stays into official release where it will literally be a pay-to-win option.

    Another thing that bothers me heavily is the amount of content that exists that I fear will never be used in any meaningful way. I'm looking at you lower level dungeons and maps. Why have these areas exist if we will simply bypass them? There is SO much of the experience we will be missing out should they continue down the current route of power levelling us to end content. This bothers me vehemently and I know others feel the same.
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