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"Closed Beta 2 Update" by Jungsoo Lee

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Read up on the latest update for Closed Beta 2 in the Producer Blog by Jungsoo Lee!


Dear Maplers,

I am Jungsoo Lee, General Manager here at Nexon America.

First of all thank you so much for showing huge interest in MapleStory 2, and also thank you for all of your feedback. The team here at Nexon America is really excited about the game and we are reading all the feedback you’ve shared on social, the official forums, and from the first closed beta survey, and we’re working very hard to review what to change and improve with our development studio in Korea.

Today, I decided to write a short blog myself because I wanted to provide more visibility on some of the main questions many of you are asking.

When is Closed Beta 2 happening?
We cannot share the exact dates for the next closed beta yet, but we can assure you it will be within July. The reason why the exact dates have not been revealed is that we are still actively working on fine-tuning content and improvements for the next phase. I promise you, as soon as we finalize everything, we will share the exact start date for Closed Beta 2 with you in the coming weeks.

Why aren’t you launching the game now? The game has been out for years!!
It’s true that the game has been out for service for awhile in Korea and China. The reason why we are having these multiple beta tests is actually to provide a better game service for our players.

Each closed beta comes with different objectives. With the first closed beta, we worked with the development studio to collect all the necessary data to review how players for the global service are enjoying the game. We compared that data with other regions and actively discussed how to customize our service to better serve our players. We have also collected many different pieces of feedback and will be making small to big changes for the beta as well as official release. To ensure these changes are actually a positive for players, it is very necessary for us to have another beta. Sometimes our ideas may sound really great in theory, but when they get implemented in the game they do not work as well as originally intended. Depending on the idea, if our implementation is wrong we can test and make improvements to make it better, but if a particular idea just does not work with the core game design we should revert back to the original design.

For example, although MapleStory 2 in Korea used to have World Quests in the beginning, throughout the game’s updates the overall leveling progression has significantly changed, and World Quests have lost their place. But after the first closed beta, based on all the feedback and survey data, we discussed adding World Quests to global MapleStory 2 with adjustments to fit within the current level progression design. While it may sound easy to just add in these quests, it actually involves much more work than you might initially think on the development side to adjust all the related systems, balance the experience given out from epic story quests, and so on. We believe this will provide an overall much better game play experience, but we hope to verify this new change with Closed Beta 2.

This is only one small example. We are actively reviewing all aspects of the game including our server performance to ensure we have the most optimized and localized version of MapleStory 2 for our players. Trust me, the entire team here at Nexon and the development studio really hope to release this game ASAP!! But we do not want to fail the game or disappoint the community because we did not thoroughly prepare the game service.

Few More Things
I also want to share a few additional small updates. Based on all the feedback, to help address some stability issues from Closed Beta 1, we are going to actually split the North American server into two: one in the West Coast and one in the East Coast. Also, we will be adding an Oceania server for a better gameplay experience for our players in that region as well.

Again, things can change in the future based on our data and feedback from you, our players. Regardless, know that we will continue to do our best to continue sharing our upcoming plans to provide the best MapleStory 2 experience for everyone. Thank you again for all of the passion and enthusiasm you've shown for MapleStory 2 so far, and we look forward to sharing more details soon!

Jungsoo Lee
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  • FaelightFaelight
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    Oh I am excited to hear that there will be two more servers added. I wonder what they will be called. Congratulations on my Oceanic Maplers having a home closer to them!

    I am a little sad that I'll have to wait a few more weeks before jumping back into Maple World.
  • TreekiTreeki
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    Please reconsider splitting the NA population, find any other solution to the influx of players ):
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  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    NXACuddles wrote: »

    Few More Things
    I also want to share a few additional small updates. Based on all the feedback, to help address some stability issues from Closed Beta 1, we are going to actually split the North American server into two: one in the West Coast and one in the East Coast. Also, we will be adding an Oceania server for a better gameplay experience for our players in that region as well.

    great news for the Oceania players! but tbh, not too sure how well the east coast/west coast split is gonna work out. hope it works!
  • BaconsTakenBaconsTaken
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    Treeki wrote: »
    Please reconsider splitting the NA population, find any other solution to the influx of players ):

    Yeah, I don't think splitting NA would be a good idea. Maybe consider splitting the server if there's way too much of an overload on cbt2.
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  • WoopWoop
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    That's fair, thanks for the update.
  • melatoninlolmelatoninlol
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    Stick the NA servers in the midwest (like most other mmos/mobas?) and don't split?
  • HierolaxHierolax
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    Reconsider the NA split of east coast/west coast. MS2-as much as I love it-will not be as densely populated as other MMOs. In CBT1, ch.1 was bloated at first but whittled down, the other channels were mostly empty--and that was WITH a united NA server. Diving the NA server into two will create more emptiness in both servers (ch.1 or not), and will detract from the social experiences of many if not all players. This is a mistake.
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  • XeXeeDXeXeeD
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    Splitting NA into 2 servers is probably the worst thing you can possibly do, why would you split the community in half? You're going to kill guilds and ruin friendships that are already formed and waiting to play together with this.
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  • ArgetlamArgetlam
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    Oh please don't split up the server, I'm sure there are other ways to fix the stability/ping issues. I know there may be many thousands of players, in a single united server for NA there weren't that many people in the other channels after channel one. Even with the larger population coming in, it'll still be pretty similar if you're only doubling it then cutting NA in half

    (If it's a permanent split, then at least merge them like MS1 servers so that all these guilds and friendships won't be split up)
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  • AlzackAlzack
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    I'm happy for players from Oceania, they'll receive decent gameplay experience with lower ping. :)
    Thank you very much for thoroughful analysis on feedback and World Quests, Jungsoo Lee.
    More fun is coming in July, I'll be sure to reserve some free time in advance.
    Keep up the good work, kind regards!
  • TytaineTytaine
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    Please don't split the na population, and just improve the connection for na with one server. My issue with the cbt ping should be able to be improved without making multiple servers.
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  • MaaateenMaaateen
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    splitting the server to west east coast is probably the best idea you guys have to RUIN THE POPULATION OF MS2
    make the servers to central like in chicago or dallas. if you guys are already implementing east coast servers that means you have the ability to make a new server in this next few weeks for cbt so make it in central instead as 1 big server so that this game doesnt end up like MS1 where servers are being merged together because lack of population.
  • EarthquakeEarthquake
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    A bit worried about the NA server split. I have some friends on the other coast that I've played with for years and wouldn't wanna be taken apart from them.
  • PinchPinch
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    Please dont split the NA server it's a bad idea..
    You'll be splitting up CBT1 friendships/guilds ... and after a certain amount of time,
    when they both slowly die off you'll have to merge them again anyways..
    It would be best to keep them the way it is, and add an Oceanic server
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  • MarksmanBryanMarksmanBryan
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    Nexon didn't invent the laws of physics or implement the terrible US internet infrastructure. You guys can all play on the same high-ping server or play on two low-ping servers. They're doing the best with what they have.
    I am more surprised that Nexon can justify this many servers. Was the interest in the game really that high? And they expect it to stay at those levels?

    Also -- balancing epic quest EXP? I hope this doesn't mean getting to level 50 is a hassle.

    Thanks for the update. Keep doing a post or two like this every week.
  • AvidDerpAvidDerp
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    What everyone else is saying, NO split please. It is going to cause a divide not only with friends or guilds but in the ranking systems.
  • ishJJx3ishJJx3
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    As a solution for server connectivity issues, I see how West and East servers will be a very practical and effective solution. Many popular MMOs have adopted this years ago, prioritizing stability for the players. I am okay with this decision if it's final, since it's pretty important in today's online games with more and more latency issues in various moving parts.

    That also being said-- being connected in one place with everybody in your country is a pretty significant part of the game. Anybody that's played MapleStory knows that the connections you make with people are what keep you playing. In my younger years, I've met some of my best friends on Maple from California, BC, Oregon, while being in Toronto. Now that we're all returning to the game, I may have to the face the issue of being split from these important people, one way or another. I could play in the West server, but then I'll be separated from my city friends.

    It's a complicated situation, but if I had to decide, I'd say it's more important to merge the servers for a cumulative game experience, rather than dividing the community for stability. But if the latter is chosen, I'll still support and enjoy the game all the same. Thank you for being so connected with the community; it really shows that you guys care about what your playerbase wants. Looking forward to July :)
  • Akuma524Akuma524
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    Wouldn't advise the split of the NA server. There's really no need for it and you'll just put a bigger divide on the community.
  • mmviimmvii
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    NA split will fissure pre made guilds that are already mixed up of both sides.
  • MochaLatteMochaLatte
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    PLEASE DO NOT split NA into East and West!

    We all have met many friends in MS1 that live on opposing coasts, and that becomes so much more harmful now when you have all the custom houses/items and the auction house. I can tell you right now that if you do this, there will be a point in the future where people will drop their local server and swap to the one that is the most popular (just like what happened with Bera in MS1), and not only will that completely kill likely the East server, but it will force many many people to outright quit the game because they don't want to lose all their progress like that but also have no one left to play with if they stay.

    I promise you this is the worst move you could possibly make for your game long-term. Not only is this a game that isn't THAT reliant on ping (like say Overwatch/CSGO), your proposed solution is to completely and permanently segregate the players... A game like Overwatch actually DOES have east and west servers, but in no way separates american players from each-other, and when automatically matchmaking it prioritizes the closest server but can flex to others sometimes to get games going, allowing you to always be able to party with friends and play together, and all appear on the same leaderboards.

    Splitting NA will kill your game, so you have 2 options:

    1. Leave it how it was in Beta, 1 NA server, people will excuse the ping to keep the game social (the biggest draw imo).

    2. Still list it as one NA option in the launcher, still keep all the player data in one complete set, but find a way to host the second half of the channels (15 through 30 for example) onto an East server, or really any other solution that keeps the housing/UGC-market/auctions connected and allows all players in NA to choose to meet up with each-other using their real characters. Maybe it's not possible with your back-end, maybe it is, figure it out, and only after figuring out how to keep them connected, should you consider a second server for NA.
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