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The Closed Beta Has Ended!!


  • Trevor_MendesTrevor_Mendes
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    Greta wrote: »
    I actually loved Maplestory 2, the style and sounds of this game are extremely cute! Probably everything in there was nice and i did not encounter any bugs/glitches during this week. The only thing that bothered me is that we can't dye all parts of outfits, would be cool if we had the ability to choose clothing parts and dye them, like in Mabinogi. I was really surprised when i found out that we can get Mabinogi OST and even get "Milletian" title after playing it. I was fangirling so bad lol. Will definitely wear that title again when this game comes back! <3
    I remember trying out old Maplestory, but i dropped it after few days (back in... 2011 maybe?), wasn't a fan of how it looked like and the game was pretty confusing to me, probably because i was still a teen without enough experience of online gaming back then. So yeah... Maplestory 2 > Maplestory :D

    yeah man, 15 year will do that to a game haha!
    Hope we all can be reunited in the near future <3
  • StrawStraw
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    I missed the beta but I'm really looking forward the the official release of maplestory 2! keep it up ^^
  • AnimuzLoverAnimuzLover
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    Hopefully us newcomers get as much of a chance as the other oldies to a Closed Beta key! Fingers-crossed1.jpg
  • LighterDaysLighterDays
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    Hopefully us newcomers get as much of a chance as the other oldies to a Closed Beta key! Fingers-crossed1.jpg

    The beta gave no preference to account age.
  • BlankSpaceBlankSpace
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    Hopefully us newcomers get as much of a chance as the other oldies to a Closed Beta key! Fingers-crossed1.jpg

    The beta gave no preference to account age.

    I think they meant first round beta players to second round (if there is a second round)

    But just FYI everyone who played in the first beta, get auto entered into any other, so second round invite will go to people who didn’t get an invite in the first place

  • EradicuzEradicuz
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    NXACuddles wrote: »
    This last week has been a blast and a half, but our time is up and the MapleStory 2 Closed Beta has sadly come to an end.

    Don't forget to submit your feedback about how MapleStory 2 is looking so far! We want to hear from you and get your personal thoughts on the direction, strengths and weaknesses that MapleStory 2 has to offer so that we can create the best game possible. We'll also be sending every player that took part in the Closed Beta a survey to gather additional feedback, so keep an eye on your inbox!

    Feedback Forum Threads >>

    As we look over all of the feedback and continue to improve and polish MapleStory 2, please keep an eye on our social media feeds to receive the latest news.

    Don't forget, everyone that participated d in this Closed Beta will automatically qualify for any additional beta tests. Once again, thank you for your help putting MapleStory 2, and our systems, through their paces. We can't wait to welcome you back to Maple World!

    pls release the game now
  • CrazzyGreekCrazzyGreek
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    Any news on when MAPLESTORY 2 is coming out
  • EamEam
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    my hope and hype is slowly dying.
  • ArthexyArthexy
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    Eam wrote: »
    my hope and hype is slowly dying.

    everybody's hope were already dead before they came out with the closed beta. See? Just one little announcement and the hype comes full power back again, they know to do it.... Dammit
  • MarkMMarkM
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    Cuddles made a post recently assuring us that no announcement has been made yet as they are still reviewing the vast amount of feedback from the first closed-beta test. You have to keep in mind that between the forum posts, surveys, and social media comments there's a lot of material to have to sort through before making any final decisions. And should they decide to implement any significant changes, an additional beta testing phase may be necessary, so just hang tight for any additional announcements.

    NXACuddles wrote: »
    Thanks for expressing your concerns Maplers. To keep you posted, as of now our team is doing post mortem analysis of the feedback expressed on the forums, survey, and social channels. It does take a bit of time for the team to review these items, so we can't announce what's changing until all concerns are thoroughly examined first.
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    Y u do dis???

    ---Drakooon on mobile
  • SnoopFroggSnoopFrogg
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    I wish I got accepted for closed beta! Hopefully, we get a release date soon!
  • mmviimmvii
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    Feel silly for not signing up for closed beta, but was unsure if I would play this game or not. If there is another beta I will try to be active in feedback and such on forums, and do some exploration of quests and the like for myself :p.
  • NilieNilie
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    i'm getting crazy waiting for this game to be released >.<

    do you guys remember that were rumors about ms2 would be released globally 3 years ago?
    i guess a lot of us are waiting this release since then >.<
  • hugeaahhugeaah
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    At the next chance and I get in, I'll conquer everything 112550_54_news_hub_106147_656x500.jpg
  • punzypunzy
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    still waiting T^T
  • PururuPururu
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    Impatiently waiting for the official release like...
  • PoopieboopPoopieboop
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  • Lightmey28Lightmey28
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    This game... Please i want to play again ! So wonderful and cute !!! >< ♥
    Hurry up for a new beta or release :'(

    thanks you so much this is my first Beta an i really really enjoy it !!
  • AnimeliciousAnimelicious
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    A summer release would be amazing since teens and some adults are free from work and school! All nighters!!!! Yes please! I miss this game so much and I can't express my excitement! Please have a summer release!!!!
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