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Priest dash

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After playing all the classes I think the priest should have more stamina or ability to dash/dodge. The other characters have enough stamina to dash 3x and some even have skills that allow them to move. The priest can only dash 2x before they have to wait a bit for 1 bar of stamina to fill up. They can make the dash heal a bit weaker but in raids and dungeons the ability for the priest to move away is important and sometimes with the big aoe attacks that the bosses have 2 dash is not enough.


  • ButteredToastManButteredToastMan
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    Something you learn clearing high level dungeon / raiding content in other games, especially as a healer, is that positioning is important. Two dashes has been fine for me so far and I've pretty much only played Priest for CBT. Something to take into consideration is "How many dashes will I need to dodge X mechanic"? Let's take the Fire Dragon raid for example, for the first platform, I tend to position myself closer to the edge in order to minimize the gap needed to dodge a laser if the boss is on the North West or South East corners, otherwise I make sure to know where gaps in the platform are located for me to drop down. When the tail slap comes down, it seems to always go center first (from what I've seen), so I let that one slap down then move into that spot afterwards to dodge the next two. The only time I can see two dashes being an issue is when DPS can't take the time to be near the group and require a Priest to go out of their way to head towards them to top them off. I've seen it happen way too many times where some ranged DPS are just out in the middle of nowhere taking too much unnecessary damage and forget they probably have potions they can use as well.
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    Man, if you think the Priest needs more mobility, you're really going to hate the Archer and Heavy Gunner. I manage to do just fine avoiding those larger attacks with just a single dash on my Archer.

    Not every class needs to be able to cover a map in a split second. Some classes are just more mobile than other, and the Priest isn't at the bottom, it's in the middle of the road.
  • AlziiAlzii
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    i hate dashing into my friends and then being killed by devilin laser
  • hoRuhoRu
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    Alzii wrote: »
    i hate dashing into my friends and then being killed by devilin laser

    ^ this! Priest dash shouldnt be stopped upon friendly impact, but its not a huge disadvantage imo
  • ChasuChasu
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    i lov dashing 3 cm into my allies to dodge attacks
  • LindelyLindely
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    I do agree, dashing into a friendly target within the distance can be both an advantage (it allows us to travel slightly further) and a disadvantage (barely traveling anywhere and wasting a dodge if it happens to lock-onto a target close to you, not even exactly on the way). Personally, I would prefer if it didn't have that mechanic attached that determines the distance, but at the same time it's not terrible, just requires you to get used to it and pay attention to the direction you're dashing in and who is on the way.

    I don't think the amount of dodges (2 compared to some classes having 3) is an issue. As DrYoshiyahu, one dodge is more than enough to get away from most of the attacks, if your positioning is right, having more is just a QoL improvement.