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Level 50 assassins! POST

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Let me know you hit 50! and if u think it was difficult and all that :)!


  • EsmoEsmo
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    Yet level 40 and again and again the night lord is the 1st dps in the game

    Kinda using 5skills at the moment

    Mostly fstars , dash and fatal strikes

    Really fun not that hard tho
  • FlylowFlylow
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    Just got 50, love the class and will prob roll it on launch.
  • OkamiBWOkamiBW
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    Level 50!

    Still might try out Priest/Wizard. But overall grown to like Assassin more than its early levels. Macro on Tree 1 skills is actually really solid.
  • xavierisgxavierisg
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    Turned Level 50 on May 12th! It was alright but I'm still unsure if I want to continue with the class since it kind of gave me a hard time with completing battles.
  • TylerTheDragonTylerTheDragon
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    Level 50 on day 3 of the CBT. I had a looot of problems with Stamina but I don't think my build was at all optimized. Put too much on the spread star skill (can't remember its exact name) and ended up hearing the stamina message way too much.

    Will probably take a recommended build instead so I can do more damage overall... and without the "I'M LOW ON STAMINA" message being a constant.
  • SooColdSooCold
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    after lv50 zerk i made a lv50 assassin
    and my overall experience for is...
    imma get carpal tunnel if you wanna dish out "optimal" dps or higher
    other than that really fun just learn skill rotation but yea.