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Who got you into Maplestory?


  • MarceloxgtMarceloxgt
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    One day I visited my cousin's house (it was 2007, I had 8 years) and saw him playing the game. He let me play, and since then I've been attached.
  • lazimilazimi
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    lppu wrote: »
    In 2007 my dad was playing on a laptop with a friend and I had asked if I could play his account for a few minutes. The few minutes turned into more than an hour. He has since stopped playing, and I stopped for a while in around 2012, but Maplestory 2 is my redemption.

    nice story

    well pass to much time but i think i just see it in forum
  • NamelesskamiNamelesskami
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    Back in middle school I moved to a new part of town. I did know anyone and I started to get into trouble a lot. I ended up getting put in In School Suspension and met my till this day best friend. I remember the first night I slept over his house. He had this pc set-up. I had always been a console player so I didn't have a great pc. He started playing MS and I laughed at him at first. I mean honestly, can you blame me? Seeing maple for the first time is funny. A side scrolling game of chibis LOL. I made fun of him and he started to tell me how good of a game it was. I decided to hear him out. MS ended up being a game I made a lot of good friends on. Sadly I don't talk to anyone from my past. I doubt they even play anymore but for the time we did have, it was wonderful. Spending the days in a Skype call talking to guild members was awesome. Grinding to become 120, then 200. It was the best feeling in the world. Now MS is a game I always end up going back too. I am actually surprised it is still popular but I am also extremely happy that it is. I hope I get to play the Beta of MS2. I want to experience the fresh new story lines and fellow mapler interactions.
  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    A forum person introduced me in maplestory since in 2005.
  • BamboozlerBamboozler
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    I still remember one of my close childhood/family friends that used to come to my state once or twice a year got me into the original MapleStory. This would've been back in 2006 maybe 2007. Just thinking back to that time gives me so much nostalgia in relation to the game.. <3
  • EmmaClarkeEmmaClarke
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    For me it wasn't a matter of who, but what and if I remember right:

    It was this MMV:
  • SrgCookieSrgCookie
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    Close friends were all playing/planning to play and I didn't want to be left out when I could easily join
  • JauniceJaunice
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    I don't really remember how I found Maplestory.

    But if you are asking a person who helped me find maplestory, It would be the man in the mirror.