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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • DracoImpactDracoImpact
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    IGN: DracoImpact
    Server Name[NA]: Eldigan

    This is Eldigan, The Lionheart. Of the Kingdom Leonster.

    On the actual timeline in his world(which is the game Fire Emblem, where all of this takes place btw), he gets executed for "treason" by his King after being told by his sister in the current war that he is fighting that he should stop the senseless fighting against his friend Sigurd--who was the enemy at the time. He gave his sister a memento before he passed after he went to the king to try and persuade him to pull back his troops.

    Now on an alternate timeline(which is the story about this exact Eldigan character here), this doesn't happen. Despite how overwhelmingly loyal he was to is country and king, he was defeated by his friend Sigurd. Before he was defeated, he had the same talk with his Sister. The only difference was that he had told her that he is unable to do as she wishes but gives her the very same momento. He was thought to be dead but was actually kidnapped by someone and taken to the Outrealms, a place one usually uses as passage to different worlds or places in time. So the mysterious person that captured him and took him there is no where to be seen but his wounds were treated and left him a letter. Eldigan wakes up and read the letter--its saying that there is a job he has to fulfill before he can. He has amnesia now and the only thing he can remember is his name. He tries to help Mapleworld's current plight while at the same time tracking down the person who took him to this "unknown world" so that way he can get some information on who he is.
  • mewberimewberi
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    IGN - Mewberi
    SERVER - Big Leaf/NA

    i could have sworn i was in my bed but when i opened my eyes the dream i was dreaming was real...
    when i'd awoken i was in a new land unaware that was... until i was attacked by a cute funny looking bunny!
    i managed to run away and eventually found myself in a place called kerning city,
    at first i wanted to get back home... but the more i learned about this strange world the more i wanted to stay...
    that's why... i've stopped trying to get back, after a lot of thought i decided to strive toward's becoming a priest,
    i heard ellinia was a good place to study so i headed there...
    i thought i was getting used to the differences of this world but...
    then i met my best friend mr.oinkers, i'll never use the expression when pigs fly again!
    we've decided to travel the world together once i've finished training, i look forward to that day~
  • MewpMewp
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    IGN: Katnip
    Server Name: Bigleaf
    Entry: Searching the world for the Tohru to my Kanna. Polite reminder; don't lewd the dragon loli~
  • yume94yume94
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    It's a bird... It's a plane... It's [<=To Be Continued]


    In search of art, traveling on her custom You're-My-Heart* bike, she came across some beautiful and inspiring paintings (look at that Shreka Lisa - outstanding!).


    And following this path made her consider the Maple world as a great place to create not only with paint... but maybe delve into tailoring industry and fill the local market with extraordinary designs reaching for people's walle--

    Well, she's a Thief anyway.
    And her name is... yume94.


    See you in game!

    IGN: yume94
    Server: Hornbeam (Europe)

    *I've got no rights for YAMAHA. I'm a loyal thief.
    P.S.: Bike, beanie, trousers, hands and shirt (with tattoos) skins are made by myself.
  • ZatchZatch
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    - Zatch
    - Big Leaf


    This is Zatch! He is an immensely cheerful and friendly 6 year old capable of using lightning magic from his spell book.


    Although young, Zatch has a huge appetite, and because his favorite food is Yellowtail you might see him fishing from time to time.


    Zatch is one of the most kind-hearted and optimistic characters you will meet in the maple word :)
  • WillhartWillhart
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    IGN: Googl
    Server Name: Bigleaf (NA)

    Hi everyone. This is Googl.

    I am pretty straightforward, goal-oriented, determined, and a big thinker. When I am on a mission, I will focus on it 101%. I am fairly quiet too though, and more often than not I like just to listen other people talk. I also enjoy some fine classical music at the big stage in Queen's Town. It's super nice that the people here in Tria aren't afraid of me, even though I only have one eye. It'd be cool to play some music with people sometimes, so maybe someday I could perform at the stage too :3

  • MizutaniMizutani
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    IGN: Mizutani
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    Born in a huge fishing town on Coco Island, Mizutani loves the shining blue radiance of water, the crisp sea air, the sounds of the tides rolling into shore, swimming in the water, and the sound of lures reeling in the latest catch. The ocean is everything to the island, as the source of food, water, salt, and helps this village prosper.

    Although the ocean brings the village food, materials, and water land is extremely limited. To prevent overcrowding the village has a tradition, that every person that reaches their 18th birthday, must embark out on a adventure to the sea to explore the world. Today is the day Mizutani embarks on her adventure and must leave her beloved home.

    As she begins to bid farewell to her family and friends, the uneasiness and tension became unbearable for Mizutani. Was it the sadness or grief of saying farewells to her friends, family, to the island, and to the ocean that surrounds it? No..... it was none of those. The cause of grief......sadness......uneasiness......before her due to.....seasickness.....
  • KristiiKristii
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    IGN: Kristi
    Server: BigLeaf (NA)

    I love stuffies. That's my word for stuffed animals. All of my friends say I'm the baby of the group, but just because I love stuffed animals doesn't mean I'm 5 years old!
    Wait, but I am the youngest in the group... hehehe.
  • WntrWolfxWntrWolfx
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    IGN: WntrWolfx
    Server: Bigleaf (NA)

    WntrWolfx was an angel: a cupid to be exact. However, he was stripped of his powers and banished from heaven for making Icarus (from the Greek fable, not from Kerning City) fall in love with the sun. Luckily he was not stripped of his archery skills.

    Strangely enough, WntrWolfx is teleported into lava every hour, possibly as a continuing punishment for his devious behavior.

    20180516_000305_01.jpg 20180516_000549_02.jpg
  • StabbyMcKnifeguyStabbyMcKnifeguy
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    IGN: Stabby
    Server: Bigleaf

    Hi. I'm Stabby.


    I like stabbing things.

    I like it a lot.


    One day I stabbed a container full of radioactive liquid whatever because I could.


    Then I died.

    Don't worry, I got better.

    So yeah. That's my story, I guess.

    I'm gonna go find more things to stab.
  • khunaaakhunaaa
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    IGN: Blank
    Server Name: Hornbeat
    will change name and server on release
    from left to right
    1) Assassin classroom - kuro sensei
    2) No game no life - Sora
    3) SAO - kirito



    2min later


  • FishingslothFishingsloth
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    IGN: Fishingsloth
    Server: Big Leaf
    Description: I'm blue



  • smileycatsmileycat
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    IGN: SherryX3
    Server: Bigleaf

    Sherry, a little girl grew up in El Nath, with her best friend Jr. Yeti. They always had fun with each other, until... She's claimed to be a wizard, she needs to go to Ellinia and train with Grendel - the most powerful wizard in Maple World. Jr Yeti made a bag for Sherry, with the carving of his portrait and their names. Sherry brought the bag and begin her journey to Ellinia...
    Years have passed, when Sherry finally completed her training and came back to El Nath, Yeti is full growned; and this time he gifted her a warm clothing of his portrait for welcoming her back --- Story of Friendship: Sherry & Yeti.
  • RCTsenRCTsen
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    Name: Cynita
    Server name : bighorn(NA)

    Just a simple priestess wondering the land of Maple and probably not knowing what is happening. So, she wing it and just run around having fun!




  • BananaSlyBananaSly
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    IGN: Sly
    Server: Hornbeam


    It was just about eight in the morning, I had just finished my daily routine of weed picking at Alikar and it happened to be my final day until I was released, so I decided to have a bit of fun... Because this was my fifth year imprisoned, I knew my way around Alikar like the back of my hand, I easily slipped past the sight of the half-asleep guards and lifted the manhole cover under the stairway. Once I was under, I made my way to the pipes connected to the toilets, and with a few easy kicks (yeah, I was pretty ripped back then) at those piles of rust, they burst open like a water balloon! I hastily made my way back up and out of the manhole cover before anyone could notice... "PRISONER 109278!" a booming female voice yelled that I could only presume was Belma, the prison warden, she was definitely scary. I was ordered to go to her office and, luckily for me, I was only told to fix all of the toilets, and I only got whipped once... So in the end, I still got liberated that day.
    To this day I still visit the prison from time to time to reconnect with past acquaintances. I try my best that they never find out that it was me who pulled that "prank" all those years ago, there's no doubt the punishment would still be great today.
  • GamePois0nGamePois0n
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    not really looking to win the contest, just trying to share how cute my character is :3
  • HaserothHaseroth
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    IGN: Eve
    Server: Bigleaf

    Eve was once a watcher who served under the lapenta of time, over time he became visibly upset over the actions of the goddess of light whom threatened to break the balance by showering her creations with senseless love. When her sister tried to convince her to bring back balance, she murdered her. Due to his extreme disagreement with their actions, Eve was cast down from the temple and forced to live in the lower realms. Eve often stays in at the top of the Ellin ruins since they remind him of the temple he used to serve. He looks down upon the forest and the lower hills as he did back then. Sometimes, adventurers who pass through the ruins, can hear the faint sound of a piano being played. The melody mourns the passing of the goddess's sister.
  • DrBillDrBill
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    IGN: DrBill
    Server Name: BigLeaf (North America)

    The Maple World, through the Black Mage, was left open to the forces of darkness. The time of peace which we once knew is gone. Through this cataclysm invoked by the Black Mage, doors to many other realities (such as my social & study life) came crashing into the Maple World. However, one particular reality which merged with the Maple World would be the Mapletrix. Due to this imbalance between worlds, the Maple World and The Mapletrix must join together to defeat the common enemy - the darkness and the Black Mage which started it all. Through this alliance, the two worlds will be again...perfectly balanced, as all things should be.


    In order to combat the forces of darkness, The Mapletrix has provided citizens of the Maple world with some of their advanced weaponry, such as the Blade of Codes ( crush the bugs spawned in beta! :P)



    Now, lets charge through the Shadow Gate and end this threat (of bugs and glitches) to OUR world!
  • MagicMilkyMagicMilky
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    Character Name: Milky
    Server Name: Bigbeam
    She'll heal you, if she feels like it ;p
  • HawndaHawnda
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    IGN: Alfa
    Server: BigLeaf

    On the very first day, Nexon gave him life. And though the frame drops were relentless on poor Alfa's potato PC, giving him great trauma as he soared the skies, he persevered and became a Veteran. He wore this insignia with pride. On the eighth and final day of Beta, Alfa conquered his Airsickness and was given his military uniform.

    Some say he is still flying his plane.

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