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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest


  • MistreilMistreil
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    In-Character Character Name: Mistreil
    Server Name: Bigleaf (NA)
    A short story about your character: Mistreil is an extremely lazy boy. Rather than saving the world and fighting monsters, he'd much rather make clothes and take naps! He became a Heavy Gunner so that his weapon could handle all of the work while he stands around and presses a few buttons -- and because watching explosions is pretty!

    He's an airhead, but excitable like a child. He adores event balloons (aka air dancers), and drew some on his clothes, even going so far as to construct giant event balloon statues in his house! His dream in life is to become an event balloon, or to at least fill the world with cute and silly mascots... and to get rich so he can be super lazy! 'w')9

  • DrYoshiyahuDrYoshiyahu
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    IGN: Yoshi
    Server: Bigleaf

    I'm really posting this more for posterity than for the contest. I'm extremely proud of my Yoshi. I'm proud of how strong he is, how awesome his gear is, how badass his house is, and how sick his clothing looks. I spent hours throwing houses around in Perion to unlock the hammocks, I got a Priest all the way to level 50 just for the Sanctified Purple dye, and I did the Fire Dragon raid fifteen times to afford all of the best items in the game. I mastered fishing, mastered piano playing, and got every life skill as high as I could in the week I had. I found a bunch of penguin friends, earned almost 450 trophies, explored every corner of Victoria Island, and I even met some really cool people that I know I'll keep in touch with when the game launches.

    I don't know how long it'll be before I get to play him again, and I know that the next time I see him, he won't be quite the same. Maybe it's weird, but I really will miss him, even after just a week of playing. I can't help but get a lump in my throat thinking about the fact that he's going to be wiped with all the other CBT characters and sent to MapleStory heaven.

    I played the original MapleStory for a really long time, and it was a huge part of my childhood. I wish I had screenshots of those days, but I don't. I decided not to make the same mistake again, so here I am, taking screenshots of my very first character in GMS2. Screenshots that will live in this thread, if not elsewhere, forever. May his memory never die.

  • AirysAirys
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    In-Character Character Name: Airys
    Server Name: Bigleaf (NA)
    A short story about your character:

    Airys loves swinging on the swing by the river in Aner Park on her lazy days. She has a passion for fishing and gets a little crazy when the fishes don't take the bait. On other days, she goes around saving other Maplers, monsters, NPC, and cute little penguins that get stuck under a bus. Airys' favourite colour is blue, therefore she dyed all her stuff blue. She also loves going on adventures and helping others fight bosses. In the meantime, she's just lazily exploring the Maple World and sightseeing.

  • NotGrayNotGray
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 780
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    IGN: MrGray

    Server: Big Leaf (NA)
    Fallen Angels can't fly.

    .. Or so I was told, growing up by the shanties of Kerning.

    Thing is, no one knew how I got here or where I came from. I was just found this way. Some believed me to be a spawn of darkness. A demon child. But my favorite had to be from the one who found me -- a fallen angel.

    Growing up, I quickly realized that I wasn't like the others. Maybe it was the unkempt hair. Perhaps it was the crimson eyes. Or maybe it was the giant wings jutting out from my back. Who knows?

    But what had made me unique was what made me different and I endured for it. No one wanted to befriend a bird. A freak. A boy with messy hair.

    When no one is all you have, you either give up or die trying.

    So I gave up.
    Dying sounds painful.

    Around this time, word around the street was that Snoo was on a rampage and needed to be stopped ‘less he destroys our town. You see, to the outside world, we’re just a bunch of misfits who aren’t worth sending aid to. No knights in shining armor in this story, no, those are reserved for the greedy nobles in Tria. Here, we only have ourselves to rely on.

    So I went forth.

    The battle went on for what seemed like hours until finally an exhausted Snoo collapsed. Maybe he was tired. Or perhaps it was the constant barrage of Flame Tornadoes and Thunderbolts. Either way, I came back a hero; acknowledged and praised by all.

    So I guess Fallen Angels can fly.

    .. But they can’t get a shirt tailored around their wings.

  • SeleianceSeleiance
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    Name: Seleiance
    Server: Victoria (NA)


    Seleiance is a spirit of good fortune. Upon seeing the misfortune brought upon Maple World by the war of light and darkness, she traveled into the world to help. She travels with her companion Kin the lucky golden pig, and wields the fortune scepter, "Fate". Seleiance didn't intend to take a side in the conflict, but ended up swept up in the mayhem, leading to her current alliance with Empress Ereve. She may have wanted to stay neutral, but she will still do her best in undoing the misfortune brought by the ceaseless war of Maple World.

    Seleiance is often mistook for a priest due to the cross-like nature of her magic, but it is actually the magic of "Fate", which manifests in unfolding cubes.
  • hareloriharelori
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 620
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    Character Name: Cleric

    Server: HornBeam

    Cleric is an indifferent person. Even the mightiest foes pose no challenge to him, so he does not take his mapling seriously and yearns for an opponent that can provide him with a challenge. The lack of any such opponents has led him to suffer from a self-imposed existential crisis, and he claims that his ability to feel any and all emotions has dulled considerably. The combination of his attitude, unstoppable strength, and "unimpressive" appearance often causes his battles to become anticlimactic. Cleric will usually allow his opponents to rant about their motives and power up into their strongest forms, before obliterating them with a punch.

    Cleric on his way to find a worthy foe and save Victoria Island:


    Cleric with his fresh ride from Mumen Rider:

    Cleric after finishing an opponent with one punch:

  • GoldiGoldi
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    IGN: Golditell ( Goldi ! )
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    While some would spend theirs days exploring the world, accomplishing things and going on grand adventures, my characters prefers to stay home and sleep all day long..
    infact, she sleeps so often, she always wears her pajamas! from her yellow nightgown to the blanket she has tied with a ribbon to function as a cape.
    She has a fascination with dreams and uses them to escape from the real world, so much so that her dreaming had started to effect her reality, changing the colour of her hair and eyes to whatever she feels like having at the moment, or by allowing them to create illusions by daydreaming.
    When she's not asleep, she's creating art! either it be a painting, or designing clothes, she loves to be expressive and creative and loves sharing her work with the world.
    She's not the best fighter, so to support her friends she picked up the art of healing and the role of a priest!




  • disdundisdun
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    IGN: Tibera
    Server: Bigleaf


    Tibera. Her fierce resolve to bring peace to Maple World has pressed her to suppress her emotions, creating an efficient killing-

    Heya! I'm Tibera, who somehow dropped in from another world! (Isn't this kind of plot rather common nowadays?) Eeeeeiiither way, I gotta say, Maple World sure has some interesting things to offer! The streets sure are crowded, especially in Tria! For some reason, I can see dozens of people lining up to fish in the moat. Also, it's like every other person is some kind of musical genius. Just the other day, I spent hours writing an original piece of music and handed it to someone, and they pulled a piano out of their pocket started playing it perfectly! What the heck?! Are these kinds of things common in this world??

    P.S. At first, I was a bit alarmed that lava was flowing everywhere in some places, but after watching some people just chug across without minding, I tried experimenting with it. Not sure how I feel about this.

  • Yoonjaessi_Yoonjaessi_
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    IGN: xXDaebakXx
    Server: BigLeaf

    I am Johnny Sins, a notorious robber here in Victoria Island. I started my work here young, when I was a mere 2 and a half. It all started when I tried to take that binky to suck to quench my thirst. Darned dog that was 5 times my size snatched it away before I can get my hands on it. (Narrator: The dog was a puppy - .1x his size when he was 2.5 yrs old) SHUT UP NARRATOR. You don’t know my life, you know nothing. So as the story goes; that is how my notorious outlaw status began. I never got caught before, but I wish I had. I have too much wealth accumulated that I don’t know what to do anymore.

    Then I joined the army, to catch people like me. I caught them all. I am called Savage Steve. Long Dong by my platoon mates. There are now no more outlaws or crime within this Victoria Kingdom. I single handedly erased all criminals and their seeds from further destruction in this beloved Kingdom. I got a rainbow badge for it. It is supposedly the most renowned badge one can receive. Not even Tiger, the first player to get to level 200 in the future. Did I tell you I am a time traveler? I am a time traveler.

    That’s what I told the chick that’s standing here. This is a car my mommy gave me for my 12th birthday among 3 other cars, 12 airplanes, 5 boats that I got. I get weekly allowances of 1.2billion mesos so I payed half the people in Victoria Island to follow up with my story if someone asks. If I pay the rest, which I can, I will go in history as the most thug life ever.
  • DontampicoDontampico
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    IGN: Dontampico

    Server: South América

    Yo soy Dontampico, ladrón internacional de pieles de animales, he venido a mapplestory a hacer dinero con animales muajajaja!!!!!

    Vendrán conmigo ositos!!!!! haré un abrigo con ustedes muajajaja!!!!


    HO!!! ¿qué es eso? esto no me puede estar ocurriendo!!!!!


    Perdón señora, no era mi intención molestar a sus hijos, perdoneme!!!! no me coma!!!



  • KevaasaurusKevaasaurus
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    IGN: Kev
    Server: Bigleaf

    When closed beta is coming to an end....

  • FoldedCornerFoldedCorner
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    IGN: Vel
    Server: BigLeaf

    She gasped, desperate for air. Her giant greatsword weighing her down in the water.

    "You're all that I have left! I. Will not. Drop you!!"
    "You're my soul, my everything"
    "My heart."

    Her eyes drifted wearily to the charming beach in the distance. What seemed like hours passed and finally, most likely through sheer power of will, the berserker flopped on to the shore like a dead fish. And for a moment she laid there, gracious for the fact that she had survived. Survived.. yes that was it. A shipwreck. My boat, the storm. Her head swam with memories of the disaster.

    "Well I can't stay here enjoying the sun forever!"

    And without preamble she stood up, closed her eyes, pointed in an aimless direction, and started walking.

    "Off into the unknown, I suppose."
    "Psh.. Berserker, by the time I get back I'll be an adventurer. No! A legend."

  • GrieviousGrievious
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    IGN: Vylkas
    Server: BigLeaf
    Introduction: Vylkas is an extremely carefree and innocent soul, taking joy and excitement in everything he does. From riding dragons, to making music, to even just doing some good ol' fashioned adventuring, he almost always seems to be having the time of his life. He grew up in the forests of Ellinia, living alone off the land and becoming accustomed to the natural magic that encompasses it. With all of these traits, his friends often find he is fairly clueless about typical common sense things, leaving people with stunned looks of awe in his ignorance. Yet he always greets every single question and trial with his ever present and humbling smile. This is the story of Vylkas, the carefree spirit of the Maple World.



    MapleStory 2 Rep: 780
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    IGN- VV
    Server: Bigleaf

    VV lives a simple life..
    she hates doing her make up in the morning so she likes to put a bag over her face.

    here she is on her way going to work

    VV loves her job because she works at a office. VV is happy

    The end.

  • SelkkieSelkkie
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    IGN: Alma
    Server: Big Leaf
    Just D.Va being D.Va.
  • Nobe_OddyNobe_Oddy
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    IGN: Goblina
    Server: Bigleaf

    Goblina is goblin. Goblina eat fishes. Goblina live in tree.
  • DanglaDangla
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    IGN: Betawood
    Server: Bigleaf

    My character is a soldier building up the defenses for the Korean military in the battle of the Chosen against the Chinese dogs. He is using is heavy machinery to drive around and the slime to float over the lava to get the Chinese dogs.



  • MrNemesisMrNemesis
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    Story: we are the magical protector from another land we can make everything happy again we need your help to do that to repair the world :3
    server: Bigleaf
    IGN : YaZs
    IGN: MsLilth
  • MexiMexi
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 100
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    IGN: Jager
    Server: Big Leaf [NA]

    Jager was born a poor lad. Life was difficult growing up as he often went without food as his family was too poor buy food in the Tria kingdom. Neither of his parents was strong enough to defeat any of the mobs around the kingdom, nor could they enlist in the Army. So his family was forced to live in the streets. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was an alcoholic.

    He refused to remain in this situation, so he trained hard every day and became one of the kingdom's strongest heroes. Now he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes.

  • KinlaKinla
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    IGN: Kinla
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    I was born in Frostheart or at least I was told I was, I was watched over by the griffin of this land. Though this was my home, I felt different, like I didn't belong, and at times was treated as such.
    One day observing down below, I noticed some adventurers fighting monsters of the land. Though I didn't care for fighting, their team work and togetherness intrigued me. If I didn't belong among monsters, could I belong in the world of adventures?
    Saving up mesos that I would sometimes find scattered on the ground, I bought all the weapons I could find. I tried them all, but nothing worked, I couldn't wield a weapon nor use magic. In my frustration I took to the air and shouted to the heavens "I will become a adventurer!"
    Passing monsters scoffed at me as they passed by "when pigs fly little harpy...."
    Frustrated, with a sense of defeat, was there nothing more to me then a rejected hatchling.
    After my little journey, I started to trudge back home. On my way however I stumbled upon some humans that seemed worse for wear, I helped them as best I felt right. I might not be able to fight, but I can help when others are hurt. "That you can little one!" a small voice spoke out to me, it was a little..FLYING PIG!? "You are no thief, no knight, no wizard, but you may become someone who heals"
    And so started my life as a Priest. Though I might make mistakes along the way and I am not the best at this, I will keep on trying...for this is the path I have chosen.
    Below isn't part of the contest (since 3 screenshots can only be used sadly) but I was pretty proud of these shot since I made sure she didn't have any gear on for all my screenshots till the end. I was going to have the flying pig give her her tools for healing, and be all BAM lol. So I'd say Spoiler is fitting? Think of this as a epilogue from the story =) Good Luck to everyone! <3
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