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[WINNERS] Maplers of Tria Contest

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LOL! So many funny entries. Thanks for sharing your character's stories with us. <3 We are especially amazed by the amount of creativity behind designing them as well!

The following Maplers are the winners of 2,000 Merets to be issued during Official Launch:

Pyu - Bigleaf
InfineonJ - Bigleaf
YonhNi - Bigleaf
Granny - Bigleaf
VV - Bigleaf
Stabby - Bigleaf
Seph - Hornbeam
Levi - Hornbeam
Magnum - Amur

We'll keep you posted once the images go live on our official Instagram page. :-D

In the world of MapleStory 2 you can pretty much live out any life and be whoever you want to be! We want to know more about your character in the "Maplers of Tria!" Contest. Submit your character's photo and story for a chance to win Red Merets to use in the shop once Official Launch begins.

May 9, 2018 – May 20, 2018

1. Create creative with the customization system and take a screenshot of your character in-game.

2. Submit a maximum of 3 screenshots of your character in this thread along with the following:
- In-Character Character Name
- Server Name
- A short story about your character (no longer than 1,500 characters long)

Here are some pro tips on how you can take nice screenshots:

First, you need to set your hotkey to remove the game's UI. Go to Options > Controls > then set your key for Hide UI.
Now you can turn off the UI so your screenshot can be super clean!


- Do not include any content that would be considered inappropriate or contains sexually explicit content
- You screenshot MUST be from the Nexon America MapleStory 2 Closed Beta client (submissions from other servers will not be accepted)

Creativity 50%
Uniqueness 50%

- 9 total winners will receive 2,000 Red Merets issued once Official Launch begins
- Winners will have their posts featured on the official Instagram page

Read official rules here >>

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  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    IGN: Cuddles
    Server Name: Bigleaf

    Every alien is supposed to have an important mission: discovering new lifeforms, mining for resources, abducting humans... I don't. I crash landed in Maple World completely by mistake. What is my mission you ask? To eat all the fewds on every planet. If there is no fewd, then I promptly destroy the planet.

    Is it completely unnecessary to destroy planets?
    Yes... but my hangriness knows no bounds....


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  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    The Maplers of Tria Contest is now open!!
  • MaviMavi
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    Neat! can't wait to see the winners.

    Goodluck & have fun everyone!
  • SaikaSaika
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    IGN - Saika
    SERVER - Big Leaf/NA

    Saika as a young girl grew up in the forests of Sylvan Woods, raised by many of the creatures who also share their home there. Even though there were lots of friends and family among the small forest, Saika wished for more. She dreamed of becoming a strong powerful knight one day. However, being out in the forest, she did not have a sword of her own. Until one day she decided to make her own sword out of a tree! This however did not sit well with everyone as one day she accidentally uprooted Mister Monkey's home! To this day, whenever she visits, the monkey's never let her forget the time she once used their homes as weapons.



  • UnclePhilFromTheFreUnclePhilFromTheFre
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    IGN: Bazookles
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    Everyone looks different upon birth, some beautiful, some average and some ugly, this is a story about someone who's Butt Ugly. Bazookles was born under a family of knights renowned for not only their prowess in combat but also their looks, Bazookles on the other hand was born with the worst looks of them all but in return great strength. Although his face may be abhorrent, his skills in battle are remarkable, being able to slice and cleave through enemies with relative ease as if his blade was a hot knife and his foes were butter. After being begrudgingly enlisted by the kingdom of Tria for his knightly abilities, Bazookles set out on his quest to defeat the big bad guy who's name he forgets.

    Bazookles five favorite things are room temperature water, dirt, long walks on the dirt, yard work, and himself.
  • ShángSháng
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    IGN: Shang
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    Hey it's Shang, Shang might be from another Universe.
    He was fascinated by the world of Boxing from a young age because of his father.

    Shang was taught how to box under his Father's lead and has now even surpassed his father in the ring.
    Dropping not a single match ever he has been given the title Champion of the Ring.

    Some ask how he keeps his hair in place, the secret is in the comb.

  • HueChewHueChew
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    IGN: Hue
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    Here is ya cute boi, Hue hes the most fab theif in the maplestory world he ADORES pink and wants to be the cutest boy in history (he is) nyaaaaaa-
    he loves kpop and yaoi
  • dankVinyldankVinyl
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    This is my meme machine outfit

    IGN: UwU

    Server: Big Leaf
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    My goal is to be the very best and rule the Maple world! I swing my greatsword nonrecklessly mind you. There's no time to waste. My story just began and I must prove to myself how to be the greatest. Do you find that funny? Well, I'm serious. Seriously going to do anything in my power for that. I am currently walking around Kerning City. I heard some bad Dark Lord or whatever is trying to be better than me. I'm here to gather evidence promptly and swiftly. I.... oooh kitty!!!

    P.S. -- I change my mind. Kitty has won. The end.

    ---Drakooon on mobile
  • GimoGimo
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    IGN: Gimo
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    [Agent 30801 - Log 5918] Gimo here. I was able to sneak into the Closed Beta Testing without much on a cinch. However, it seems that hiding in plain sight would be a bit more difficult without some sort of CBT hat- people were getting suspicious of me. It was rather hasty. but I crafted myself a CBT hat out of the UGC system. Not many have given much mind do it, but the more keen among the testers have been giving me suspicious looks. I feel like they might have seen through my disguise. I haven't found anything that has aroused suspicions, but I will remain vigilant to see if anything happens.

    Agent Gimo out.
  • OvernOvern
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    Well.. apparently the whole outfit and character designer thing is a whole lot better than I expected. Then again, I already knew it was pretty awesome beforehand.
  • BukrinBukrin
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    IGN: Bukrin
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    Every cat is love, every cat is life
    I love every cat in this world because cats are everything
    Do you see how they see us? yes with love
    Cats are wonderful, cats are awesome
    Miau to you
    Miau to me
    Miau to us and everyone

  • SenturioSenturio
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    IGN: Tsubasa
    Server Name: Hornbeam
    A wise man once said: "Music can cure the world of violence." My father was that wise man, and I'm his legacy.
  • UdonMonsterUdonMonster
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    IGN: UdonMonster
    Server Name: Big Leaf

    I was on once on a mission as an angel to protect and serve with my trusty sidekick peng peng, but was that really my destiny? I couldn't fly. . I am not as strong as I look. . . . Am I really an Angel?
    What did I do after I found out I'm human you ask? I ate UDON to live throughout my days. Spending all my MESOS MESOS MESOS.. now I'm a wondering bum searching each and every corner for scarps of mesos for uuuudonnnn~
    P.S. I sold my trusty sidekick pengpeng for mesos
  • LuniiLunii
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    IGN: Lunii
    Server: Hornbeam (Europe)

    VK2kmAE.jpg 121749158809e3f6c0f471861d260fe6.png

    Good day, Maplers. My name is Lunii. I come from an alternate dimension, quite similar to yours, where our building bricks are rectangular instead of square. I fell through a dimensional crack and ended up inside the lowest floor of Ludibrium Clock Tower, where I climbed my way to the surface and began to assimilate myself into the Maple World. Nowadays I spend my time using my vast building knowledge to help construct homes in Tria.
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  • PhilkinsPhilkins
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    IGN - Philkins
    Server Name - Amur

  • BinimitesBinimites
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    IGN: Binimitty
    Server Name: BigLeaf [NA]

    My name is binimitty and while growing up in Woodward since i was little, I was told i wouldn't grow up to be anything special..
    But because of that, i started to work hard to become someone that is cherished by all. I am a cooking knight, someone who defends those from bad tasting food and i protect the taste buds of everyone in maple world!


  • Soul1003Soul1003
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    Server- Big Leaf
    IGN- Soul1003
    Soul was never the best hero, but always tried his hardest and has always had a kind and sweet heart! Most of his time is usually based around helping lower leveled players get the hang of the weapon they chose and trying to fight harder bosses. He might seem very child like and immature but can act very grown up once you get to know him better, and he will always be by your side when you need help or are in a tight spot! Soul is a clumsy boy and at times trips on his sword which leaves him in bad situations but somehow pulls through (somehow)


  • JunkDogJunkDog
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    IGN: JunkDog
    Server Name: Amur

    There was a time when the gods and titans reign in the mortal world, a time where the strongest ones would attain glory and the weak would perish, one of these weak gods was the god of nature Miyo that did not seek to have glory but to protect the forms of life 7RQZMRS.png Miyo wanted to have a friend so he asked Sun God , but it was worthless the sun god looked down on him and told him that he was pathetic. Alone and without hope to make a friend the Moon God appers before him and ask him if they can became friendsY4nyiGU.jpg Miyo was so happy and agreed with a great smile on his face. Several weeks passed away and Moon and Miyo where still playing around thoghetter and the Sun God saw that happiness and wanted to give it an End, he was not the first several gods made jokes about those 2 calling then the group of useless gods, but Sun God was different so when moon God finnaly left Miyo for some minutes the Sun God goes near Miyo and say "there is no spot for weaklings in this realm" and finishes him off. When the Moon God get back and see Miyo's Body he can t control himself and breaks into a yelling and terrifying cry emjsuTH.png. The Moon God Swore that he would never be weak again to protect his friends and beloved ones and decided to hunt the God that killed Miyo to have his revenge, but even having this mindset the moonGod could not stop crying and with that face no one would take him serious, so he puts up a mask hunt every evil doer in this worlda and to make his enemys fear him and crumble before his eyes even in afterlife . 3SKRUUv.jpg
  • BlackheartBlackheart
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    IGN: Zettai
    Server: BigLeaf


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