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Unfair treatment by Nexon Developers.


  • ExenusExenus
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    JordMafia wrote: »
    I played the game for that long as well but I'm 100% postive the reason why I didnt get in was because I was perma banned when I was a kid for hacking (trying to level up hurt my 13 year old soul give me a break).

    Its some feels bad man that i wont get the hat because im a sucker for that stuff but oh well.


    Uhh, can't you avoid all that by making a new account? e_e;;
  • ChocolaidsChocolaids
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  • BlackheartBlackheart
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    What a wonderful community
  • ChillBearChillBear
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    Do some people not realise this is a Closed Beta TEST. It's a test. This is simply to ensure that the experience will be good for the masses on official release. Why do you have to feel entitled to TEST the game? Really, some people are upset over such trivial things these days; no wonder they call it the snowflake generation.
  • wackalotwackalot
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    i been playing pokemon since im 10 years old, where are my shinies!
    so unfair xD..

    *to be honest i think the invites outside the first 10k were random
  • MisterbonezMisterbonez
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    It's one of the best ways to attract a wider audience, plus the MS vets will have a less fresh approach to MS2 than newbies.

    The style of play to the npc's will have a different effect on vets and on newbies. To accurately get a good result to improve upon you need to mix these.

    I admit, the vets shuld get an extra reward in order to give back a little to the loyal players, but Nexon should't jeopardize the game for a few unhappy customers that didn't make CBT
  • SaitanaSaitana
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    It was random.....
    Wait till full release which won't be long.
    People need to get over it....
  • RocisRocis
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    huh... okay...
  • NanokoNanoko
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    I am seriously questioning the IQ of some of these people making these kinds of threads.
  • widefacewideface
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    It's only a god damn beta. It's not like you're locked out of the game.
  • TigzarKxJTigzarKxJ
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    wideface wrote: »
    It's only a god damn beta. It's not like you're locked out of the game.

    Exactly .... Just play the game when it comes out.
  • Always_HidAlways_Hid
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    TigzarKxJ wrote: »
    wideface wrote: »
    It's only a god damn beta. It's not like you're locked out of the game.

    Exactly .... Just play the game when it comes out.

    bonus: you can play the full game with no major bugs/restrictions because all the beta testers did they're job (hopefully) and reported all the issues they had/found during beta, allowing nexon to fix and improve the game so it's good to go for launch.
  • RandgriftRandgrift
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    It is definitely unfair for the people who have been playing Maplestory from day 1 of its birth until now and now, are not able to play Closed Beta of Maplestory 2.

    Stay mad, bro. I will enjoy the game at your place don't worry.
  • Jran64Jran64
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    Prime504 wrote: »

    Update 2: My mom walked in on me crying asking what was wrong i told her i didn't get into MS2 Closed beta. She has no clue what this is, so i told her every time she tells me to take out the trash and i respond with i can't and she tells me to pause the game and i tell her i can't pause real life, that this is the game i'm talking about, which blatantly denied me my birthright to Closed beta. I cried for hours my father then walked in and i had a picture of the CB hat on my screen wishing i could be united with it. He asked me why would i want a hat with "C0ck Blockers" abbreviated on it. I sobbed louder this pleb doesn't respect the God mode item that could make me special years down the line when i get in a argument with someone over who played the longest and i equip that hat. What does my dad know he is just a cop.....god. Everyone is downstairs laughing at my saying i'm going through a phase, BUT IM NOT. THIS IS NOT A PHASE THIS IS ME FIGHTING FOR MY THRONE on forums trying to prove i'm the RIGHTFUL ULTIMATE PLAYER OF MAPLESTORY. I was there when Fangblade hit 200, during the glory days. I was there when the bomb known as Reboot dropped killing my server. I was there and i stayed strong, because i knew one day i would be rewarded, this has been the ground zero of my life. I am still in shock and awe that the GMs didn't notice my greatness. I call out the them notice me senpai as a last hope to be revered among the special class of hat wearers. I can't let this end like this I have to keep fighting in order for Nexon to call out to me and change my yellow screen into GREEN. This will not be the end. I will keep going not stopping. I will be the MLK of maplestory here to stop the segregation of CB hat wearers from the Non cb hat wearers with maple armor on. The impact of the hat along with the week of game time is limitless in my eyes, i won't allow nexon to break my heart. So i am going to make this harder then it needs to be because doing stuff the easy way is for quitters. That is what we do nexon we fight and argue and piss each other off but at the end of the day i care about you and i assume you care about me because thats how we are! But that doesn't mean you can deny me Closed beta like it is nothing. SO NO ITS NOT OVER.

    Lol nice bait
  • BearSenseiBearSensei
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    Honestly i agree with you i am kinda sad i supported MS since day 1, and have been constantly playing on the other hand a buddy of mine just signed up like 4 days ago and he got a key and i dint am really sad i thought they would give priorities to loyal players but its whatever cant do anything about it
  • CheerfulDesertCheerfulDesert
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    No one cares how long you've been playing Maplestory for. Beta testing for ANY game is a random process that chooses people equally. By saying that newer people don't deserve to get into CBT is just ignorant. You and all these people who keep spamming these threads need to stop. Seriously.

    Also, just for the record, I've played Maplestory since the early ages, too, but I still think you're ridiculous.
  • NeridaNerida
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    If you like testing so much, why don't you just work as a Tester?
  • DrakooonDrakooon
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    Day 1/2
    May 8th. The first day of a 2 day string of time before beta test day. I'm sweating and I cant stand the tocking on the wall! The long hand is way to fast! But the short hand is way too slow! I just got my beta invites about roughly a week ago. I wish somebody will give me a sign on how to play. I dont spoil myself on foreign game content so I can play with absolute certainty of the product given to me. That's just how I am. Plus I want to feel how I did from Maple 1. Playing KMS2 wouldn't have been a bad idea though... anyways, about Maple 1. I used to jump on the bandwagon due to the fun propaganda investigators watching. I'm curious to where the bandwagon will take me. To a barnyard? No. Well maybe. If there is one in Maple 2 then yes. Anyway, I'm writing this because I truly deserve my beta invite(I already have one). I've been reading forums posts saying they deserve it even if they dont have an invite.Oh Wait! Mr. Cuddles is doing a broadcast today at 1pm pst! It's for everyone?!!!?!

    C-ya there everybody! xd!!!

    ---Drakooon on mobile
  • meeoutzidemeeoutzide
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    Slatymate wrote: »
    The invitation process was made to be fair with everyone. The only people who were guaranteed to be in the Closed Beta were the one who were at the Maple Fest or if you were in the top 10,000 eligible who finished the Road Trip to the Closed Beta activity. Other players, new or old, spent NX or not, were chosen randomly.

    Oh, that makes sense. I was one of the randomly chosen. I wasn't expecting to get chosen because I didn't finish the road trip until later in the day, so I wasn't one of the top 10,000 finishers.
  • Sada_KittySada_Kitty
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    It is definitely unfair for the people who have been playing Maplestory from day 1 of its birth until now and now, are not able to play Closed Beta of Maplestory 2.

    I don't see the issue... If you're that dedicated to getting in you could have waited until 8:30am EDT (convert to whatever timezone you're in) and it becomes really likely to get in.
    Either way, it's only for a week and I believe CBTs don't get a head start since our characters will probably get wiped on launch. You still get your items from the road trip so there's no need to be angry <3 c:
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