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For those who didn't get in

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This thread isn't for those who haven't got in and just accepted they get to play at a later date, this is for the crybabies on the forum whining over a stupid hat. I realise this is an exclusive hat and you will probably get flexed on once or twice for the first 4 months before no one cares about the ugly hat but there's no reason to quit playing the game over a hat. It's so childish that I log onto the forums for once and all I can see is 13 threads of "wahh i didn't get a hat", CBT is for testing the game for bugs. Not taking your favourite name (getting wiped anyway) or getting a hat if you actually cared about the game you wouldn't just give up over an exclusive, just be patient and you will get to play.

If you really want to complain why don't any of you grasp the concept of having one thread for one complaint? we don't need 20 threads of the same thing.

BTW I got in, cya nerds!