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When is 3rd round beta invites?


  • Kai_ChuKai_Chu
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    Good luck! The HYPE is real. All I want to know is if I got in or not.
  • NinTheFolfNinTheFolf
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    Came here to say I see that message too.

    I still hope I get in, but I'm just kinda resigned to not getting it D:

    This game can't launch soon enough~
  • KingdomComeKingdomCome
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    I'm super excited to play this game, hoping to get picked! Good luck everyone!
  • NikkieNikkie
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    Good vibes here. Hope most of us get in.
  • TheCruTheCru
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    Let us all pray tonight and hope that most of us receive the invites tomorrow.

  • BanksBanks
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    Rurumo wrote: »
    Don't give up hope friends, I think this is just a new default message to prepare for the final 10k road trip invites and wave 3 to go out tomorrow. Feel free to sink into a bottomless despair tomorrow, but not until then!

  • DrandelDrandel
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    In 9 hours 25 mins as of this post.
  • IceColdMilkIceColdMilk
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    Keeping the hope alive!
  • Mi_chanMi_chan
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    >.< the waiting is killing me! I have waited for 3 years for the NA servers and I had waited 3 weeks for the CBT invites...

  • BunnySoldierBunnySoldier
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    i hope get in! pls god maple let me IN!
  • PirateAcePirateAce
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    Quick question on the beta selecting process. Does the first 10,000 finishers of the road trip get selected after the third wave? If so, does that mean for example if say 2,500 people of the first 10,000 finishers get selected in the third wave, does that push up 2,500 people that just missed being in the top 10,000?
  • DarcaneDarcane
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    Good Luck Everyone!!!

    I can't wait until full launch
  • JohnnyDoBoyJohnnyDoBoy
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    edited 5:56PM May 6, 2018
    By tomorrow they should announce the 3rd wave invites for everyone who are still waiting to see if they got accepted into the beta or not so good luck to those who are still waiting!
  • HotafoxHotafox
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    saipanda wrote: »
    Good luck everyone!

    Hopefully official launch is very soon after the CBT as well!!! :D

    I really Hope so, i've asked it before, and the ppl thinks that this summer holidays (early June maybe) would be a good time.
  • RisingX360RisingX360
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    All the best to everyone waiting!
    May the odds be ever in our favor :D
  • Pepper'n'ShamePepper'n'Shame
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    Good news is, if we get invited, we can help squash some troublesome bugs. Other good news is if we aren't, we may not get the hat but we do get to keep the joy of a fresh game on release.

    Everybody wins! (ooh, jeeze, I hope I get in!) GL everyone!
  • StallionStallion
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    pray i get in also lol
  • ReagentReagent
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    edited 6:41PM May 6, 2018
    I need all the luck I can get right now... Having a pretty bad week the last few days or so. Waiting for things to change.
  • StaleMeatStaleMeat
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    Good luck to everyone! I just checked and got this notification.. I guess I didn't make it. :( do0ztz.png
  • BlackJebusBlackJebus
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    edited 7:23PM May 6, 2018
    bruh...cant wait