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10 Second Doodles [Free Art] #1

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Ello peeps and peepsquirls,

Since I need to boost my creativity and im in a doodle mood ill be giving free doodles.
However : I'll have 10 seconds to completely draw this thing in doodle form.

Rules : No NSFW stuff, just follow the forum rules and you'll be fine ^^

So leave your suggestions below and ill be replying ASAP~! <3

Andd 1............. 2.................. 3...........Gooo~!

(For more serious art/ commission inquiries feel free to visit my Instagram :

Doodle examples :
KazeCaelumAulynmadlybradleySimnelTakaprimeAiryskiddecepticontofulegsRoseDropJexessand 1 other.