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So what job/class are you Destined to be?

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in General Chat
It seems i'm destined to fully be an Archer lol. what are the chances.

What did you all get as your results? :)


  • LuniiLunii
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 5,010
    Posts: 173
    I think I got Priest and Dedere (that heavy gunner assistant girl)

    I'm going to be a Wizard though.

    Magic FTW.
  • GoonzeeGoonzee
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 670
    Posts: 12
    I got Priest and Deredere, but I plan on either going Thief or Wizard.
  • GummybitesGummybites
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,895
    Posts: 241
    edited 11:14AM April 27, 2018
    I got Archer and the Heavy Gunner assistant. I wanted Wizard or Heavy Gunner for the first one lol
  • QuiteQuite
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 825
    Posts: 42
    It called me a criminal..

    A master thief
  • HosuHosu
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,655
    Posts: 161
    I was a Yandere Knight. So I protect you since... no one else can have/kill you but me?

    Seems legit.
  • SherriSherri
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 8,580
    Posts: 690
    I got Wizard and Deredere, and on another quiz that was fanmade I got Archer.
    I am destined to dual main Archer/Wizard I guess.
    As for the Deredere.. uh.. :D
  • 1skander1skander
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,835
    Posts: 58
    Lol Hosu, I got Yandere Knight as well. As well as matching me with that NPC that protects his brothers and sisters to a murderous degree XD.
  • JakossiJakossi
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,005
    Posts: 143
    edited 12:38PM April 27, 2018
    cough dupe thread cough

    i got knight btw :)
  • SamuellLSamuellL
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,245
    Posts: 45
    Got heavy gunner with deredere so all for the explosions I guess