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NX habits

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edited 11:47AM April 25, 2018 in General Chat
Im curious how much people have spent on maplestory 1 in the past. Maybe its too personal but I feel like since I work and can spend money on entertainment then I have no problem spending it in Maple.

To start, I allowed myself about 20-50$ a month. I guess that sounds like a lot but when I think about my actual budget it doesn't seem to be that much. I dont make that much money (about 14$/hr) but it seems like most my friends spend that much in 1 night at the bar.

  1. What would you say was the average of what you spent in MS1?64 votes
    1. 50$ a month. 600$ a year
       17% (11 votes)
    2. more than 1000$ a year
       11% (7 votes)
    3. 10$ every now and then
       45% (29 votes)
    4. Never bought any NX
       16% (10 votes)
    5. Thats way too personal.
       11% (7 votes)


  • SaitanaSaitana
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    Hey Hey, it's ya boi - Meso Kingpin
  • GoldiGoldi
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    I can't afford stuff like ingame cash, i rarely actually buy any :(
  • RadiantRayRadiantRay
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    I remember buying 10 dollars here and there up until I looked at how much I spent in total on the game, which lead up to 1.1k us dollars. I've learned a lesson that day and now I spend much more wisely in mmorpgs.
  • SyndraSyndra
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    600$ a year lmfao. I spent over 7k over the 9 years i played
  • FishpasteFishpaste
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    Only way back then was parent’s credit card or paypal if I was lucky haha.

    Over a decade later now and I got a job, I’ll buy whatever I please lol :D
  • TokenOtakuTokenOtaku
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    It really depends. When I played MapleStory back when cubes didn't exist. {Pre BIG BANG} I really enjoyed paying for pets and vanity. Though after it became a part of min/maxing I stopped paying any NX out of principle.
  • CavemanOhYeaCavemanOhYea
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    I use to pop anywhere from 300-500 into maple a year. most of the time it was when you could buy boxes for random permanent nx.
  • AugustLilyAugustLily
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    I think I bought one t-shirt that was on sale and walked around pants-less.
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    I never budgeted an amount per month, i would just spend depending on my mood and what's available.
    That being said there's definitely a 4 digit number missing from my wallet from all the years on maple
  • SherriSherri
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    I have no idea the exact amount I have spent, but I can tell you that I ask mum and dad for some NX once in a while. (Mostly for Mabinogi though). I've gotten anywhere from 10$-30$, depending on our financial status at the moment.
    For example, recently mom gave me 20$ in about a week or two, but dad will be laid off in June so I won't be getting any NX. :p

    Also yes, I realized now that I both used mum and mom.
    It's a kind of bad habit of mine.
    Probably since I'm an American who likes the British culture? Heck, i don't know
  • LokieuLokieu
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    600 a year since I had the disposable income and I went hard at Maplestory for about two years. Otherwise I was a 10 / 20 dollars here and there. Definitely regret investing so much money into that game.
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    edited 8:07PM April 26, 2018
    I spent over $3000, maybe like $5000 tops, in the span of 12-13 years. That's like within the realm of $21-$35 per month, so it's not so bad.
  • lotionlotion
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    yowza i don't like to think about how much i've spent. i played on and off from '06 to around '14? i never really tracked my spending but i found all my used nx cards and oh boy. not even counting the later online purchases or the cards i threw away, i counted like $5000 worth of cards. probably will be wiser with my spending as an adult :^)
  • HaserothHaseroth
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    I never spent money on MS.