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Classchoice Lets get the numbers!

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Hey Maplers,

I want to find out whats the most popular class, so i can avoid it and feel special.
So here we go xD
  1. Which class will you probably main?66 votes
    1. Knight (Look at me, i got plate armor)
       17% (11 votes)
    2. Berserker (Spin to Win)
       18% (12 votes)
    3. Priest ( Sparkly Support, girl class Kappa)
       14% (9 votes)
    4. Wizard ( You saw that fire tornado and thought, this is it)
       14% (9 votes)
    5. Assassin (i played pre bb and my name is xxdexlessxx)
       12% (8 votes)
    6. Thief ( People say its hard, so im gonna prove them wrong)
       8% (5 votes)
    7. Ranger ( I have a crush on Legolas)
       11% (7 votes)
    8. Heavy Gunner (Screw Fantasy Games, i love explosions)
       8% (5 votes)


  • JipowJipow
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    Priest is my shizzle, I always make female characters so it's even better! I'm definetly going to main Priest or maybe the Heavy Gunner (:
  • JakossiJakossi
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    I'm going to be a KNIGHT!
    But quick thing. This thread is already been made pls try not to dupe ;)
  • vEvergardenvEvergarden
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    Berk till Runeblader FTW.
  • NilremNilrem
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    Maple Guide
    That moment when I'm the only one considering even touching thief on this poll.

    It shall be a small, lonely ship to sail forward.
  • NebulNebul
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    @Nilrem I'll be playing thief too, mostly because I main a shadower on MS1.
  • KewkkyKewkky
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    As soon as I saw Thief has Assaulter, I was sold. Still reeling from the removal of the skill from my Shadower's arsenal.

    ... I mean, I guess I've always been a thief/rogue/assassin/etc type of guy in every game I play too, so there's that.
  • SpyroIzukiSpyroIzuki
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    I plan to be a Priest since I played a Mage class every time and would go with the damage selections but this time going to go with support instead.
  • LillinZecLillinZec
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    I had a Shadower too in MS1... Is this being love-sick? I miss the thief skills lul
    tho Berserker calls me. I just love to smash things too haha
  • LuminaEdgeLuminaEdge
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    First time running tank as a main. Knight will be fun new ground for me.
  • SaikaSaika
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    Knight for life, because I am also in a tank class.
    I'm usually the meatshield for my friends. ♥
  • RealmALRealmAL
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    When I started playing MS1, I chose Mage in pre-bb as a starting point.
    Since I wasn't good at the game at the time, I am hoping to change that in MS2 by starting off by becoming a Wizard!