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Introducing for the hell of it

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Basically, I am just doing this for the reward, but the new MS 2 makes me want to maybe try and get myself involved in a community. I have my friends and all, but I'd like to find like-minded individuals that'll enjoy the game with me. I tend to focus mostly on a healer/tank role, preferably healer! I haven't played Maplestory in what feels like a decade, but I plan to change that soon!


  • BamboozlerBamboozler
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    Even if it's only for the reward, at least you created a proper introduction unlike most.
    Welcome to the club @IDidNazziThat. :)

  • BonfireminBonfiremin
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    Im Bon, never played before xD but hope to see you in the beta!
  • Pawk_ChoiPawk_Choi
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    Hi! I am pawk choi! I have a youtube too! Check me out! Pawk Choi.