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Your first MMO


  • PendomraPendomra
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    Subion wrote: »
    Let's see there have been so many but my first MMO would probably have been Tibia I'll never forget that game still love it to this day don't play really anymore but I loved it

    I played a very little of it a long time ago. I still remember my cousin convincing my to pick up someone elses stuff that they dropped and then ransoming it back to them. Good times
  • LuxAmariLuxAmari
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    Lady_Kari wrote: »
    My very first MMO was Disney's Toontown Online. I would make so many accounts just to play the free trial.

    Hey this was mine too! Except I had the membership. I remember trying to be on for halloween because it was the only time you could make a black cat.
  • DarekDarek
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    My first MMO was either Runescape, Flyff or Silk Road. I don't remember anymore :'(

  • TheCurrySauseBanditTheCurrySauseBandit
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    I feel like we need a poll to ask how many people didn't start out playing Runescape.
  • HotafoxHotafox
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    My first MMORPG was ANGELS ONLINE it was around early 2009, I've found it at poke&play website lol.


    I Have very nice memories about the 5 years I played it, the graphics, the music, storyline, classes and habilities, all was so well executed. I definetely own my addcition to MMOs to Angels Online,

    For years I was looking for some MMOs that could fight against AO; and when 2015 arrieved and realized about MS2 I felt my search finally over. So it was a great waiting and now MS2 IS FANALLY HEREE
  • NutMasterGurpNutMasterGurp
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    My first MMO experience was also MS1. I discovered the game when I was younger from YouTube and it was someone doing a Pokemon theme MapleStory video iirc.
  • bixbitebixbite
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    played my first mmo when i was ten years old (nearly twelve years ago. jesus). world of warcraft! it was right around the release of the first expansion, burning crusade.

    i can't remember what age i started playing ms1... i think i found out about it from gaia online, so probably around 12-13. loved it a lot, but i never got super into it. maplestory 2 seems to have a lot of the features i was always wishing the first one had, so i'm beyond pumped!
  • FishpasteFishpaste
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    Maplestory in year 8 lol. Took like 30 mins to roll the perfect stats. Best times were Ludi PQ, that feeling when you and your party finally get in :3
  • PyomPyom
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    Luna Online. Kinda similar in graphics to Maplestory 2 (except much much older, and no cubes), maybe that's why I'm so interested in this.
  • JonnJonn
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    It was Maple.
  • VeggiVeggi
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    Runescape would be my first MMO, followed by maplestory
  • TokenOtakuTokenOtaku
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    Maplestory was not only my first MMORPG it was also the only MMORPG that I've played for years on end without getting bored. After the BIGBANG patch, I kind of started getting less interested in it since the game stopped taking classes seriously(I know the game wasn't a serious game its self but class design for adventures were not being improved at that point and were behind others).
  • DaoboDaobo
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    I made a list of the mmos with the first until the last one, but im only gonna say the 10 first games i play.
    1º- 4story
    3º-Runes of Magic
    5º-Adventure Quest
    6º-Fiesta online
    7º-Eden eternal
    8º-Ragnarok online
    9º-Dc universe online
    10º-Dragon ball online
  • GahnzoGahnzo
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    I didn't play MS until and short while ago, and it wasn't for very long. My first MMO was FlyFF.
  • ZigZig
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    My first MMO was Ultima Online, the first MMO I played from launch was Trickster Online
  • Swagliciou5Swagliciou5
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    Mine was Runescape, but a friend from school showed me MapleStory when I was like 12 and I never went back.
  • MyuMyu
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    Trickster Online. Played from beta to the day it shutdown.

  • CubeNoobCubeNoob
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    Myu wrote: »
    Trickster Online. Played from beta to the day it shutdown.


    wowww you played trickster too! Omg I loved this game too but sucks that it got taken down after so many years of it running Q_Q!
  • ThySynneThySynne
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    My friend from High school told me about the game, i went home that day, looking at the game thinking wtf is this 2D cartoon game?
    It was honestly the worst part of my life back then, since i moved to a new country and went straight in to high school with grade 4 English, and my parents were not really getting alone with each other, constantly fighting.
    Maple was the only thing that kept me together, after i came back from school. It helped me learn English better, putting sentence together, so that people could understand me, and help me improve my typing, as i never really used keyboard for the first 15 years of my life, due to the ridiculous price of computers at the time in my country.
    This game saved my life, otherwise i would have to think about negative thoughts throughout the afternoon when am back home, and too much of that would have been bad.
    I cant thank this game enough, and i still play it on and off now, and i will probably continue to until the game shuts down, which i hope never happens.
  • Xbix99Xbix99
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    My first MMO was Aion, I remember playing it quite a bit. =3