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Do you think that this game will live up the hype?

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just wondering how the community feels honestly about this topic haha
  1. Do you think that this game will live up the hype?35 votes
    1. yea the game looks great
       77% (27 votes)
    2. nah the hype will probably die down soon
       23% (8 votes)


  • BlazianBlazian
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    I sure do, been watching YouTube videos prepping myself on raids, classes, and events. Also watching streamers play it through twitch to get an idea on certain stuff.
  • MomMom
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    This is maplestory 2!!! this is gonna be amazing i can guarantee you that
  • Nikko_minaj91Nikko_minaj91
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    I am so excited for the social aspects! I want to make new friends!
  • then00bthen00b
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    How many games have ever lived up to their hype? Keep your expectations in check, many games have fizzled out with overblown expectations.
    That said it looks good of a tiny bit I've bothered to watch.
  • ZekimaZekima
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    YES, very much so!
  • madlybradleymadlybradley
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    The initial hype always dies down eventually. But from the looks of it, there's a lot of content and things to keep you busy. I can't wait!
  • GahnzoGahnzo
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    I feel like MS2 is for a niche group of gamers to begin with. To be honest even though I played it briefly during the kr cbt I don't remember much of it, and I haven't really followed it since (dat language barrier tho). With that said I am excited for it to be finally coming out to the "west".
  • iraqx7iraqx7
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  • FaelightFaelight
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    My hype consists of being a super cute girl with an adorable outfit with a little house. Which I think will probably happen from the videos I've seen. Then I'll just afk in the main city :D
  • ArroizArroiz
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    The hype is going to die, that's a fact. Still, I think it will live up to the expectations !! It looks like a great game and people do say good things about it.
  • BamboozlerBamboozler
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    I definitely have high hopes for this game. The art style looks amazing, the fact that it appeals to the nostalgia of when I used to play the first MapleStory is amazing, the fact that there's a lot of social aspects to the game in amazing.
  • BonfireminBonfiremin
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    I have high hopes for this game for one reason, the band will all be playing it :D
  • MatboksenMatboksen
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    I will force myself to stay hyped lol
  • FlorentiusFlorentius
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    I'm always in the middle.. These poll choices are so black and white!

    People are certainly overhyping it, heck I'm doing it myself but I'm aware of it and thus succesful in keeping my expectations in check.

    Granted, I doubt it'll die down that much until a few weeks after release.
  • ZhixianZhixian
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    I've been reading a lot about the game lately, and there's a lot of things that could be improved so I'm still a bit scared even though I want it to live up to the hype. For example, I've seen some things about the main quest being better than raids and grinding, didn't quite understand what that was about, but it seemed to bother some people. Also the Restart update they had in KMS2 seems to be another problem..

    So I guess we'll see.