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Nice to meet you all!

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Hi everyone :)

My name is Miroslav and i'm coming from Croatia; I got pretty hyped when i saw my CBT acceptance message few moments after i told everyone i still didn't get it :P
I will probably play Assassin or Berserker, they seem like very fun choice!

About me, i'm a software developer, possible QA tester in near future - i kinda like finding and toying around with bugs xD
My favorite food and drink would probably be lasagne and apricot/peach juice. I train TaeKwonDo in my free time and do some cycling when it's nice weather outside~
I love watching anime, one of the current ones that i'm watching is Darling in the Franxx and i absolutely love it, makes me go all emotional :x (02 is best darling <3)
Other games that i played included Aion, Tera, FFXIV, Neptunia series, MGS, Ace Combat, and many many more, i like games what can i say :3 (Also a bit of MS1 but there was a certain fps drop thing that made it very unplayable for me after a while :/ )

Generally i'm a nice and helpful person, so if you see my name in game, be sure to say hi :D