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Playing as the opposite sex


  • niBBa_Of_Many_SandsniBBa_Of_Many_Sands
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    I like girls and everything, but male characters are usually just cooler. It feels more natural.
    Chuuu wrote: »
    It's fine as long as they don't lie about it
    I've encountered this so many times
    Talked to a "girl" for over a year only to find out it was a dude ;-;

    Well, I assume you were only left with trust issues and not trust issues AND a hole in your pocket.
  • LuxAmariLuxAmari
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    I just find it annoying tbh. My boyfriend used to do this but now that we play games together he doesnt. I enjoy making friends with anyone but its annoying to find out someone I thought was similar to me is actually not at all. I've also had some girl friends turn out to be guys and get weird about being into me. That annoys me as well. At least if I know it's a guy I can be prepared or pick up signs.
  • TelicTelic
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    Most of the time now I main a male and alt a female character. A long time ago in the old maple all I had was male characters though. Maybe once and awhile my friends and I would create a quick newbie female character to deceive someone. It'll be a little frustrating knowing over half the characters in MS2 prolly won't be who we think they are, but that was prolly the same back then. I was just too naive to know that was a thing. Either way, I'm pretty stoked about the character creation, should be a lot of styles and looks to choose from it seems.
  • MinMiiMinMii
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    i'll be honest here I only play girl char in mmorpgs because I can't watch no guy run around all day on screen, half the time I solo im not trying to be seeing some guy all day. then you got to make the guy cute I'm not doing that.
  • GagOnMySwagGagOnMySwag
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    A lot of women play guy characters so they don't get hit on as much, but for me I'll play a female if the style is more entertaining or I have a better outfit. In old ms a lot of the male hair looked metro sexual and because of it I didn't enjoy to many hairstyles other than Dragon tail or Exotica. In the new ms2 its not as bad. Free hair coupons are great for customizing your character with your gear and with a sliders I don't feel like ms2 hair values women's over men.
    Still if your only playing one race, one faction, one gender, your not getting that full experience. If your going to be a trap though be honest about it. I've seen a few 50 yr old men playing girl characters on old ms pretending to be women and man was it sad.
  • MinMiiMinMii
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    lol traps coming out the closet joking but yeah its no big deal if you play the girl character, pic what gender or class you like have fun.
  • NojamNojam
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    As an author, I tend to use games as inspiration for my work. Each character I create in a game, for that reason, I tend to make look like someone who I would want to write a story about. Female characters in general make this a little easier, as fashion choices for women tend to be more elaborate and interesting than those for men.

    Regardless of the gender, i find a lot of fun in creating and building an interesting story and character, and in the end, no one's gonna care or notice if your not playing as your real gender.
  • MiguelxMiguelx
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    Just a small percentage of people actually do it for free stuff, I feel like most people enjoy playing as a female for dress up.
  • MarionetteMarionette
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    Jesus this thread.
  • SherriSherri
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    I don't mind, it's just when they end up to be creepy af and say they're building their dream waifu/husbando or something. Weirdoes.
    bixbite wrote: »
    "One friend even claimed, " build the perfect woman.""

    thats so creepy dfghjdkg

    I know right?! This is exactly what creeps me tf out O_O
  • MinMiiMinMii
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    One time this guy was helping me clear dgns daily. I did not want him thinking I’m a girl so I told him I’m a boy “that’s what all the pretty girls say”

  • ShiktoShikto
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    Im always male in game as a male, aside alt characters, and always try to make my char look like me.
    im not into the "escape from reality" approach i guess
  • CrimzoCrimzo
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    My main is always male. My alts are either male or female. If I make a female char, I make it clear that I am a guy. I name my char "male" or "trap" or "imaguy" lol
  • cozycozy
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    I've always made female characters to enjoy as eye candy. I wanna make them look as cute as possible since that's what you'll be looking it for 100% of the time for an mmorpg. I guess it's also important to say that I rarely talk while in game so the roleplaying aspect has eluded me. Having a cute character also inspires me to draw more.

    example: my ms1 character from an old server

    If anyone comes up to me, compliments my character, and we have a chat, I slip in that I'm a guy so they don't feel misled. For some odd reason, they suddenly lose interest in holding up the conversation. It's hilarious how people will just give you freebies on a female character though so I understand the negative stigma against G.I.R.Ls (one of my first maple experiences was getting catfished and giving the person free mesos/gear) Never have I ever received random gifts playing a male character; only until having a meaningful conversation that I'd get freebies if they were feeling generous.

    I feel like most people can gauge your gender if they wanted to based on how you type (though that's a slippery slope these days) The only problems I've met are people feeling like their expectations were betrayed, which is on them lmao.

    Ultimately, I make the character for my own enjoyment. I try not to care much about what others think of it. It's just part of my fun with mmorpgs.
  • LuminaEdgeLuminaEdge
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    @Cozy omg your art is cute.

    I remember how extremely thirsty guys were in MS1. The weirdest part is that how OFTEN is based on how your char is dressed.

    My first girl char was a Bandit/Shadower, so I dressed her kinda tomboyish/ street style. had the occasional guy i had to drop a hint to, but overall didn't think it was so bad.

    After that look expired i tried something cuter w/ a skirt, I... wasn't prepared for the difference. I had to drop "I'm a guy" lines left and right. Once got hit on 4 times in a day. Lorde.

    I'm glad its more common to just assume everyone's a guy nowadays.

  • terbladeterblade
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    i will make a girl character they are easier to look at.
  • PosePose
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    I personally play as a male character since I really enjoy to RP. I'm genuinely curious though, for you male players that play as female, do any of your RP? If so, do you RP as a female or male?
  • RusRus
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    Realist wrote: »
    2)for the sake of fashion

    That about sums it up for the reason I do it. I've always lived by the philosophy if I look good, I play good. So, cheers to that.
  • CasszuneCasszune
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    I started doing it by accident like 10 years ago in one of my first mmorpgs and it stuck.

    Basically I was playing an mmo that made you choose your class and gender at the same time. Clicked the wolf girl thinking she represented the class but ended up with a female character of the class I wanted. You couldn't delete your character, only buy more characters with 5000 of the ingame currency so I decided to stick with it.

    Over the years I became a guildmaster and we became bigger and bigger. When new MMOs came out I would migrate to them but my guild would come with me, so I'd always just make the same character with a similar look in all the games. My character became kind of the mascot so nowadays I do it without even thinking about it and it doesn't feel weird.
  • CheckyChecky
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    I make female characters coz they look cute