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What's everyone's occupation?


  • SunBearSunBear
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    I work as a machines for a company. Really easy job . Sometimes the company will even let us be on our laptops during work and they get us lunch. Can't complain at all, happy to work there and not fast food like a couple months ago
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    Currently studying game development!
  • FoolishTrapezoidFoolishTrapezoid
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    I am currently working as a Software Design Intern before going off to university in the fall.
  • ArurauneAruraune
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    Student >_<
  • Keroberus2Keroberus2
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    N E E T.
    *Would put shades on and try to do a cool pose, but wouldn't be able to afford said shades due to being a NEET. Interesting plan ruined. Immersion broken.*
  • Aki_MitsukoAki_Mitsuko
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    Does working as a dog sitter count?
  • DropofBlood2DropofBlood2
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    I just recently graduated from my university.
    Now I'm a Recruiter for a corporate company where I hire doctors and help them settle into the hospital environment and give them estimates of yearly salary. I'm hoping to get into medical school next year and do well this upcoming Medical College Admission Test so that it would be competitive during application process.
  • NicoveraNicovera
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    Wow, such a variety of occupations - it's awesome!

    I just wanted to say something to students who feel like they don't know where their life is going. It just hits home with me - I truly and honestly sympathize with you. I used to be there.

    Putting my back story in a spoiler because it's not really necessary for the purpose of my post, please read the TL;DR if you prefer to skip it.
    I started university with what I thought was a passion for mathematics. After a year of struggling and hating what I was doing, I had to take a semester off to prevent having a breakdown.

    I then tried computer science for a year and a half. It was interesting, but I didn't really enjoy it - I had zero interest in the hardware courses and I struggled with the harder concepts in data structures and algorithms. Basic and intermediate coding was fun, but that was where it ended for me.

    At this point, I had done 3 years of uni and I really just didn't know what I wanted to do. I felt like I was wasting time and money, and almost all my friends had either already graduated or were on their final year. I felt like a loser.

    During the summer, I did a lot of thinking, and I realized that I had really enjoyed and excelled in the complementary courses I had taken in psychology. I thought, hey! Why don't I major in psychology? If I follow what I like, surely it will work out for the best.

    So that's what I did. I ended up doing another 3 years of university to get a BA in psychology. During my last year, I started to look into potential job options - and almost all of the options I wanted required post-grad education. I applied for master's programs, but got rejected from all of them.

    After I got my degree, I felt lost again. 6 years of time and money, and I felt like it had all been for nothing.

    TL;DR: I did 6 years of university under 3 different programs of study to get a degree that I didn't even use.

    A year after graduating, a law firm found my CV online and contacted me about a receptionist position they had available. At first, I didn't even consider it, because I had zero interest in law (I never studied law and never wanted to).

    My significant other told me to go to the interview and see what it was about, and simply reject the offer if it didn't seem interesting. I'm so glad I went because I'm now a paralegal at the firm and I absolutely love my job.

    I know my experience may seem like a fluke and you may not feel like it applies to you, but the reason I want to share it is because I went through so much stress and negativity when I felt like I wasn't going anywhere, and I wish I could go back to my past self and tell myself that I was doing alright, that I wasn't failing at my life, and most importantly, that I would be okay.

    Don't give up. The most important thing you can do is keep moving forward. Try new things, set new goals - if they don't work out, it's just part of the elimination process of finding what you really want. You will get there one day. :3
  • KiraniaKirania
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    I'm a full time student studying Computer Science (Computer Programming) and also a part-time waiter at NHC (National Healthcare Corporation). So I serve old and crippled people. a lot of people are nice, and you get a lot of interesting stories. On the side my brothers and I help my dad make card/board games which are for sale on some independent game printing website while he works as a database programmer from home.
  • HanyelHanyel
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    Should be "Adult job (oh noes...)". Currently employed, but I'll start a collage this year, first I needed cash, so I've spent my 2 years working :p
  • MilkmaidMilkmaid
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    I'm currently working on a Master's degree in literature while moonlighting as a freelance wordsmith. Currently, I mainly do journalism and performance poetry, but I dream about going into games and one day doing narrative design and video game writing.
  • MikuOllietMikuOlliet
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    Been unemployed for almost 11 months now. I'm going to training within this year though, so won't be like this forever.
  • ZoccqZoccq
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    I am loving the diversity everyone has! It looks like no matter what route you take in college or otherwise, you'll inevitably find something you're interested in - even if it wasn't what you intended to study!
  • RelenaRelena
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    I run a daycare out of my house, currently 3 kids but they can be a handful!
  • specialagent5specialagent5
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    I'm doing a Bachelors degree in photography (fine art). i quit my job a couple of months ago bc college has been really stressful on assignments and constant work in a darkroom lab and digital lab. back to being a poor student ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  • dhk_8613dhk_8613
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    An unemployed student

  • AtlasAtlas
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    i have none, haha!
  • BamboozlerBamboozler
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    As my 'About Me' states: Educator and student. :D
  • SeulbiSeulbi
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    student/intern.... 1 more years+ before graduate =___=
  • HotafoxHotafox
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    5/7 On my way to be a physician!