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Kiritas Expansion Special Hairstyles?

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edited 2:21PM December 11, 2019 in Bug Reporting
Alright, so I used Paulie's Special Hairstyles function three separate times and got the same exact hairstyle... three separate times. The hairstyle was "Sweet Long Hair" for males. Did I just have really bad luck, or is it broken at the moment?

I'm... a little mad.


  • WliaWlia
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    edited 1:28AM December 12, 2019
    No im afraid thats not broken and yes its RNG and yea can give you the same hair since it counts as random even with only collours being changed so unless you get the desired hair you want you just have to collect the coupons for hairs you didnt wanted.
    So unless you are lucky the desired haircut can be really expensive unwillingly.
    But i do know how you feel and the over all coupon count should be halved as 15 is way to much.