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[MECHANIC] Level 60 to Blackshard Nexus

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This guide will help you progress towards BSN (Blackshard Nexus) and future content!
Written by Pizzaroll (EU)

1. Introduction
The goal of this guide is to provide you with a neat overview of how to progress from level 60 to Blackshard Nexus and future content in Maplestory 2 with the Awakening update! I will tell you about pets, lapenshards, gemstones, and gear progression.
I write a lot of guides for my guild (Mirage in EU ♥) and decided to mix some data and guides together into this progression guide for all to use.
If you have feedback, questions or just want to chat: don't hesitate to let me know!

1. The game changes, this guide might not. I will try to keep this guide up to date for as long as possible, but make sure to check when this guide was last edited, especially after maintenance just happened, to determine if the guide is still trustworthy!
2. I often write too much, therefore I will also provide TL;DRs (Too Long; Didn't Read) for most topics if you want quick information.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Level 60 to 70
  3. Gemstones
  4. Pets
  5. Lapenshards
  6. Gear Progression
  7. Sources
  8. Version Management

2. Level 60 to 70
You have reached level 60? Congratulations! To continue your journey in maple 2 towards BSN, these are my recommendations of things to do until you reach level 70:
  1. Lvl 60 Maple Navigator box.
    When leveling, you continuously unlock rewards in the Maple Navigator. At level 60, you can claim the 'Elite Adventuring Gear Box', which gives you a full set of +10 lvl 60 Epic gear! This is enough to immediately get you into your first level 60 HDs (Hard Dungeons), which you will need to do for gear, upgrade materials, and Lapenshards.
    Which lvl 60 epic set you get doesn't matter: the only difference between them is the way they look. This is not the case for lvl 60 the legendary sets!

  2. Job Rank.
    When you reach level 60, you can accept your job rank increase! This set of quests will unlock the rank 2 skills of your class, which are really powerful. I recommend completing the rank up asap to make the rest of the content easier.
    Also make sure to do all the other lvl 60 quests: they give you lapenshards which you will need for the Eye of Lapenta 4-player dungeons (aka RGB dungeons) and the BSN raid.
  3. Final stretch to lvl to 70.
    When you have completed your job rank quests, you will want to level up to get up to 13 rank 2 skill points (the remaining 3 you get when you clear the Frostpillar Temple, Madrakan Spire and Pink Bean raids). There are multiple ways to do this, based on your preference:
    1) Fishing and performing. Not the fastest option, but the least effort option. You can level up in this way if you prefer to AFK for your levels. Just use an auto-performance or auto-fishing voucher and watch the exp roll in. You can even spend merets to extend the auto-performance/-fishing up to 8 times, with a possible total of 24 hours of extra AFK time!
    2) Running instances. Since you got the lvl 60 equip box, you can start running the lvl 60 HDs. Completing these gives a nice amount of exp and if you don't mind running with less than 13 rank 2 skill points, this is a fairly relaxed way of leveling to 70.
    3) Hunting World Bosses. Done correctly, you can get from level 60 to level 70 in only 30 minutes. If you do WBs (World Bosses) without preparation, you can do this in an hour or two.
    For fast wb leveling, you will need:
    • Cooking rank 12. Rank 12 unlocks the kebab, rank 8 the tea, and rank 4 the stew. Please note the cooldown on these items: 22 hours is no joke!
    • Preferably an exp coupon that increases your exp gain from defeating monsters.
    • Optionally a house buff that increase your exp gain from monsters by a few %.
    • A list of when and where the world bosses will spawn. World bosses stay for 5 minutes if not aggroed and up to 30 if aggroed. If you can clear around 5 of one boss before moving on to the next one, you will get to lvl 70 in ~30 minutes.
      At the moment, the Europe server uses following wb rotation:
      xx:05 Baum Tree - Lo and Moomoo
      xx:15 Frostheart - Griffin
      xx:25 Trinian Crossing - Griffina
      xx:35 Beachway 111 - Giant Turtle
      xx:40 Ellua Riverside - Alpha Turtle
      xx:45 Twilight Moon Castle - Lernos OR Neuron DNA Research Center - MK 52 Alpha. MK 52 Alpha is gaining popularity lately.
      xx:55 Ludari Arena - Amadon
      Tip: Use chat commands like /nextchannel, /nextchan, /prevchan, and /cc 1, /cc 2 etc. out of combat to quickly switch between channels!

3. Gemstones
To further increase your damage: earrings, necklaces and rings can have sockets unlocked in which you can put up to 3 gemstones each, for a total of 9 gemstones. At the moment, the best accessories to socket are level 50 and 60 epic and legendary and lvl 60 ascendant accessories. They all have different values and effects: I won't go into depth on accessories here, because we are talking gemstones :3.

How to get gemstones and gemstone dust?
tl;dr Three sources of dust and gems: Stellar Glass in Tria, guild shop, HDs. Stellar and guild boxes: dust of your choice. Boxes from HDs: gems or dust of your choice.

Currently, there are 3 ways to get gemstones each week:
1) Every week, you can go to Tria and buy up to 5 Stellar Glass from Cheri Ring (see img) for 200k mesos each and craft them into Gem Dust Chests with 1 Stellar Glass and 10 Obisidan Essences. Obsidian Essence has a chance to drop from any mob you defeat. These dust boxes are bound to character and let you select 200 dust of your choice upon use.
2) Every week, you can buy up to 20 Small Gem Dust Selection Boxes from your guild shop (see img), if your guild unlocked this shop. Each box costs 15 guild coins, totaling to 300 coins for 20 boxes, the boxes are character bound, and each box lets you select 15 dust of your choice.
3) Each time you receive rewards from any HD (both lvl 50 and lvl 60), you also get a Gemstone/Gem Dust Selection Box (see img). This box is character bound and lets you select either a T1 (Tier 1) gemstone of your choice, or 60 dust of your choice.

In total, each week you can get 1,000 dust from Stellar, 300 dust from the guild shop and 1,800 dust or 30 T1 gemstones from HDs.

How to upgrade gemstones?
tl;dr Move gemstones across chars on your account to upgrade gems: dust is char bound, gems are not. One char: 23 weeks to T10 9 gems. One 3:1 rotation (= 4 chars): 9 weeks to T10 9 gems.

If you take a T1 gemstone and go to the UI (User Interface) that let's you upgrade gems, you will see it costs a combination of different colored dust to upgrade the gem. In the img below, you can see which gem requires which color dust to upgrade. The trick with upgrading gems is: even though the boxes and dust are character bound, the gems from the boxes are not. This means that you can move the gems across your characters within your account, use the dust on these characters to upgrade the gem, and move the upgraded gemstone back to your desired character.
I took five scenarios and calculated how long it would take you to get enough dust for 9 T10 gems. In each situation, I substracted 9*60 dust from HD boxes: this is where you get your 9 gems you want to upgrade from.
a) 1 character, Stellar dust, 1x Guild shop, 15 HDs. Takes 23 weeks.
b) 4 characters, Stellar dust, 1x all Guild shop boxes, 60x HDs. Takes 9 weeks.
c) 4 characters, Stellar dust, 4x all Guild shop boxes, 60x HDs. Takes 8 weeks.
d) 7 characters, Stellar dust, 1x all Guild shop boxes, 105x HDs. Takes 6 weeks.
e) 7 characters, Stellar dust, 7x all Guild shop boxes, 105x HDs. Takes 5 weeks.
Data on gem dust from the official maplestory 2 website, regarding the Progression Improvement Update of 26 Apr 20192: maplestory2.nexon.net/en/news/article/46300/progression-improvement-update

How to use gemstones?
tl;dr Gems require accessories (earrings, pendants, and rings) with sockets. Three sockets cost 27 zero sockets of the same accessory.

As mentioned before, you need sockets to put your gemstones into. So let's talk about unlocking sockets on your accessories.
When you get a pendant, earring or ring, it starts with 0 sockets (or more if you are lucky). If you now want to unlock, let's say, up to x sockets, you would need the accessory you want to unlock the socket on, having x-1 unlocked sockets, and two accessories of the same type to use as upgrade materials, also having x-1 sockets unlocked. In addition, each unlock of a socket costs crystal fragments. The crystal frag cost can be lowered with the prestige rank 60 'Socket Efficiency' perk.
Example: lvl 50 absolute pendant with 1 socket unlocked --> want 2 sockets. Get two additional absolute pendants with 1 socket and use these as material to unlock the 2nd socket on the desired pendant.

With this knowledge you can calculate how many accessories (with zero sockets) you will need to get one three socket accessory:
1 three socket costs 3 two sockets.
3 two sockets costs 3*3 = 9 one sockets.
9 one sockets costs 9*3 = 27 zero sockets.

As mentioned before and as you can see in the img below, the 'Socket Efficiency' prestige rank bonus reduces the amt of crystal frags required to unlock sockets.
The base prices for epic, legendary, and ascendant accessories are as follows:
Epic: 200 crystal frags for each unlock.
Legendary: 400 crystal frags for each unlock.
Ascendant: 600 crystal frags for each unlock.
With this, you can determine the total (base) cost to unlock three sockets:
Unlocking three socket: 1*(base price)
Unlocking 3 two sockets: 3*(base price)
Unlocking 9 one sockets: 9*(base price)
Total: 13*(base price) fragments to unlock a three socket with 27 zero sockets. For epic this would be 13*200 = 2,600 crystal frags for example.

Which gemstones to use?
tl;dr 102 accuracy for Frostpillar, Spire, and PB = 1 or 2 accuracy gems. In general: rest main stat gems.

This is really dependent on class and your build. In general, you would want around 102 accuracy for everything before the RGB dungeons and more for the RGBs and BSN. This requires most people to use T10 2 accuracy gems, or 1 accuracy gem and the Infernog's Bane souvenir house buff (giving 6 accuracy and 500 health), Kandura's Pendant (7 acc), one of the DD belts (3 or 4 acc) etc. For most classes, the remaining sockets should be socketed with main stat gems, but again this depends on your class, build and even instance (for Frostpillar you do more dmg with offense gems for example).


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    4. Pets
    As a lot of us learned the hard way when the chaos raids were first released in GMS, pets, and especially epic pets (and with newer updates higher tier pets as well), are very helpful in increasing your dmg. Since this isn't a min-max guide, I will only talk about how the pet fusion and evolution systems work and which pets are good to get and why.

    Which pet?
    tl;dr Eupheria/Landevian/Ishura from RGB dungeons = best.
    Cleared 90 RGBs with just one pet drop like me which after 20+ rerolls still has sad stats? Consider settling for a lvl 60 epic pet with good rolls while you wait for more RNG with RGB pets.

    A very important question is: which pet should you actually get?
    The best pets currently in the game are the pets from the RGB dungeons: Eupheria, Landevian and Ishura. Which one you should get depends on your build, but all of their effects are very powerful. I included their Pet Tricks at the bottom of this spoiler.
    Note however that their drop chance, compared to the drop chance of other epic pets in raids, is low (according to my personal data, 9 pets from 598 rewards: a drop rate of 1.51%). Therefore, if you cannot wait for a RGB pet, or if you rerolled your RGB pet 20+ times and it still has terrible stats, I recommend you wait for an epic pet with good stats to drop from a lvl 60 raid and use that one while you wait for a RGB pet with good stats. Once you get a good RGB pet, you can safely feed your lvl 60 epic pet into this RGB pet.

    RGB Pet Tricks
    - Increases bonus attack by 150 and accuracy by 5 while pet is summoned.
    - When owner's health falls to 30%, recover 200 health every 5 sec. Pet must have been summoned for at least 1 min.
    Cooldown: 1 min
    - Increases bonus attack by 150 and attack speed by 3% while pet is summoned.
    - Pet hits have a chance to inflict bleeding for 6 sec.
    - Increases bonus attack by 150 and boss damage by 3% while pet is summoned.
    - Pet hits have a chance to increase owner's attack speed by 4% for 5 sec.

    Pet fusion
    tl;dr Use blue and epic pets from HDs and raids to upgrade your desired pet to max level.

    Our first stop: the pet fusion system. Once you have found yourself a pet, you will want to upgrade it to level 50: each level your pet will give you additional atk. So what's the best way to level your pet?
    1. Definitely the fastest way is to fuse every pet you can find into the pet you want. This however costs a lot of mesos.
    2. The slightly slower but more meso friendly way is to use the blue and epic pets you get from HDs and raids to fuse into your pet until you reach the daily fusion bonus limit of 24 (meaning you should only fuse 24 pets in one day).
    3. There was a third, now outdated, option which has become unreasonably slow after the Awakening update. This method required you to use white pets to upgrade green pets, then use those green pets to almost level a blue pet and finally use those blue pets to level your epic pet. Because you get so many blue and epic pets from HDs and raids now, you should simply skip white and green pets.

    Pet evolution
    tl;dr For now, only use pet evolution if you want trophies!

    So this is an interesting one. With the awakening update you can 'evolve' a pet to the next tier, so from blue to epic, when it has reached it's max level. To evolve a pet, you need a max level pet that isn't epic, 80 copies of the same pet at the same tier and 16M mesos (for blue --> epic).
    Does a max level pet, 80 pet copies and 16M mesos sound like a lot? Well, it is. If you don't care about the trophies this system can give you, my opinion is to focus on getting good rolls on epic pets instead.
    Conclusion: Want a trophy? Evolve your pets! If not, ignore this system until legendary pets are introduced and try to get a good RGB pet in the meantime.

    5. Lapenshards
    With the Awakening update, Nexon added a total of 12 level 60 Lapenshards to Maplestory 2. Let's cover them!

    Difference Between Red, Green, and Blue Lapenshards
    tl;dr Red laps = active, green laps = passive, blue laps = trigger with skills.

    There are three colors of laps (lapenshards): red, green, and blue.
    Red laps are active: you need to activate them before they do anything. Green laps are passive: they are always active. Finally, blue laps have a chance to activate when you use the ability noted in their description. Below you can see three examples, one of each color. Note that, since I'm a Thief, Erda's Chill procs when I use Savage Strikes.


    Blue Lapenshards and Skill Trees
    tl;dr For blue laps: Erda & Malice = left skill tree, Bjorn and PB = right skill tree, and Space Rift = both skill trees.

    If you read the description of blue laps, you will notice they proc with different abilities. As you can see in the img below, Erda's and Malice's laps proc with two skills from the left rank 2 skill tree, bjorn's and PB's laps proc with 2 skills from the right rank 2 skill tree, and the Space Rift lap procs with one skill from each of the rank 2 skill trees.
    For easy reference, I will list which skill procs each of the Blue lap's effects.

    zFp83eG.png Erda's Chill
    Knight - Conviction Strike / Berserker - Aerial Smash / Wizard - Ice Cream Time / Priest - Light Spear / Archer - Flame Arrow / HG - Fire Bomber / Thief - Savage Strikes / Assassin - All-in-One / RB - Blade Whip / SB - Split Crush / Striker - Shockwave Punch
    zUDWBYP.png Master's Malice
    Knight - Light Bringer / Berserker - Parry the Moon / Wizard - Perfect Storm / Priest - Heaven's Wrath / Archer - Multi-Drive Shot / HG - Demolition Cannon / Thief - Volatile Vials / Assassin - Binding Punishment / RB - Phantom Slash / SB - Spirit Bound / Striker - Double-Fist Smash
    DFGmsuh.png Bjorn's Artistry
    Knight - Heaven's Judgement / Berserker - Blood Slash / Wizard - Little Meteor / Priest - Divine Wave / Archer - Spiral Arrow / HG - Hyper Giga Cannon / Thief - Deadly Strikes / Assassin - Assassin's Circle / RB - Rune Ignition / SB - Soul Harmony / Striker - Spin Kick
    ukWjy3i.png Pink Bean's Prank
    Knight - Cyclone Shield / Berserker - Squall / Wizard - Barbeque Party / Priest - Purifying Light / Archer - Piercing Arrow / HG - Sky Hunter / Thief - Shadow Step / Assassin - Dark Mire / RB - Dimension Blade / SB - Soul Flock / Striker - Setup Kick
    rCkxTIp.png Space Rift
    Knight - Divine Retribution & Guardian's Wings / Berserker - Skull Splitter & Raging Soul / Wizard - Dual Cast & Ember / Priest - Scathing Light & Vitality / Archer - Ranger's Focus & Greater Sharp Eye / HG - Focused Fire & Plasma Chain / Thief - Battle Plan & Critical Slice / Assassin - Redoubled Pain & Shadow Stance / RB - Quintuple Cut & Rune Trigger / SB - Vision Torrent & Triune Link / Striker - Meridian Flow & Spiral Cannon

    Where to get Lapenshards?
    You can get lapenshards from HDs, raids and the Eye of Lapenta dungeons. The images below tell you where to get each lap.
    Note: One lapenshard requires 50 lapenshard fragments to craft. HDs give 30 lap frags for clearing, raids give one full lap (= 50 frags) and the Eye of Lapenta dungeons give 42 lap frags.
    jXgTGK4.png < From the Epic quests upon reaching level 60.

    xoL6fVS.png Celine's Heart
    U5PbIUE.png Guardian's Rage
    fatHcTM.png Erda's Chill
    6yVbMa6.png Master's Malice
    fctOhuE.png Madrakan Trooper
    P7moFFO.png Pride Bolt
    rIGF6Gv.png Bjorn's Artistry
    idp5e0V.png Lumarigon's Pride
    sxcbknF.png Pink Bean's Prank
    Eye of Lapenta
    You get the first of each Eye of Lapenta lapenshards from the lvl 60 epic quests and you get 3 more once you defeat Eupheria for the first time (if you have the correct quest)!
    Additionally, you can buy one of each RGB lap for 1.5M each at the Storm's Eye (near Tria) each week.

    GUHEJA2.png Eupheria's Protection
    NNjdvuP.png Space Rift
    W922uV5.png Sword of Time

    Eye of Lapenta RGB Lapenshards
    The RGB laps (aka Eye of Lapenta laps) are special from the other laps in that you need them to enter the RGB dungeons. You get your first of each of the RGB laps during the lvl 60 epic quests.
    To enter Emerald Prison, you need to equip the Sword of Time lap, which you can get frags from in Terminus of Time. Azure Flux requires equipping the Eupheria's Protection lap, from Emerald Prison. Finally, Terminus of Time requires equipping the Space Rift lap, which you can get from Azure Flux.

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    6. Gear Progression
    Here, I will first talk about how to get the gs (gear score) to get into the PB (Pink Bean) raid: weapons are the best source for more gs and dmg. After that, I will talk about how to best prepare for BSN and future content.
    If you ever want to quickly calculate your potential gs, I recommend trying out Loxiona's Gearscore Calc1: https://reddit.com/r/MapleStory2/comments/bs8o5z/gearscore_calc/

    Regarding Crystal Ores and the Transfer Enchant system: (for pre-Awakening update players)
    1) Transfer Enchant: Did you play before the Awakening update and do you have +10 or higher lvl 50 leg equip? Consider using the Transfer Enchant system to make the piece of equipment into a lvl 60 epic enchant scroll.
    2) Crystal Ores: Some of you still have Crystal Ores from way back: use the Crystal Ore shop to your advantage to more quickly progress towards BSN! For this guide, all I will say is that the more expensive legendary scrolls will help you the most: the more Crystal Ore the scroll costs, the more materials you save not having to upgrade that piece.

    Tip: Have Crystal Ores left over after buying all leg scrolls? Buy +10 Epic Gloves/Shoes scrolls, use them on lvl 60 epic gloves/shoes from lvl 60 HDs, and dismantle them for quick material gains!

    Important: Which set to choose
    tl;dr Lvl 60 epic set choice doesn't matter, lvl 60 legendary set: depends on build and how many of the other sets are already present in your server.

    When doing the lvl 60 HDs, you will have noticed there are three different sets, with the only difference between the three being the way they look. However, The difference between the lvl 60 legendary sets is more than just looks, so read on.

    Behemoth, Enigma or Dark Vanguard
    On your quest towards BSN, you will actually need to upgrade all of these three lvl 60 legendary sets: you need their 4 set (not 5 set!) armor set effect or suffer a crippling debuff when entering the appropriate Eye of Lapenta instance. However, you should still pick one set to 'main' (= upgrade further): this will be the set you will deal the most dmg with in BSN.

    So which set to main? Again, this is heavily dependent on your build, but something to definitely consider is that most players (in EU) chose the Behemoth set. Since you will need a fairly balanced party of Behemoth, Enigma and Vanguard for BSN, definitely consider choosing Enigma or Vanguard!

    For your convenience, I listed the 2 and 4 set piece armor effects and the weapon effects of each set below.

    2 set: Item's Base Health Increased by 500.
    4 set: Empowered Beastly Rage (:Effects of Beastly Rage are doubled) & Green Lapenshard Resonance.
    Beastly Rage: 10% chance to increase physical and magic attack by 48 for 12 sec on hit.
    2 set: Item's Base Physical Resistance Increased by 50 & Item's Base Magic Resistance Increased by 50.
    4 set: Empowered Ravaging Strikes (:Effects of Ravaging Strikes are doubled) & Red Lapenshard Resonance.
    Ravaging Strikes: 10% chance to increase accuracy by 9 and attack speed by 9% for 12 sec on hit.
    Dark Vanguard
    2 set: Item's Base Defense Increased by 200.
    4 set: Enhanced Power Surge (:Effects of Power Surge are doubled) & Blue Lapenshard Resonance.
    10% chance to increase bonus attack by 520 for 12 sec on hit.

    Level 60 HDs to Frostpillar Temple (12.5k gs)
    tl;dr Get either: lvl 50 leg accesories & +12 lvl 60 epic wep (weapon) or lvl 60 epic accessories & +11 lvl 60 epic wep (weapon).
    Getting Rank 15 in a Life Skill gives 1 lvl 60 epic accessory of your choice!

    Your first goal will be Frostpillar Temple: the 10-p (10-player) raid which requires 12,500 gs to enter and will reward you with lvl 60 legendary headgear, boots, and gloves.
    Since this guide assumes you start at level 60, you will have a full set of lvl 60 epic armor, a lvl 60 epic weapon, and lvl 50 epic accessories, giving you a 'starting' gs of 9,374. To get to the 12,500 gs for Frostpillar, you will first have to get 10k gs to enter Madrakan's Ramparts and Madrakan's Heart: these two Madrakan HDs will give you the weapons you will want to increase your gs with.

    Small note: To enter Madrakan's Heart, you need the trophy from clearing Madrakan's Ramparts once.

    There are three options to help get this 10k and 12.5k gs:
    1) Do Guardian of the Seas, Song of the Oracle, Malevolent Manor and Icethorn Ridge for lvl 60 epic accessory fragments. A lvl 60 epic accessory gives 396 more gs than a lvl 50 epic accessory.
    2) Buy Pluto accessories (or do Infernog yourself). These lvl 50 legendary accessories each gives 265 more gs than a lvl 50 epic accessory.
    3) Get Life Skills to Rank 15. Upon reaching Rank 15 with a Life Skill, you can pick one lvl 60 epic accessory of your choice.
    Choose what works best for you, but remember that you will need the weapons from Madrakan's Ramparts or Madrakan's Heart for the final gs increase to 12.5k.

    So I keep saying you need weapons, because they give a lot of gs. What enchantment lvl your weapon should be depends on the above three methods:
    With methods 1) and 3), you will want +11and with method 2) you will want to get +12 on your weapon. Keep in mind however, that if you don't get lvl 60 epic accessories sooner or later, getting into PB will take you a lot longer.

    Since you will only need +11 or +12 for Frostpillar (and +13 for PB), I recommend you choose to Upgrade with Peachy. This requires 6 weapon copies for +11 and 10 more for +12. Let's calculate how many times you would need to do Ramparts or Heart.

    In the worst case, you will only get weapons not for your class.
    Dismantling a weapon gives you 10 fragments (5 for daggers and thrown weapons).
    40 weapon fragments are required to make one lvl 60 epic weapon of your class.
    You need 6*40 = 240 fragments for +11 and (6+10)*40 = 640 fragments for +12.
    +11 requires at most 240/10 = 24 Ramparts or Heart clears.
    +12 requires at most 640/10 = 64 Ramparts or Heart clears.

    Conclusion: If you don't need method 1) to get lvl 60 epic accessory fragments and can use most of your weekly HD clears on Ramparts or Hearts, it would take you (worst case) 24 clears to +11 and 64 clears to +12 with Peachy.

    The only other bottleneck you might face, is onyx and conyx costs to upgrade your weapon. This plagues many players and all you can really do is either play more characters to get more materials, buy material using mesos from the in-game BM (Black Market), or hunt a million world bosses (they drop 30 onyx and 1 chaos onyx: do not recommend).

    Frostpillar Temple to Madrakan Spire (15.1k gs)
    tl;dr All 5 lvl 60 epic accessories, lvl 60 epic wep +12, lvl 60 leg headgear, boots, and gloves +10.

    You made it into Frostpillar Temple and are getting lvl 60 legendary headgear, boots, and gloves. Your next goal is to get 15.1k gs for Madrakan Spire. But first, to enter Madrakan Spire, you need to know that you need the trophy from clearing Heart to be able to enter Madrakan Spire (and entering Heart requires you to get the trophy from clearing Ramparts). And now: what are the next steps?

    Just like with getting the gs for Frostpillar, there are multiple roads to follow here. I will discuss the most traveled one:
    If you haven't already, get all 5 lvl 60 epic accessories and get your lvl 60 epic weapon to +12. Next, use your precious catalysts to upgrade lvl 60 leg headgear, boots, and gloves from Frostpillar to +10. This combination will give you 15,115 gs, enough to enter Spire!

    Spire to Pink Bean (19.3k gs)
    tl;dr All 5 lvl 60 epic accessories, lvl 60 epic wep +13, lvl 60 leg headgear, top, bottoms, boots, and gloves +10.

    We are getting closer. No trophies required here, but a steep 19.3k gs. What will we do?
    Again, +10 your lvl 60 leg top and bottoms from Spire. This will get you to 18,463 gs with the lvl 60 epic accessories and your +12 lvl 60 epic weapon. The final 837 gs you will gain from upgrading your weapon to +13: back to Ramparts and Heart to get a whopping 15 more weapon copies to have Peachy enchant your weapon to the next level. Some quick maths:

    In the worst case, you will only get weapons not for your class.
    10 wep frags each runs, 40 frags for wep of your class.
    15 weps needed: 15*40 = 600 frags.
    600/10 = 60 Ramparts or Heart clears.

    Conclusion: Run up to 60 more Ramparts/Heart to get your lvl 60 epic wep to +13 and with your full +10 lvl 60 leg armor you will be ready to try PB.

    PB to Eye of Lapenta (23.5k gs)
    tl;dr At least 4 armor pieces of each leg set to +10, one wep of (preferably main) set to +11, get lvl 60 accessory from first RGB, use gs from lvl 60 accessory with +10 weps from other two sets to enter remaining two RGBs.

    You have your lvl 60 leg wep now, congratulations! Onto the next step.
    Important: before we continue, know that the choice of either Ophelia or Peachy is upon us again. I will discuss this choice in detail at the end of this gear progression chapter: for now we will focus on getting the gs for the RGB dungeons, not on the best way to get it.

    The road from PB to the RGB dungeons seems surprisingly easy: getting your weapon to +11 would do the trick. However, you will need to get the gs for the RGB dungeons for all three legendary sets! Here is how we'll manage this:
    1) Get one weapon of a set (preferably your main set) to +11. With all your other armor pieces being +10, this will get you into your first RGB.
    2) Unless you are extremely unlucky, you will have enough lvl 60 leg accessory fragments to craft one accessory. This lvl 60 leg accessory will give you 720 more gs compared to your lvl 60 epic accessory!
    Didn't manage to get a lvl 60 leg accessory? Unfortunately you'll have to upgrade parts of the other sets to get into the remaining two RGBs :c
    3) With the lvl 60 leg accessory, getting into the other two RGBs can be done needing only +10 on each piece: wep & 4 armor pieces. Unfortunately, you can't do this in just one week unless you are extremely lucky: low chance you'll get enough armor pieces to complete each set in one week.
    Reminder: You don't need 5 leg armor pieces to enter the RGB dungeons and BSN, 4 pieces and the weapon is enough!

    Amazing, you can now enter all RGB dungeons and clear them! Onto the final challenge: BSN.

    RGB dungeons to Blackshard Nexus (33.1k gs)
    tl;dr T6 RGB laps, +13 wep, +13 headgear, +13 top, +11 bottom, one of boots/gloves +11 and the other +10, and all give lvl 60 legendary accessories.

    Sooo 23.5k to 33.1k is a big jump. In addition, besides needing the gs to enter BSN, you need one more thing: T6 RGB lapenshards. We'll talk gs first and cover getting T6 laps after.

    Although the recommended gear for BSN in the in-game Dungeon Directory suggests a +14 wep and +10 armor, while you are upgrading your wep you will have copies to upgrade your armor as well. The fastest way to get the gs therefore requires the following combination of enchantment levels on your gear:
    +13 wep, +13 headgear, +13 top, +11 bottom, one of boots/gloves +11 and the other +10 (they have the same base gs), and all lvl 60 legendary accessories. This will put you on 33,122 gs.

    T6 RGB Lapenshards
    To enter BSN, you need to T6 all of the three RGB laps: Euphy's (Eupheria's Protection), Space Rift, and SoT (Sword of Time). The two bottlenecks in upgrading these to T6, are colored crystals (from world bosses) and the weekly cap for the RGBs. Unfortunately, getting the colored crystals requires you to farm world bosses for a good amount of hours to get the required 801 colored crystals (267 for each RGB lap) to T6 all three RGB laps.

    Before we do some maths regarding the weekly cap bottleneck, there are four more things to know about RGB laps:
    1) You get one of each RGB during the lvl 60 epic quests.
    2) You get three of each RGB once you complete the lvl 60 epic quest to defeat Eupheria in Emerald Prison for the first time.
    3) You can buy one of each RGB lap in the Storm's Eye map each week, for 1.5M mesos each.
    4) As mentioned earlier, because you most likely can't enter all 3 RGBs in week 1, we will not count the fragments you get from your first week of RGBs towards the T6 requirement: you need to T6 them all anyway.
    And now, time for some maths:

    Getting a T6 lvl 60 lap requires 31 lapenshards: 1 you want to upgrade and 30 copies to use as upgrade material.
    One lap = 50 fragments --> 31 laps = 31*50 = 1,550 lap frags.
    One lap from lvl 60 epic quests: 50 frags --> 1,500 lap frags left.
    Week 1: 50 frags from Storm's Eye --> 1,450 lap frags left.
    Week 1 or 2 (depending on which leg set(s) you chose in week 1): 3 laps from quest to defeat Eupheria: 150 frags --> 1,300 lap frags left.
    Week 2 and onward: 50 frags from Storm's Eye + (6 clears * 42 fragments each clear) = 50 + 252 = 302 lap frags a week.
    1,300/302 ≈ 4.30 weeks.
    Total: 6 weeks.

    Conclusion: Without any events that give you lapenshards, it will take you 6 weeks to get your RGB laps to T6 to enter BSN.

    And with that, you now have what it takes to enter BSN! But the question is: can you clear it? I wish you the best of luck and thank you for reading. If you wish to read about my thoughts on Peachy vs Ophelia regarding lvl 60 legendaries, please read on :3.

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    Peachy or Ophelia for lvl 60 legendaries?
    tl;dr If rushing BSN: both good. If going for +15 leg: I recommend EvaRia's hybrid method3.

    Time for the controversial topic: Peachy or Ophelia?

    Remember before how I said you should Peachy your lvl 60 epic weapon, because you will replace it with a lvl 60 leg weapon when you clear PB? We might have a similar situation with legendary to ascendant.
    a) You should first ask yourself: do I truly want to clear BSN? The ascendant tier gear from BSN will make you stronger for sure, but it is also the most expensive gear in the game to upgrade and when the new update comes out, you don't even need ascendant gear to clear the new content: lvl 70 leg gear will be better.
    Like CM (Community Manager) Kyrios said during the Guilded Glory Stream: ascendant gear is just to flex, it is not required (20 June 2019 1PM PDT, twitch.tv/playmaple2)4.
    b) If you are still determined to clear BSN, I offer two roads to take:
    1) Giving it your all:
    BSN is really, really tough if you barely have the required gs. As covered earlier, getting into BSN as quickly as possible you will aim for a +13 wep, +13 top, +11 bottom, one of boots/gloves +11 and the other +10, and all lvl 60 leg accessories.
    If you choose this road, full Ophelia is not worth it because you won't be saving up fs to get +15 leg at the end: you will replace your leg gear with ascendant gear. This doesn't mean you need to go full Peachy either though. Let's do some maths:

    Earlier we calculated T6 RGB laps take 6 weeks to get. 6 weeks of PB and RGBs gives the following:
    From PB (worst case): 6x wep not of your class --> 6*10 = 60 frags.
    From RGBs: 4 frags each clear. 3 RGBs, 6 clears a week for each --> 4*3*6 = 72 frags.
    Lvl 60 leg weps only require 20 frags --> (60 (PB) + 72 (RGBs))/20 = 132/20 = 6.6 weps of your class a week.
    Over the course of 6 weeks --> 6 weeks * 6.6 = 39.6 weps of your class.
    Just like wep: 132 frags a week and only 20 frags to make one piece.
    Over the course of 6 weeks --> 39.6 pieces of your class.
    This means 39.6 pieces of headgear/gloves/boots and 39.6 pieces of top/bottom.
    Conclusion: In the time it takes you to get your RGB laps to T6, worst case you get 39.6 weps, 39.6 headgear/gloves/boots pieces and 39.6 top/bottom pieces.

    Let's try two options:
    i) Full Ophelia with as close to 30% with copies each time, max fs on the last enchant attempt (whichever enchant that is depends on your luck).
    ii) Full Peachy followed and using the remaining copies with Ophelia.
    Remember that we need +10 2 weapons to get into the other RGB dungeons as well: we only have 37.6 weapon copies to spend.

    i) Full Ophelia
    Instead of simulations I see most people using, I will use formulas to calculate the average situation.

    +10 > +11 has 30% with 2 copies. No extra copies required.
    +11 > +12 has 20% with 2 copies, 7% for each extra copy. 1 extra copy each try --> (20+1*7) = 27%.
    +12 > +13 has 15% with 3 copies, 5% for each copy. 3 extra copies each try --> (15+3*5)% = 30%.
    +13 > +14 has 10% with 3 copies, 4% for each copy. 5 extra copies each try --> (10+5*4)% = 30%.
    +14 > +15 has 5% with 4 copies, 2% for each copy. 12 extra copies each try --> (5+12*2)% = 29%.
    On average, +10 > +11 will cost 6.67 copies, +11 > +12 takes 11.11, and +12 > +13 takes 20. Since this results in 37.6-37.78 = =0.18 copies, you won't have enough to try +14.

    Conclusion: High chance for +13.

    ii) Full Peachy followed by Ophelia

    +13 requires 6+10+15 = 31 copies with Peachy.
    After this we will have 39.6-31 = 8.6 copies left. Enough for one 30% try with Ophelia.

    Conclusion: Peachy to +13 will give you a decent chance to +14 with Ophelia with the remaining copies.

    Final verdict for Giving it your all: Since there is (on average) a small chance you won't get +13 with full Ophelia, I would recommend Peachy.

    2) Slow and steady:
    If you don't aim to conquer BSN asap, but you do want to try it at some point, you might want to aim for +15 legendary to make BSN easier. If you take this route, I recommend following EvaRia's hybrid enchant plan3. This plan works as follows:
    1) Ophelia to +11.
    2) At +11 to +12, use one extra copy for 27%. If you get over 40 fs, switch to the 70 fs method below.
    3) At +12 to +13, use max copies for 30%. Again to 70 fs method if over 40 fs.
    4) At +13 to +14, use max copies and all fs all the time. This should be a big enchant on first try, 34% each time thereafter.
    70 fs method
    Past 40 fs? Use minimum amount of copies until you get 70 fs and go Peachy to +14.
    5) At +14 to +15, Peachy if you used all your fs, or save up for 100% Ophelia by using minimum amount of copies each time to get 70 fs.
    Thank you for reading my guide and I hope it was helpful to you!
    - Pizzaroll

    7. Sources
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