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[CLASS] Striker Awakening Guide Part 2

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Striker Awakening Guide
Written by Eustella (NAE)

Table of Contents
I.Class Introduction
II.Attribute Points, Skills, Builds
IV.Gems and Lapenshards

This is Part 2 of the Striker Awakening Guide and we will be talking about Rotation, Gems and Lapenshards, Gear and Pets.

III. Rotation

In this section we will go through rotations for both awakening builds. We will also look at all three raids and go through specific scenarios for each build.

Punch Build Rotation
Your main rotation for punch goes like this.

Shockwave Punch > Double-Fist Smash EX > Fire Dragon Uppercut > Vulcan Punch EX.

You will want to use Mega Blow on cooldown, so if you find that Mega Blow is about to be off cooldown, it takes priority over Vulcan Punch EX.

Shockwave Punch > Double-Fist Smash EX > Fire Dragon Uppercut > Mega Blow.

When you pop Overcome, you will most likely have too much attack speed where you will notice that after a full rotation, your Shockwave Punch is not back up. In this case you will want to use either Giant's Fist or Hurricane Cutter as a filler. Giant's Fist has a higher priority than Hurricane Cutter if both are available since it has a shorter animation.

Frost Pillar Temple
- You can hit Bjorn on his pillar with jump > Vulcan Punch or Fire Dragon Uppercut
- Mega Blow when you know he will stand still
- Feinting Guard to preserve EX while you chase him if he does not jump to another platform

Madrakan Spire
- Mega Blow where you think he is going to be and stand there for a few seconds.
- Anticipate where he is going to run and Shockwave > Double-Fist Smash EX as he moves.
- Can always use Fire Dragon Uppercut as he runs through you to maximize damage.
- When he breaths left then right, you can preemptively Double-Fist Smash to the other side of use Mega Blow.
- Do not Mega Blow towards the edge of the area, the AoE will disappear.

Rock 'n' Rollin Pink Bean
- Don't use Mega Blow on Mini-Beans, they will scatter from the knockback
- Hold cooldowns for when he does his yo-yo move.
- Giant's Fist eagle statue when you can but you are better off staying on boss.
- Can use Mega Blow on eagle statue but possible chance of triggering damage reflect.

Kick Build Rotation
Your main rotation for kick is as follows:

Setup Kick > Spin Kick EX > Spiral Cannon EX.

If the boss if moving too much, you can take out Spin Kick EX and add a regular Spiral Cannon after the EX version.

Setup Kick > Spiral Cannon EX > Spiral Cannon

Similar to punch build, when you pop Overcome, the timing of your moves are not aligned, so use Giant's Fist or Hurricane Cutter as a filler. You can also choose to use Spiral Cannon as a filler as well. Make sure you are using Mega Blow on cooldown. If you are fast enough to react and make a judgement call, and if Mega Blow is about to come off cooldown, you can do this:

Setup Kick > Spiral Cannon EX > Mega Blow

With the core rotation down, you want to also make sure you are using Taunting Feint every 20 seconds. This is ideal but not realistic. Sometimes you can use it earlier to prevent a lot of damage or knockback, and sometimes there is nothing to counter. Try to have as much uptime on this buff as much as possible since it is a big increase in damage.

Frost Pillar Temple
- Use jump > Spiral Cannon to hit Bjorn at the top of his pillar
- Spiral Cannon ---> <--- ---> (Example: Left, Right, Left).
- Last phase you can Spiral Cannon into the wall to not move and still damage him. (you can do this whenever he is close to the edge)

Madrakan Spire
- Time your Spiral Cannon so that you are following him while he moves.
- When he is at in one of his corner, you want to Spiral Cannon from one side to the other.
- At the top Spiral Cannon towards him so you don't move and Taunting Feint yellow tiles if needed for buff or the AoE that pulls you in.

Rock 'n' Rollin Pink Bean
- Don't use Mega Blow on Mini-Beans as it will scatter them outwards.
- Save your cooldowns for when he does his yo-yo move.
- Spiral Cannon into the wall to hit the far left and far right statues while on the second platform
- Spiral Cannon into his body during last phase and make sure you are either on his left or his right. (depending on where people with music debuff stands)

IV. Gems and Lapenshards

Gems will all depend on your accessories. If you have Kandura's Pendant and/or top 10 Dark Descent Belt, you will run one accuracy gem. If you do not, then you will want to run 2 accuracy gems, 2 bonus attack, and 5 main stat gems (DEX). As you get more weapon attack you will want to replace your bonus attack gems with main stat gems, but this only happens once you get a +13 legendary weapon.

This is my current gem setup that gives me the most damage with a +10 legendary. I have a Kandura's Pendant and the Dark Descent Belt as well as a Eupheria's pet.


For Lapenshards you will want to go with these:

Kick Build Lapenshards

Punch Build Lapenshards

Swap out Lumarigon's Pride with Sword of Time when needed.

V. Gear

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your striker will depend on what accessories you will want.

Kandura's Pendant is a great choice for a necklace but is fairly expensive. It provides accuracy which is quite important in our current content, as well as the damage increase that it gives is very strong. The only downside to this accessory is that you take damage for every attack based off your maximum health. If you are not careful, do not have money to sustain potions, or don’t have a priest/soulbinder, you can end up killing yourself.
Another choice as a necklace is an Absolute Pendant. You can either work towards one of the level 60 Absolutes or you can buy a level 50 one. The only difference is how much gear score they give and HP. Your ideal stats are Pierce/Damage to Boss Enemies, but Pierce/Melee Damage is also good. It is a much cheaper option than Kandura's Pendant, but it will be much weaker unless you get both of whatever stats you choose close to their max rolls. Also something to note is that if you have the money, buying accessory fodder to three socket is much easier than grinding out 27 accessories (including the one you are socketing/using).


You have a few options for capes. You can either go with Balrog wings, Madrakan Shadow Mantle or an Absolute cape.
Madrakan Cape is the best cape for Strikers. The set effect, Madria's Whim, is very strong and is weighted more towards the good effects than bad effects. Ideally, you want Pierce/Boss but if you cannot get these two, then Pierce/Melee is also good. The other set effect is that you gain 5 accuracy which is really nice, so may swap out an accuracy gem. The biggest downside to this cape is that the drop rate is very low and if you want to buy one, they are very expensive.


Balrog wings are another great choice. It will always have Pierce/Melee so no need to worry about finding one with the stats you need as well as everyone runs Balrog for their alts, so there are a lot of wings on the market.


The last option is an Absolute Cape, and like all Absolute accessories, you can either buy a level 50 or grind a level 60 one. Your ideal stats will be Pierce/Boss but again, Pierce/Melee will be fine.

Madrakan Monarch Earrings are your best in slot earrings. When used with the cape, you gain Madria's Whim and 5 accuracy and the effect is very strong. Getting a 3 socket Madrakan Monarch Earring can be very expensive, so unless you can afford it, go with Absolute Earrings. Pierce/Boss or Pierce/Melee are your choices.


The top 10 Dark Descent Belt is best in slot. There are two belts, one which is given to the person who scores the highest points in Dark Descent for their class and those who score and rank 2-10.
(left is rank 1 belt and right is rank 2-10 belt)

OP8hl6r.png 6oVwBUE.png

Note that these belts have an expiration date every time you obtain them, so this means that you have get top 10 for your class every two weeks.
If you are unable to get the Dark Descent belt, then you will want to go with an Absolute Belt. Pierce/Boss or Pierce/Melee are your choices.

Frost Ring is best in slot if you have enough accuracy. Note that Frost Ring says decrease accuracy by 4%, but through testing it only decreases your accuracy by 4 not 4%. Regardless, the 2 additional pierce you gain on top of whatever you roll makes this ring the best choice as long as you can afford it. Go with Pierce/Boss or Pierce/Melee.


If you can not afford a Frost Ring then go with an Absolute Ring. Pierce/Boss or Pierce/Melee are your choices.

Something to note is that I have suggested to either go Pierce/Boss or Pierce/Melee because attack speed is not worth on Striker as it can mess up with your skill cooldowns. As well as it is preferred to go Pierce/Boss over Pierce/Melee because Lapenshards scale with boss damage and not melee damage.
Armor, Weapon and Sets

For armor you will want to find boss damage on your piece. If not, physical attack or DEX can be used, but boss is much better. Accuracy is also another choice but if you can, try to not use accuracy pieces since you lose out on a lot of damage. You can gain accuracy through other sources like gems, pets, and some accessories like DD belt or Kandura's Pendant. The only armor piece that cannot roll boss damage are gloves, so you will want physical pierce. If you have low rolls on your gloves and still need to reach the cap of 15%, you can buy the Havi Fruit gloves.
These gloves expire 3 days after purchase and the only way to get Havi Fruit is from doing Dark Descent.

For your weapon, you have a few options. If you are at physical pierce cap (15%) without a weapon, you can go Pierce/Fire damage. If you need the physical pierce then go with Pierce/Physical Pierce.

You have a choice of 3 legendary sets. Although you have to use all 3 for RGB dungeons, you will have to pick one, whether or not you choose to do Black Shard Nexus or not. Behemoth and Dark Vanguard are your only two choices because the attack speed that comes from Enigma can ruin your rotations. The difference between Behemoth and Dark Vanguard is very small once you hit +15, so choose whichever you want. If you plan on doing Black Shard Nexus and have a static, go with whatever your static needs but try to avoid Enigma as your main set.

VI. Pets
There are 3 main pets you can choose from.
Landevian is the worst choice out of the 3 pets because it gives attack speed. You will want to go with either Ishura or Eupheria. Although Ishura gives you 4% attack speed, it is a proc. It also gives you 3% boss damage which is massive. Eupheria is not as strong, however, when paired with Kandura's Pendant, you can afford to take out an accuracy gem for another main stat. The heal from Eupheria is pretty big, which allows you to sustain yourself a little bit when you drop below 30% HP. If you do not need the accuracy, go with Ishura but if you need it, or rather have accuracy over the extra damage, go with Eupheria.
The stats on the pet will depend on what you need. Even with Black Shard Nexus having pierce resistance, I still think pierce should be the one stat you will always want. The others are preference, whether you need physical pierce, or if you want accuracy. For example, my current pet is a Eupheria with 3 accuracy, 90 crit damage, and 3.6% pierce.

VII. Videos
I will post videos of each raid here. As of this time, I have S+ Frost Pillar Temple and Madrakan Spire. I will post S+ Pink Bean once I get back from vacation.
S+ Frost Pillar Temple
S+ Madrakan Spire

I also stream at whenever I get the chance.

If you have any further questions, you can either message me in-game, Eustella (NAE), or on discord at Lorra#4130

This is my first guide I have ever written so apologies if there were any mistakes but hope you found this guide helpful!


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