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[EU] Which designs would you like to see?

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edited 12:54PM June 25, 2019 in Outfit Designs

I recently started playing the game again and found that it was quite fun to make stuff for the UGC store.

Now, because this would otherwise be quite an expensive hobby, I would like to know from you which kinds of clothes and weapon designs you would like to see in the European UGC store.

The clothes I made for myself so far are more on the casual but cute side, but I like experimenting with different things.

Thank you for your input!


  • WliaWlia
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    edited 12:23AM June 26, 2019
    honestly if i want something id i make it my self but i usualy only make sci-fi things so im open for anything especialy if you are skilled skin maker but
    FOR LOVE OF GOD can you consider making skins for tanned skin players as well ?
    there are some gread skins out there but they are only with the sickly pale skins only...
    if you want some general ideas or if you wanna make skins personally for me i take the offer (and of corse id pay it for you as well)
    anyway over all what seem to sale the best is always the casual things and than the skimpy things anything else dosnt seem to make much profit.
  • ZapplixZapplix
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    EU has a lot of furry lovers. A lot of em like transparency bandges, so underwear and hand, feet accessories for the noughty naked's - "beach themed ofc". School girl, princes, fairy themes do well to.

    We do lack in weapon skins on EU. Would definetly buy a magnifying glass scepter, meme encyclopedia codex and other meme related weapons.