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After Kyrios' announcement on the discord I'll just throw this suggestion here.
Instead of allowing some XML editing just forbid it entirely. With this I mean that you warn people with a pop up as soon as it detects non-malicious changes and for them to change it within X days or get a temporary ban. Malicious changes is full on ban of course.
Anyway don't leave a window, a small margin, for people to cheat the system by getting something that others can not get, malicious or non-malicious.
Instead why not make official ways to obtain these "non-malicious" features that you are currently allowing people have have by editing XML files (I can only think of 2 myself which are voice packs and 4 man dmg meter).

Why not leave it as is?
One, it is unfair for those who have no knowledge on how to obtain these things.
Second, I had no idea what this was before reading the announcement on the discord so I did a quick google and one of the first website that pops up is a forum of people sharing cheats, bots and other game breaking things.
Lastly, it shouldn't take too long to add and yet it shows the playerbase that you listen and care about even the small things to keep the game entertaining.

Instead of letting people figure out how to do the XML editing to get the non-malicious content you can make an official way for everyone to obtain such features and make it known that any XML editing is bannable instead of a vague "yes some is allowed but not all is allowed and it's bannable" rule.

(Audio options -> Voice pack choices)
(Options where you enable the dmg meter add a little check box to enable 4 man dmg meter)

Again I'm just putting the ideas out there in the hope that it is of some small help ^^


  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Hey Siriondal, we are no longer allowing players to use the dungeon meter in 4-man dungeons or edit the game to translate it into an unsupported language for the Global version. A warning was issued that while we didn't sanction these players now, they are advised to revert to the stock Xml.m2h or Xml.m2d files since they will likely be bannable offenses moving forward.

    We've permitted editing the voice packs. They do not edit the xml files in question to achieve.

    I don't know the logistics as of now regarding adding other voices to the client natively through options, but I'd surmise it's not so simple. Nonetheless, I will ask.
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    If you edit xml, it means you cheat. There is no excuse for cheating. And that’s why dev banning people who edit the file, I think that’s good because it makes everyone on the same page.