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"Transitional Animation Bug" by LAMBCOOK

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Dear Maplers,

After the January 31 game update, we noticed that players were experiencing a fundamental change regarding how animations work in MapleStory 2. Upon investigation, we found that transitional animations (animations that appear between two actions) were not displaying for all actions.

This was a bug, and not an intended change to the way the game works. We understand that this bug had beneficial side effects that some players preferred, such as faster casting time for certain skills or quicker responses with the game’s action at the cost of jarring animation transitions. Because of this, we internally discussed how we might be able to retain the benefits while addressing the “broken animation” aspect.

However, after carefully reviewing the issue in full, we saw that the impact of this bug differs significantly between classes, due to differences in each class’s skill animations and transitions. This meant that certain classes were able to shift between actions and attacks too quickly and therefore benefitted far more than others. As a result, we decided to fix this bug as soon as possible with today’s unscheduled maintenance.

We're sorry that this bug made it into the game, and ask for your understanding that our decision to fix it is so that the game maintains class balance. Class balance is an integral part of any RPG, and the MapleStory 2 team takes this to heart. We keenly review and make necessary adjustments to game balance with every update. As an example, in the January 31 update, we addressed some skill-related bugs and made the following changes:
  • Wizard skill “Flame Wave” can now be cast while jumping.
  • Wizard skill “Flame Tornado” now pulls affected enemies toward the center of the spell’s location.
  • The enemy status effect for Wizard’s “Ice Spear” has been changed to “Chill”.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Bleed” effect didn’t trigger when a Berserker does critical damage while in the “Dark Might” state.
  • Fixed an issue where objects picked up would immediately disappear while Soul Binder is in the “Narubashan Unleashed” state.
  • Players with high ping will no longer be able to cast mantra empowered abilities twice in a row while playing as a Soul Binder.

We will continue to review class balancing closely and learn from today’s situation to see what we can do in the future. Thank you for being patient with us and see you in game!



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    NXACuddles wrote: »
    Class balance is an integral part of any RPG

    That's not true, many of the highly praised RPGs (like Phantasy Star Online or the Borderlands games) don't give a crap about class balance. In general, unless you're talking about some highly competitive PvP game, keeping a class fun is much more important than keeping a class balanced. The only important aspect in this regard is to make sure that it doesn't completely break the current endgame content but that's about it. And to further illustrate my point:

    ^ this video may be about buffs and nerfs in fighting games but it also makes some statements about balance in general which also apply to games like Maplestory 2.
  • VladNukemVladNukem
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    You didn´t fix the cooldown problen from the Soulbinder Flame Slash Skill =/!!!
  • BaronLövatBaronLövat
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    What are you talking about... flame slash... you mean flash strike?
  • DreamyUwUDreamyUwU
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    Why is this still a thing in other regions?