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"Gear Mannequin Exploit" by Nimei

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Hi Maplers,

Recently, an exploit was identified that allowed players to move character-bound items from one character to another within their account. As a result, we disabled the ability to use the Gear Mannequins on Monday, January 7, and during today’s maintenance we applied a fix that would prevent players from being able to abuse this bug.

During this time, we ran an extensive investigation on the impact of the exploit. Based on the results, about 108 accounts were identified as having abused this bug. Since this bug could easily be exploited and may have been done unknowingly by a player, it took time to sort out the level of abuse and to evaluate each player’s behavior to see if there were malicious intentions.

Based on our evaluation, the most common use of the exploit was to gain benefits, such as obtaining enchanting materials or to accelerate their enchanting progress for items on their characters. We will be taking the next step and penalize those that abused this exploit. Some accounts will have multiple actions taken against them based on the criteria laid out below:
  • Varying degrees of suspension will be applied to the account based on the following level of abuse:
    • Since this exploit could easily be replicated, we identified some players who may have moved their items unknowingly. Any players that gained trivial or no benefits from this exploit will not have any action taken against their accounts.
    • If a player was identified as having used this exploit to receive benefits (such as dismantling or sacrificing items used for enchanting) in order to non-trivially accelerate their character’s progress, bans of 14 or 30 days will be applied to their account, with permanent bans being applied to the most aggressive offenders.

In addition to the above penalties:
  • If the Weapon or Armor was moved to a different character other than the one that originally acquired it, the item will be removed from the account. Enchantments and other changes made to these items will not be refunded.
  • If the Weapon or Armor was moved to an alternate character to be used for enchanting and then moved back to your original character, the number of enchantments applied during the time of abuse will be removed.

Although the following actions will be taken, please note that we will continue to review and investigate any cases that may have been missed or do not fall under the above categories. We will continue to take action if we find more evidence of abuse.

Thank you,
Nimei, Producer