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Heavy Gunner Fortress Rumble tips?

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in Heavy Gunner
Has anyone cleared all rumble's dungeons with hg?
Which build you use, why and how you cleared them?
Just wanted to collect information from all hg so everyone can understand better how to do this solo dungeons.


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    I've done all but the last one, because I don't have the GS for it. The worst was, of course, Close Combat, because of course it was. I use a Rapid-fire Laser build, no M-bomb and no Suborbital Bombardment. Taking the place of those is medkit.

    Other than that I use all the buffs I can, except HP buffs. From my understanding, the scaling of your stats is based off your HP, so the lower your HP the better it is for you. The buff items I use are Crispy Fried Chicken, Platinum Whetstone, and Special Warrior Tonic. Then I take person guild buffs (again except HP).

    For Healing I, of course, use Medkit, (Premium) Special White Potion, and the second best drink the Beverage Assistant can make. I then also have my pet set to use Maple Cheese Cake with Peaches, and the Best drink the Beverage Assistant can make.

    Breaking down the healing items:

    Maple Cheese Cake with Peaches heals 25% of max health (obviously you can use Elixirs and Mini-Elixirs in place of this).
    (Premium) Special White Potions heal 1200 health, but can be replaced with whatever is your best potion, just make sure you have a lot.
    For the Beverages these can both be replaced with Fruit Tarts which heal 1768 HP over 8 seconds.

    Crispy Fried Chicken gives you a 6% Physical and Magical attack buff. This can be replaced with Unstable Damage Boost Tonic which increases damage dealt by 6%, but lowers your HP by 30%. They both last for 15 minutes, share a cooldown, and don't stack. Another option is to use the Mega Veil Burger which increases your accuracy by 7 if your having trouble hitting. Again doesn't stack with the previous two mentioned.
    Platinum Whetstone increases your Physical Attack by 4% for 10 minutes, but ends if you die.
    Special Warrior Tonic increases Physical Attack 3% for 10 minutes, but ends if you die.
    Unless otherwise stated these all stack together.

    As for strategies, ummm dodge everything you can. :D Honestly that's what it comes down too. Close Combat is the worst since it can be pretty buggy, but the other three were pretty straight forward.