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seph's art dumpster woo

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edit: holy hell LOOL my imgs are huge oops sry

UHHH hey there thanks for checking out my trash dump ;_; csnjcksdncjaksdncsdjkcsnd

i'm an artist who goes by the handle sepharic! you can find me on a lot of social media but i'm mostly active on instagram.

instagram | twitter | deviantart | website

i plan to open commissions here if i get super into the game! i'm pretty new to maple story overall, missing the hype and all that.
if you have any questions about my commissions, check out my website or pm me through discord! sepharic#1923

anyways, here's my trash bin. i'm an art slave at this point (wwww) but have some of my favorite, recent work.

WARNING: super big imgs so i'll put it in a spoiler
thanks boos o/


  • ElluvinneElluvinne
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    Oh my goodness. You're art is gorgeous, I love the detail you put into it :O
  • EyphaEypha
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    those are awesome! I wish i could draw 8^(
  • SpeerutSpeerut
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    legit once I saw your art I followed you straight away on IG ;; your art is so good, honestly wish I could commission you but I have literally no money. your style is so pretty and ahh!!!! super glad I found you
  • lKarallKaral
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    you're very good!