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Anyone else scared not getting their IGN?


  • PkBlastPkBlast
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    I've got some names in mind for different characters in particular, but when all else fails, I can just add "Pk" in front of it and I'm sure it'll be available haha It's pretty much become a first name for my friends at this point.
  • DeerOasisDeerOasis
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 600
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    Honestly, I'm not really scared because I have a huge backup of good names. One of them being a combination of my two favourite words/things. Yet at the same time it may be taken by someone who has the same thought process as me...So, YES AND NO. ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯
  • TylerTheDragonTylerTheDragon
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 1,525
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    I'm not worried about losing my IGNs, I have a multitude that are often not taken and even if they all are, then I have plenty of time of coming up with one I'm happy with.
  • MatboksenMatboksen
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    Pretty sure at least one of my 30+ previous IGN's will be available.
  • FlorentiusFlorentius
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    edited 4:25PM April 18, 2018
    The game will be fresh so I doubt it will be as bad as on Maplestory since its been around forever now.

    If you're there day one you most likely will be able to grab you character name unless its like something super well known.
  • xUltimateAcidxxUltimateAcidx
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    Im hoping to get my name from ms1. I have a few others i could go to, but hoping i dont have to go there.
  • LuisJLuisJ
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 520
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    I want to get "Luis" which is my real life name or "Xavi" which is my real life nickname, but it's gonna be a race to pick'em.