Check out the patch notes for the v17 Precursor Update here: do you play soulbinder?

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Ok, so soulbinder is being released at the end of the week. But there doesnt seem to be much info at all about builds, potential macros, gearing or even the slightest hint on how you are suppossed to play one. Sure you can play a bit with the skill calculator and see that there is plenty of useful skills.

Main skills seems to be:
* Expansion Ball
* Flash Strike
* Shooting Star
* Energy Stream
* Narubasha Liberation
* Mantra Release

But can you macro some of those skills together so you dont need to manually use everything? Because there are some skills you might wanna use too such as:
* Split Barrier
* Cyclone Bomber (If its even useful outside Chaos Raids/PVP)
* Life String
* Ray Storm

And lets not forget that we also need to keep the dodge keybinded. Seems like a pain to have all of those skills on keybinds together with 3 different mounts (ground, vertical air and horizontal air).