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Target Dummies

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I would like to test my skill builds, for damage output, on a sinlge target dummie, since bosses are always single targets. Unfortunately in the guild house I cant just hit one, I always hit two. And the stupid fountain blocks the shots. Could you places them better? Or let us get dummies for our own house.


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    There are a couple single target dummies in the Chaos Raid lobby Hall of Heroes. Unfortunately, since a lot of people use it they will sometimes use AoE buffs that would inflate your DPS numbers. Maybe for the bigger Guild Houses, they should add a single target one. They should Definitely add Target Dummies for our Homes.
  • NameIsJacobHereNameIsJacobHere
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    at the guild house stand behind the single one in front and attack from behind, it not a sure fix but it may help a little
  • LilyXSLilyXS
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    I honestly don't even know why there are three in the guild house anyways. lol
  • SilverFoxRSilverFoxR
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    I too would love to have training dummies available for housing. That would be awesome =3
  • DanRPSDanRPS
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    looks like you can get some target dummies in the next patch... not sure if you get them for free or if you had to pay merets to get them.

    they showed off 2 on the sneak peak live stream.