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State of the Game (what are they thinking?)

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Nexon seems to be more interested in the capital gain they can take away for themselves from our pockets than by making a high quality optimized game which would in turn add EVEN MORE to their pockets. Lets be real though, its good that they are making money off of us so that they can keep re-investing in the game (in an ideal world right?).

The problem is they are not solving foundational and core player experience issues, like raids being poorly optimized and the server itself having a memory leak with constant FPS drops and High ping for people who don't normally have high ping. Every time I open up a producer blog - state of the game post on the main website I am expecting to see optimization and streamline patches coming our way. But instead they are just shoving more content down our throats that will be poor quality because they refuse to fix the CORE ISSUES.

In any job the saying goes: "you gotta get good before you can get fast". And that applies here, in that; you gotta fix your foundational and core issues before you crap out more content because EVERYTHING will be trash unless the root issues are fixed first. Isn't this just common sense? Is this not just common logic? The only place this kind of thinking would occur is in a capitalist corporate environment where people who have no idea what the long term-committed players want are the ones calling the shots merely based on immediate profits, instead of thinking long term and spending a little extra money to the fix the issues of the now.

(do they really have such little faith in their game that think the only way to make money is to suck us dry as quickly as they can before we all quit anyway?)

Please like, bump and repost this until someone at nexon reads this and gives their head a shake!
  1. What do we want!37 votes
    1. More CONTENT at any cost!
       16% (6 votes)
    2. Fix CORE issues first and THEN add CONTENT
       84% (31 votes)


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    I think that most people can get around the optimization issue by changing their graphics settings. Which is why you get more outrage of things they can't control like the MS2's ecosystem. Since they are doing a good job addressing those types of issues it's now a good time to bring up optimization. I don't think it's fair to say they should have done that before fixing/adding content. It's far easier to follow their schedule of adding content that has already been made rather than fixing the game from the ground up. We are better off being more reasonable and understanding while pointing out this pivotal issue.
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    They should have fixed the basics first. Optimization and botting. Lot of these f***ery came out because they are just dumping existing contents too fast.
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    I don't care about either of them options you listed. Just give me striker.
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    MochiAi wrote: »
    They should have fixed the basics first. Optimization and botting. Lot of these f***ery came out because they are just dumping existing contents too fast.

    They mentioned they were aware about the optimization issues but didn't give any more info about it i'm no developer so i don't know how long it'd take to get the FPS and bad ping fixed.

    I agree about bots though its getting out of hand, reporting meso sellers/auto-fishing bots and players botting does nothing to stop them.
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    that facts they know about the game poor optimization and still focusing on the so-called contents is pretty funny, and their contents are just holiday events......