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Knight Tank?

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Hello Maplers;
So to make stuff clear I payed for early access twice (for my husband and me) and I still enjoy the game. This is not supposed to be rant. Just 2 things I noticed.

After I downloaded the game weeks ago I decided to go full support Tank and full support healer. the only class that matches up with that is of course Priest and Knight.
At the beginning I played full strength to get through story easier just to see that endgame does not need a tank at all. I reskilled non the less and I quickly searched for a reason to be there.

Yes you can bulwark for Balrog and hold agro easier with Knight during minion spawn but you CAN do it with every other class too with not much more effort.(except Bulwark Bubble)
I felt strongly replaceable. I thought when Raid releases everything will turn arround because a raid is a hard group activity and normaly you would like to have someone for holding agro.
This is the first point. There is no agro system at all? You can't hold agro. Even if everything is a AOE. So the only thing you can do as a Tank is holding agro through your dps.

Then raid releases and everything just got worse. I am a ready to go Knight since day one and I never saw the raid by myself. Toxic players may say I'm dump for building like that but I never wanted to play a dps Tank in the first place. I know that maybe this is not the type of game for a pure support tank I just want to clarify.
I don't have much piercing my dps is bad no questions. So a pure tank is still not needed at all which I thing is bad.
Secondly this raid. I wondered why no one wanted me so I googled a video of a walkthrough. If you allow me I would call this 'raid' a dps-test. Even the healers out of my clan say that they feel missplaced there. They can't heal if everything is a one hit kill and some of them would switch to a dps if they could.

So in the end I made a third character.(of course a dps) I could reskill my tank but I dont feel like it. I wanted to be as supportive as I could so that I can be of use for my team.
Will it always stay like this? I don't want to spoiler myself again by googling it. :/

Dear Tanks out there what are your opinions please share!
And excuse me for my bad english this not my mother tongue.


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    I made a Knight because I did not like any of the other melee classes.
    Knights are a tanky support . They help their team with buffs or debuff boss or bubble. This game has no aggo/threat system nor do knights have spells that would help 1v1 a boss like a tank in other games. You need dodge like every other class.

    We as Knights have use but we are petty useless in most cases. I'm find being a tanky support but we need more use in Hard Dungeons/Raids.
  • AwenAwen
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    Yeah, I also started out as a Knight with the same expectation, that I could do the typical hold aggro > face boss away from group tanking, but unfortunately that doesn't seem like a possibility with most/all bosses. Support Knights are still viable, but it's not the typical "tank" role. You have Shield Toss for a permanent 6.4% defense reduction on the boss, the 2 shield skills to help your party avoid 1-shot / stun mechanics to keep more optimal DPS uptime, and Typhoon Slash to group up adds and/or pull them to better locations. There's also Shield Wall and Warhorn, but those are generally less important currently. Once we get the update that adds Awakening, we get access to another skill that gives us a pretty good damage reduction buff for the party in a small AoE.

    I will agree that the current raids are basically just DPS checks, but from footage I've seen of some unreleased raids, not all of them have timers. However, a good support knight will be able to allow everyone else to output a good amount more DPS than they otherwise could, along with providing some damage of their own. It's also definitely more worth it to focus on STR instead of HP. It may not be quite what you were looking for, but Knight does have a lot of support options available if you're willing to overlook the lack of a proper "tanking" role.