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Deleting Items is annoying.

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I wish there was like a trash can option inside the inventory that you can drag and drop the item into, to delete. If there is one already then I'm just dumb but I don't see it. Whenever I'm trying /sit and sort my inventory, dragging and dropping an item onto the screen either drops it if its not bound or destroys it. Either way, where ever i release the mouse to destroy or drop, it forces a click and my character starts walking off making me have to return to my seat. I want to delete items without wiggling around please. Its not game breaking but its annoying.

Please just negate the mouse when its dragging something or just add a trash inside the inventory to drag items into.


  • DanDKDanDK
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    Title is misleading. You should make this as a bug report specifically for Mouse+Keyboard controls. Actually this bug has been known since before game release, but Nexon has as usual chosen to ignore it.
  • ZintackZintack
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    Going along with your suggestion part- trash can? yes please.
    Someone on reddit posted this:
    It's exactly what we need and idk why they aren't adding it. :_:
  • remsrems
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    Even better would be getting a part of the gold lost from the collector!
  • ArkeyArkey
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    nah, im sure someone would abuse it like the dismantling gimmick. Someone would find a cheap item in Black Market that gets trashed for more gold than it sells for and make a gold generator.
  • GN1GN1
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    THAT'S A GOOD IDEA!! Discarding trash is so annoying. Can't even press Enter to confirm.
  • CodeLimeCodeLime
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    Yes. This needs to happen.