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[Lv 60] A great place to farm Epic pets + Solvents

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edited 3:44PM November 20, 2018 in General Chat
For those who are geared and want a great place to farm meso, onyx, solvents, pets and experience all at the same time here it is: Aurora Laboratory.

Potion solvents drop like mad here so if you're stuck on meso it's a great place to keep your supply of traps going or to make meso. Frost Fang pets spawn here as well for a chance to get an epic pet (look at the number of them shown in the minimap in the top right). Mob quantity is high and respawns are quick. Enjoy.



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    I get where you going with this, but you only giving boters and afk exploit farmers more ideas . Don't be surprised if you see every channel filled with them soon enough !
  • VixroVixro
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    They already are filled with people and bots
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    right since bots can't look up where is the best place to farm pets. big brain users here. I would say this place is pretty well known if not bump for visibility.