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[UpdatedBear_tek’s Comprehensive Wizard Guide v1.2

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EDIT: I have updated the guide to v1.2! Please click the Google Docs link to see the updated guide (with PvP build).

Bear_tek’s Comprehensive Wizard Guide v1.0 (GMS2 CBT2)

Hello friends, I thought I’d make a cheeky guide on the fundamentals of playing the wizard. This is all the stuff you’ll need to know to get started on your wizarding journey to become the greatest archmage of all time!

This post is missing important pictures where you see (x)! To see the full guide complete with pictures go here:


Who are you though, mate?

I’m bear_tek aka bear, a veteran Korean Maplestory 2 (KMS2) and Global CBT1/2 player from Australia. I’ve been playing and maining wizard since KMS2!


I reached the soft cap of level 70 in KMS2 and cap in Global CBT1/2 with the wizard, and I’ve learnt a thing or two to share with you guys. I’ve played every class in KMS2 (including Rune Blader, Striker and Soul Binder) except for Priest. I was also part of the strongest English guild in KMS2 – big shoutout to my friends from Awake!

Wizard Pros and Cons


- Strong DPS class, only inferior to Assassin in single target damage

- The best AOE damage class in the game (Heavy Gunner is close second!)

- Elemental skills are awesome (can bypass some dungeon mechanics in KMS2)

- You won’t be a Muggle

- Remains strong DPS after 2nd job skills come out (RIP assassin)

- Bear plays this class

- Not a berserker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


- Squishy

- No self-sustain

- Big damage skills hard to land on moving targets

- Mediocre PvP class

Skill builds


It seems really complicated at first, having to pick between all the elemental skills, but the optimal skill build is actually this:


This is the Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Focus Seal build.

Below is a list of some other builds that I’ve tested for damage per minute (DPM) at level 50, with 3260 attack stat in CBT2.

Ranking by DPM:

Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Focus Seal (2.4M dpm avg.)
Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Ice Storm (2.38M dpm avg.)
Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Thunderbolt (2.38M dpm avg.)
Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Arcane Blast (2.36M dpm avg.)
These are tried and true builds based upon the optimal builds in KMS2 before 2nd job skills. I haven’t included other non-Flame Wave/Tornado builds because they don’t compare!

If you don’t care for the theory behind this, get on ya bike and skip the rest of this section.

But if you stayed, I know what you’re thinking, “why would I use maxed Claw if it does 125% damage x2 per cast”?

This is where we talk about some hidden Wizard tricks that OG KMS2 players use. I’m about to blow your mind.

Important Wizard Mechanics (wall of text incoming)

There are a few important Wizard mechanics to understand to maximise your damage output.

Macros make the wizard one of the mechanically easiest classes to play in the game.

In fact, you put every single damage skill you need on the one button, like this:


The skill priority for the macro is Flame Tornado > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave etc.

(Claw and Flame Wave alternate until Flame Tornado comes off cooldown.)

Macros also have the added benefit of animation cancelling some skills. Faster skill casts = more damage output. Neat!

This is where is gets interesting.

My Wizard can cast Flame Wave about 14 times in 10 seconds. If I put Flame Wave on a macro by itself, I can cast the skill about 2x faster if I hold down macro + arrow key.


Don’t believe me? Go and try it yourself!

It gets better, this works for Ice Spear as well. Fast attack speed = faster freezing – this is why Ice Spear is the best PvP spam ability.

But hold onto your pants mate, because I have some bad news for you. Faster casting = running out of Spirit faster too. When you run out of Spirit you can’t cast your Flame Tornados for big damage and all you have left is… Phantom Claw.

This is why weaving Phantom Claw between Flame Wave using the macro is beneficial – because it makes you lose almost 0 spirit so you can attack indefinitely.

Your next question is probably, “Big boss bear, why can’t I just spam Flame Wave and then spam Claw”?

Weirdly enough, this is actually less DPM than weaving the two skills. Even though Flame Wave animation is 2x faster than normal and the speed of Phantom Claw is the same, the overall DPM is less.

After some discussion with other KMS2 Wizard veterans, we have come up with the following theories:

You don’t benefit from the extra DoT damage from Flame Wave if you’re constantly spamming it (whereas Claw does)
You spend more time spamming Claw in total (a weaker skill)
You lose efficiency on your Flame Tornado casts and swapping between skills
There is a slight animation cancel when weaving Claw and Flame Wave
Regardless of the actual reason (if you’re a bigger nerd than I am and know the answer send me a PM), weaving does more DPM in every test I’ve seen.

Jump Clawing

Jump Clawing is another very simple thing to do to maintain your DPM against moving enemies. As you move towards them, you attack. The problem here is that you’re unable to actually cast with the macro midair because the fire skills can only cast when you’re standing still.

You get around this by using having Claw on a separate key from your macro and spamming it as you jump towards your enemy, and then swap back to your macro when you are in position.

Why Focus Seal build?

The Claw-Flame Wave-Tornado-Focus Seal build is actually a much better build than the others listed despite the small gap between DPM. You have less variation in DPM on moving targets because you only have 1 big cooldown skill to cast (Flame Tornado), so the bulk of your damage is carried by weaving.

More importantly, Focus Seal provides a straight damage boost to your entire party, not just you. More party damage is better, unless you’re going for the cheeky #1 spot on the 10-man Raid board.

(But don’t do that… haha)

PvP – Ice Shard Machine Gun Build

In the works, but remember that macroing Ice Shard is your best friend!


Gear and Stat Priority

Of course you need to aim for level 50 legendary gear ASAP for better base stats, but the most important aim is to reach the Gear Score (GS) requirement for the late game dungeons and raids.

Once you reach the GS thresholds for the dungeon or raid you want to farm, then you should be thinking about your attack stat, more than the GS of your character.

Generally speaking, the most important part of your kit to enchant first is your weapon – you make large GS gains from upgrading your weapon to +10, as well as the other benefit of clearing dungeons faster (provided you aren’t dying).

Accessories are the next most important part of becoming the world’s hugest wizard – if you aren’t lucky enough to get the stats you want on your accessories, make sure you check the Black Market (BM) regularly for gear with the stats you want.

I won’t mention specific gear here, because this is very much subject to change as the game develops. Use the section below as your guide for how to choose your gear.

Stat Priority

(at time of writing)

Piercing > Critical Damage/Ranged Damage > Magical Piercing > Accuracy/Attack Speed/Fire Damage (in PvP move attack speed to second place)

The best stat in the game is, and always has been, piercing. Since forever, this stat has been the meta defining stat in KMS2 and it seems to function the same in GMS2. The impact of this stat isn’t easily demonstrated on dummies as their defence is low compared with bosses. Don’t confuse this physical or magical piercing!

Piercing helps to bypass enemy defence, thereby increasing the effectiveness of all other stat bonuses you have. You should aim for the commonly quoted cap of 30% piercing damage.

You can obtain piercing on all accessories including belts; try also to get a favourable secondary stat line too! You can aim for a magical piercing stat of 10-15%.

Following the release of Awakening skills in KMS2, the meta shifted away from Critical Damage as the best secondary stat due to boss critical resistance. In this particular meta, it was overtaken by the Accuracy and Melee/Ranged Damage stats.

The endgame bosses had a lot more evasion than previous patches, and Melee/Ranged Damage was not mitigated by bosses as much as Critical Damage. Who knows how the meta will change for GMS2, but these are my thoughts on current stat priority.

An important thing to note about Accuracy - if you’re missing, you’re losing DPM! Get more Accuracy if that happens.

Don’t forget to place and use the Scion of Light souvenir in your player house. It can be found under Furnishing > Souvenirs. It gives a free 60 minute buff for 4% piercing!



Alright team, that pretty wraps up the fundamentals of the wizard in MS2. You are now ready to get out there and show the Muggles of the Maple World what you’re made of!


If you have any feedback for the guide please let me know. Otherwise if you have any further questions you can usually find me streaming MS2 on Twitch (link in the Google Doc)!

Take it easy, mate!

Thanks to Gremmies, Faze and Shiffon who helped me to compile this knowledge!
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  • ZerolioZerolio
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    edited 11:38AM July 22, 2018
    Amazing! This guide is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot! <3
  • DanishesDanishes
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    Am I suppose to just hold an arrow key and the macro key to get animation cancel?
  • beartekbeartek
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    Danishes wrote: »
    Am I suppose to just hold an arrow key and the macro key to get animation cancel?


    Also, I will be updating the guide (already) because there were a couple of oversights! Woops.
  • SpooktacularSpooktacular
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    Thanks for the guide! Are there by any chance a decent hybrid build? I know fire always does the most damage, but I am leaning towards some of the ice skills and I love the chain lightning.
  • beartekbeartek
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    No worries mate! Hybrid builds are hard to come up with because flame wave is by far the best spam skill. The biggest problems with chain lightning are:
    1. You run out of spirit before you can even cast 2 full lightning cooldowns
    2. You have to stand still to channel chain lightning (which would be bad against mobile bosses)

    Ice shard is inferior damage to flame wave and as far as I can see only really has use in PvP. You can swap out max claw or arcane blast for either ice storm or thunderbolt but this would drop your DPM considerably. You'd experience less DPM loss swapping flame tornado for either of those.

    Hope that helps!
  • KillerkonnatKillerkonnat
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    edited 3:16AM July 27, 2018
    I noticed you still have at least one mistake in the guide.
    For maximum damage output (provided you play perfectly), you should cast Phantom Claw on its own macro

    You shouldn't put PC on a macro by itself. I noticed with testing that if you throw PC alone in a macro it will make you walk between the casts which will make you lose DPS because you aren't using skills at full speed. If you don't have it in a macro it will keep you standing still and work properly. (So just throw the skill on your bar without a macro.)

    Personally for pvp I've had success with using 10 points in chain lightning and not putting anything into flame skills (flame wave isn't that great in pvp) but I'm not sure at all if that's the best build.
  • LucisLucis
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    Posts: 25
    With pressing arrows do you mean moving? Since I play on a controller, arrows aren't exactly something to press :v
  • MontiiMontii
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    Posts: 2
    Is this a recommended build for PvE? I’m not a big PvP player but definitely wanna be able to maximize damage in dungeons, etc.,
  • ArachniiArachnii
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    Post: 1
    tldr; Macro all your skills for decent damage, for best damage macro Flame Wave and manually go through rotation of Flame Tornado on cooldown > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave macro > Phantom Claw > Flame Wave macro etc.

    Am I getting that right?
  • LouvainLouvain
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    Posts: 34
    Can I ask where total damage falls onto that chart? Should I even bother with it? My murpa staff has crit/total damage so I wasn't sure if it was worth rerolling or not
  • BoomBipBoomBip
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    I don't like how macro flame wave spam inches you forward. I mean I know we have a good bit of range. It just feels unsettling.
  • OneConfusedMilletianOneConfusedMilletian
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    BoomBip wrote: »
    I don't like how macro flame wave spam inches you forward. I mean I know we have a good bit of range. It just feels unsettling.

    Whew, I thought it was just me. @beartek, do you know if there are any other keys we can use to animation cancel besides walking?
  • OneConfusedMilletianOneConfusedMilletian
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    This is why weaving Phantom Claw between Flame Wave using the macro is beneficial – because it makes you lose almost 0 spirit so you can attack indefinitely.

    @beartek Just to clarify - do you mean it's better to do the two back-to-back (FW > PC > FW > PC )? If that's true, I don't understand the other part of your guide where you say the optimal macro setup includes FW on it's own key, since there's no reason to take advantage of FW spam.
  • AcheronsAcherons
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    Posts: 53
    So to maximize dps as a wizard, is it (FW -> PC -> FW -> PC) or just (FW -> FW -> FW -> FW and PC while waiting for spirit to regenerate?