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[NA-East] Ellaina

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in Introduce Yourself
Hello every maplers, I am not sure what to actually say or do as an introduction,
but I'll just write some things that come to mind....
Anyways, I'm from the NA-East server, my main in game character's name is b]Ellaina[/b

Class/job: Priest main.
Favorite colour: Pink~
Favorite food: Ramen~
Favorite dessert: Strawberry short cake.~
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Sketching. I am not professional, but desire to go to art school.~
I am interested in music, I love the musical feature and the ensemble feature in the game. I don't mind if the music is bad
here and there, as long as we're having fun. I've experimented with different music pieces before, cutting up the music for different
instruments to play with friends, save's on sheet buying.~
I love Anime. ~ I love anime, especially romance and comedy.... Favorite is Ouran Host Club, Ms. Vampire That Lives in My Neighborhood~
Games I play[ed] ~ Tera Online, use to play Jade Dynasty a lot it closed, Blade and Soul, Soul Worker, Maple Story 1, use to play flyff~
I like reading books and or Manga, especially in fantasy, romance, comedy and or occult or science. I love literature~
My dere type, because I'm an anime nerd and the game is sort of anime-ish rather you like it or not. I am known to be a kuudere, I've been called a brat a lot as well as an imp, don't ask what dere those falls under, I wouldn't know.~
Favorite Youtubers: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Gloomgames. ~
Favorite Streamers: Whiffany, pure_dreaming, Purrilly, akuumel~