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[SUGGESTIONS] Priest Dash Skill


  • BigInJapanBigInJapan
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    Shaxy wrote: »
    I've lost count at the number of times I've seen someone dash to avoid a stun or death mechanic and still be hit by it even though they are far away from the AoE. Can we possibly get details on exactly where the hitboxes are during many of the class dashes from start to end?
    This has to do more with the games netcode and latency, which is another problem all together, and frankly can't be fixed very easily.
  • robotoroboto
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    edited 9:01PM November 13, 2018
    So Currently the pros and cons of Heavenly Wings.

    Immune to knockback: A regular dodge mechanic.

    Skill Canceling: Interrupts your current action to dodge. very useful for any longer animated skill.

    Max Distance 4.5m-6m: 4.5m is a regular distance, but if your Target is within 6m you can then reach them

    Divine Aura: TargetBuff/SelfBuff 20% movement speed for 5 seconds and 90% Magic Attack Healing. Very useful aspect. The movement buff could potentially compensate you if you didn't go as far as you would have liked.

    Stamina consumed 60: Half of Stamina gone. Clearly to balance out the better aspects of Heavenly Wings.

    Auto-corrected direction: The dodge will go to the party member in your general direction. Party members that are most closest to you will determine how far you can go. In most extreme cases like World Bosses and Raids, you could be surrounded by players that will ultimately determine how far you could dodge.

    Suggestion: Increase his regular distance from 4.5m to 6m. Remove the Auto-corrected direction to a simple passing through Teammates. The Divine Aura activation could change into a Linear Tile AOE granting the buff to any teammate who touches it. It would be like the Preist guiding his teammates to safety.

  • LyriLyri
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    edited 6:10AM November 20, 2018
    As a priest with over a dozen cdev clears, here's my general view of the dash:

    In certain scenarios the aimbot can be convenient as it's an instant heal to any ally you dash to, faster than casting spells.
    However, in such a scenario where it is necessary to dash to an ally, they are almost always at max dash range or further meaning that if dash was a set distance, it would not really change gameplay.

    I do not feel the convenience of the instant heal outweighs the times when it locks on strangely and dashes you to an ally causing a death. This is far more punishing in a chaos raid where dying when team health is low can potentially cause a teammate or two to die. I must say though that if you play well as priest it is pretty rare that a teammate is at a terribly low level of health and your dash additionally fails(going somewhere you do not intend), meaning the overall fail rate of dashes is pretty low. After a certain amount of failed dashes, it is easy to not get upset but for a newer player it is quite possibly extremely tilting.

    Consequently, I do not rely on dash for survivability and focus more on positioning. I use dash very carefully and mindfully away from allies, save for quickly positioning for an aoe heal or when nothing is near me and I need it for movement.

    I have come to notice that in some scenarios I seem to be able to dash through allies but I cannot quite pinpoint the necessary requirements for this to occur. If the dash uses any parameters other than general ally proximity, it would help to know this if no change ends up happening.

    Optionally, I would be okay with an option to just turn off the aimlock in general since a lot of priest's spells are aoe and the two main spells affected by the aimlock are heavily crippled and potentially death-causing when they lock in a strange direction ( Angelic Ray and Heavenly Wings ). Celestial Light and Smiting Aura are fine, but Scourging Wave can be weird ( just like Wizard's Flamewave ).

    After another week of gameplay(dozens more cdev clears etc), I have a new opinion of the dash:
    Everything about the dash is fine except for the cast time. Because the cast time is not instantaneous, an ally can walk in front of you while you are casting it and block your dash. This is what causes failed dashes as a priest knows not to dash when an ally is in the way.

    At this point I would just suggest something like ignoring all allies within a half-block radius or so as a sort of a lock-on dead-zone rather than fundamentally change the dash. It would simply not lock to anyone right next to you so that it wouldn't be blocked and go nowhere.
  • PoofcatPoofcat
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    Priests are (or should be) capable of aiming their dashes at their allies themselves, of their own accord, when the purpose of using a dash is to gap close and heal quickly. Forcing priests to ALWAYS dash to an ally if you're aiming in their general direction just sets us up to die if our ally has chosen poor positioning. It sucks when we only get two dashes and we can burn one of them moving less than half a block because someone we didn't want to jump to got in our way.
  • TopPriestTopPriest
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    Although I would want many of the other suggestions that would buff priest dash (and possibly making it OP), I would have to agree with those that suggest giving the dash a minimum distance requirement. This would be enough to prevent running into people right in front of you. Another thing I would want changed is how the dash is tracked. Even if I am at the end of my dash, as long as the animation is not completed, it registers me where I began. This causes a lot of dodging problems itself.
  • PolymusPolymus
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    I speak as a player who often plays as Priest on occasion. I find the only real problem seen with the Priest Dash skill is that it simply homes on other players.

    As stated, Chaos Raids are meant for most advanced players. That being said, an advanced player would most likely rather have full control of where the dash skills brings you, and would most likely by choice dash to a player should they choose to with no problem. There should be no need to apply homing on Dash Skills with this in mind.

    With this said, I would also like to apply the same logic with the Knight Shield Skill, Defender of the Earth, which, like the priest skill, will dash to someone nearby before placing the barrier.

    My personal compromise would be to either find a way to toggle skills like this, to let players choose whether or not to keep the homing, or to provide a vote on whether or not it should be removed.
  • AruteeruAruteeru
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    I end up finding myself trying to avoid the dash button as a priest to move out of stuff, but you need the dash sometimes and everyone likes to be in your line of pathing, ALWAYS. Dashing to find yourself go nowhere and animation keeps you there even longer. It sucks.

    I would prefer something like a normal dash with heal through anyone I go through, or just a heal in an area at the end would work well too.

    These lock on dashes are painful and are more of a hinderence than beneficial.
  • ThendriksThendriks
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    edited 9:29PM November 13, 2018
    As a player I need to have reliable tools. Heavenly Wings, Angelic Ray and Scourging Wave are not reliable and will target random enemies and/or allies.

    The easiest fix (as requested since the beta) is to remove the lock on for all of these skills.
  • TexZeroTexZero
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    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    This and if that's deemed too powerful remove the 20% MS boost to compestate for the consistency we'd get in return.
  • BoomBipBoomBip
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    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    This is exactly what it should do.
  • XXPriestXX44XXPriestXX44
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    I personally still like the lock-on feature. But I also do agree that having it stop at the party member you lock onto is what forces us Priests to take extra, uneeded damage. I think the best solution would be to have it still lock-on if a character is in the direction of the dash you input (If you're inputting a certain direction, you've intended to go a set distance in that direction I can only assume, that's how it works for me anyways) however you don't stop once you meet that party member's location. Instead you continue to dash forward and any party members who you dashed through AS WELL as players in an AOE heal/buff will be applied when you finish the dash

    This essentially solves the problem while still keeping the dash the way it was intended to function. You have a quick way to get to allies that need help, but you also aren't hindered for just wanting to dodge. I don't feel that this is too overpowered because the buff/heal isn't even that big anyways. The stamina system also keeps it from being spammable so there's that to take into consideration as well.
  • SappheirosSappheiros
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    Jaxi wrote: »
    Dalset wrote: »
    I think the best solution would be to make it go a set distance without stopping or aiming at allies and just have it heal/buff whoever you pass through.

    I agree with this or allow the heal to come off as an AoE at the end point of the priest' dash. This way it allows for skilled healing.

    i agree with both of this, make it go pass through ppl, and either heal them, or give a mini aoe heal.
  • PixalatePixalate
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    edited 9:54PM November 13, 2018
    Please change the dash to atleast get rid of the dash to people, priests already get fewer dashs(2 dashes with full stamina) with raids that requir higher people population there will be more body block. Which Chaos raids already are very aggressive play style.
    Just make it so we dash through people. the stamina aint a problem because it can be another heal when he dash. but the body block is sucha bad mechanic.

  • AsanaS2AsanaS2
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    I was experiencing many problems with this during my raids. It would be 10x better if priests could do a normal dash but go through teammates and still be able to heal anyone around them in that timeframe.
  • FTangoFTango
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    So one another clunky part of the priest dash is from full stamina, the intervals for a double dash is inconsistent. Sometimes I can quickly do two, but sometimes I can't, because of some weird delay in animation. For healing in general, since the healing is limited on X targets, it should be able to auto choose those who have lower hp as priority targets, since healing someone who is at full health is moot, and takes from the person that does need the healing.
  • ChaeChae
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    As a priest player my main concern is the same as most others here, the aim-lock to other players does more bad than good. If I were to change things I would make the dash go a set distance as well as remove the movement speed boost altogether and make priests dash cost 2 stamina bars instead of 3, allowing for 3 dashes; this would make you able to still consistently dash towards your team members while allowing some room to use it as a dodge skill also.

    Overall I would like to see the priest dodge skill just become less orientated on how other players position themselves and give the priest more freedom to move around the enemies attacks without avoiding the skill in fear of causing them to be tombstoned
  • ScythelScythel
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    There's an extremely simple fix for this:
    Make it so holding the dash button will ignore the "go to another player" niche. It'd still be there but you can opt out of it.

    Not necessary but if you wanted to give them 3 dashes too, that'd be cool.
  • MochaLatteMochaLatte
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    edited 10:41PM November 13, 2018
    I just contemplated this the other day. I think there are two ways to solve Priest dash:

    A ) Add a toggle button in the skill window. By default leave it how it is, and then when the box is unchecked, simply disable the targeting and make it act just like it does when no friendlies are around, keeping the small AOE buff but of course now requiring players to land near their teammates to get the heal and speed buff. If I recall correctly, the rune blader and berserker also auto-target, but enemies instead of friendlies, and it can completely mess you up in a very similar way, so they could use this toggle as well, hitting 3 birds with one stone.

    B ) Give priest a second dash. Leave the current one as it is, consuming 50% of your stamina, with the autotarget and buff. Add a second dash that has no autotargeting, no buffs, but isn't targeted, and only consumes 33% of your stamina. This would allow skilled players to weave both into their play depening on the exact scenario, and the reduced stamina would allow them to do a triple dash with no buffs, or fit a buffed dash between two unbuffed dashes with a slight delay to regen 1 stamina unit.

    I would poll the community for which they think is better. I think A is a bit more effective as the toggle button in the UI could be used for those other classes too as I described, and I would prefer manually aiming my dashes while still being able to utilize the speed/healing buff, and while 3 dashes would be nice, priest is already incredibly APM heavy as it is, I'm not sure they need to fill yet another hotkey slot.
  • Unholy_RikuUnholy_Riku
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    Seriously? You're JUST NOW hearing that the dash is awful? We've been saying that since launch.